John Deere 1025r Price Australia

John Deere 1025r Price Australia

John Deere 1025r Price Australia welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. The John Deere 1025r can be one of the smallest tractors in the range of John Deere, but I am very interested to find out if it lives up to the reputation of John Deere quality. Personally I hope it does because I am a fan of Deere self-confessed and have been for quite some time. I have again owned a John Deere 6220 tractor that has performed admirably for the last 12 years. Apart from routine service my 6220 has cost nothing in repairs or breakdowns.

Now that I’ve made it very clear where I feel about John Deere products I give you my personal guarantee I will not allow any preconceived favoritism to prevent me from giving a completely impartial review in the 1025r. I really appreciate that John Deere has resisted the tendency to complicate simple procedures in new machinery. From this model is very predictable – just set the two neutral range hydrostatic switch, turn the key. I agree that there is security, but I hate it when I have to work through an endless array of my steps, made on a particular order, only to start.

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Having a 12 volt electrical system and heat outlets, for cold weather starting, will provide the 1025r with excellent starting reliability in all situations. Choose from high or low speed on the gear selector mounted on the left side, set the desired revolutions and place one foot on the steering pedal forward or backward is all that is required to move, it is not rocket science. Other controls include the four-wheel drive selector, middle mount and rear power takeoff (PTO) options that can be used as a rear or middle mount individually or both can be operated simultaneously.

The three-point rear arms (TPL) can be equipped with the control lever installed next to the operator’s seat. The lifting capacity of the 1025r is not huge but a useful 309 kg. A practical addition that was once reserved for the larger members of the family is a link drop controller that regulates the speed of decent prevention that stresses undue in man and machine.

In the 1025R, a dual mid-SCV, [selective control Valve] which is standard equipment, operate loader and optional independent lift kit for mid-mount Mower. This is an area I’d like to see John Deere re-evaluate because it makes necessary a front end loader of the hydraulic hose is unplugged and the mower hose plugged in and Visa-versa every time I switched between mowing and loader work.

In addition to this, the connection point is difficult to access for anyone who has the hands larger than a five-year-old and the lawnmower and frontend loader can not be used at the same time.

John Deere 1025r Exterior

The John Deere 1025 R sub-compact utility tractor is certainly well and really up to the high level of appearance that John Deere has made famous. Although small 24HP (17.7 kw) small tractor seems powerful for its size and ready for work. There’s a flaw here that I can’t help but reveal.

Getting on board and entering the operator’s seat shows a real nightmare. Not only is it uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. The shape of the ROPS (anti-tip protection system) leaves very little room to board the machine. Just entering the operator’s seat meant threading through the ROPS and around the backhoe control levers. But every time I do this it seems to me that I accidentally hit the levers and sent the backhoe in unintentional motion.

Sometimes I feel as if an injury could have happened easily if I had had my hand on the backhoe during one of these unwanted movements. Simply straightening the ROPS would provide the extra space required to address in a much easier and safer way.

But once on board, there is plenty of leg space to sit comfortably and all the controls are set up for easy access operation. Keep in mind that if you keep to the tracks and the lawn the ride will be smooth, but in the paddock or rough terrain the small wheels and tires, 18x 8.5-10 R4 front and 26×12-12 R4 rear, combined with a wheelbase 1, 450 mm provide a pretty drain ride Radaable Bone. That is not a complaint restricted to this particular brand or model is consistent with all machines of similar size.

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John Deere 1025r Engine

The 1025R is powered by a 3-cylinder engine 24.2 hp (17.8 KW) YANMAR. Although only small engines of this series have been developed to meet the Environmental Protection Agency Tier-4 (EPA), environmental requirements with low exhaust levels and emissions.

The engine John Deere 1025R is located in its own bay under large lifting the bonnet behind the radiator and cooling system. As soon as the engine fires in life it becomes obvious the secluded area of the engine compartment and greatly reduces the amount of the noise sounded very well that under the cap.

At no time during my test I needed to revolutionize the casings of the small Yanmar engine to generate sufficient power to the mower or hydraulic oil flow to operate the instruments, if it be the frontend loader, the Backhoe or mower.

John Deere 1025r Price Australia

  • Make/Model: John Deere 1025R sub-compact utility tractor
  • Engine: Yanmar 24.2hp (17.8kW) Tier 4
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic, 2-range — high/low, twin-touch pedals forward/reverse, mechanical FWD
  • Hydraulics: Open centre, 24 litres per minute
  • Fuel: Diesel, 21.2 litres
  • TPL: Category 1, 309kg lift capacity
  • PTO: 540/2,100, wet disc clutch
  • Price: $25,000