The Compact Tractor Review: John Deere 1025r Price Australia

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John Deere 1025r Price Australia welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices, and comparisons.

Small but loaded with features for a variety of farm jobs, the John Deere 1 series tractor remains a popular workhorse of choice for farmers Green and yellow have been synonymous with quality agricultural towers for nearly two centuries, and for a very good reason.

Even in the agricultural world, there’s an old rivalry. You’re red or green.

John Deere was founded in 1837 and has stood in almost every corner of the world. Where there is a farm, you will see John Deere. This brand is known for its quality tractors and their ability to run as long as you want them to.

Although there is now a trend towards larger agricultural machinery as farm operations expand, the compact tractor market remains one of the most profitable as hobby farmers still fill the market for smaller, more affordable units.

The Compact Tractor Review John Deere 1025r Price Australia
The Compact Tractor Review Infographic

Understanding that John Deere has gone to great lengths to refresh its compact offering in recent years, constantly releasing updates and new models in an effort to ensure the company stays at the top of the tractor brand ladder.

The Series-1 tractor John Deere line is the smallest stable and has now been on the market for a while, but is still finding its way to farms across the country. was invited to take a look at the premium john deere 1025r model in the 1-series, courtesy of Cervus Equipment Ballarat, to find out what makes the green and yellow compact workhorse work.

John Deere 1025r Review

I don’t think of myself as someone who needs a tractor. I don’t have farms or horse farms or cornfields to harvest. Even my lawn is too small to justify the lawnmower that would give me the ultimate suburban dad status. But when a series of thunderstorms swept through the drainage ditch behind my house, which then began to expand into my backyard, I realized I might be someone who needed a tractor—small enough to get back into the wild behind me. back fence, but strong enough to carry the 12 yards of dirt needed to rebuild the moat.

The 1025R is one of the smaller models in Deere’s compact tractor lineup, emulating BMW’s hierarchy from the 1 to the 4 series. But it’s still serious equipment. Yanmar’s naturally aspirated 1.3-liter three-cylinder diesel engine produces 24 horsepower and 39 pound-feet of torque, channeled through a hydrostatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

There are many attachments: bucket loaders, backhoes, various lawnmowers, and graders. The base price, $15,066, seems reasonable enough for any 4×4 diesel, but of course, no one buys a bare tractor and calls it a day. The one I tested came with a bucket loader ($4393) and a backhoe ($6938), for a total price of $26,397. I might be able to live without a backhoe, but your digging needs may be different.

Tractors like these, armed with menacing hydraulic buckets and blasting off a rock-solid diesel soundtrack, can make you feel invincible. Which, according to the dealer who took it down, could be a problem. “A guy around here bought one of these,” he said, “and told me he would use a backhoe to push trees on his property instead of chopping them down. I told him it wasn’t designed for that. come in with the hydraulic arm flexed. So be careful.” What a fool that man is, I thought. You want to push the tree down with a bucket, not a backhoe.

I’m talking about small trees. The glorified bush, really—the kind that stands between me and my project. You know, fixing a washout isn’t as easy as driving and pooping. First I had to build a road to get there, because in the 10 years I’ve lived on this one-hectare land, the back third of it has been turned into an impenetrable kudzu forest. And while I’m no match for a 100-foot-deep kudzu wall, a 100-foot-deep kudzu wall is no match for a steel bucket that can lift 754 pounds.

I actually tried the backhoe first, thinking that I could reach the bramble with a hydraulic arm, take a bunch, and rip it off—Optimus Prime weeding his garden. But to use the backhoe, you must park, put the transmission in neutral, flip the driver’s seat (to access the rear-facing backhoe seat), and attach the rear stabilizer arm.

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Once you’re ready, you’re committed to a place. And while the backhoe is right in its kudzu-killing fury, it’s quicker to drive on the front end first, scrape the bucket low along with the roots, and then raise the arm to rip everything apart. It’s all so much fun that, for the first time, I really wish I had more kudzu.

When I reached the washroom, I realized I had to change my plans. I thought I could pick up eroded soil from somewhere downhill and then put it back in its place, but it quickly became clear that this piece of grass might no longer be on my property. I can scrape off a few spoons, but it takes more than that. Turns out it takes two dump trucks full of dirt. And since the truck couldn’t get anywhere near the site, that meant a lot of tractor driving. Which is fine with me.

I got into the rhythm. Move to low range, grab a bucket of dirt from the pile on the side of the road, and carefully drive downhill onto the trail—there isn’t much to get in the way of the suspension, and you want to make sure all four tires stay on the ground over uneven terrain. Then move to a high reach, lower the loop, raise and lower the bucket as needed above the walkway (but generally keep it as low as possible on the way).

Arriving at the job site, move back to a low distance, picking up rocks and around large tree stumps to get into the poop position. Then reverse (no shift there, because there’s a forward pedal and a reverse pedal), rotate, and repeat. I would go out in the afternoon and get into a tractor trance for an hour or two, watching the dirt pile shrink as the hole in the back of the yard slowly disappeared. As time went on, it wasn’t fun. Without a tractor, it would be more than unpleasant. That’s not possible.

After the washout was fixed, I thought I was done with the 1025R, but the yellow chair kept calling my name. I set up a path for my kids to ride ATVs, adding a sweet jump (why not, I don’t live in HOA, why do you ask?). I helped a neighbor set up a garden bed, pulling roots and dragging a bucket to level the surface. I was backhoeing haphazardly near the bottom of the drainage ditch, where the small overflowing pool had become silted up. You have a tractor, you find things that need a tractor.

But eventually, I ran out of work and returned to Deere. Mine is the occasional tractor lifestyle, I guess. But kudzu grows fast. And next time, it may need to be conquered in a more aggressive manner. You know, some 4 series models are turbocharged.

John Deere 1025r Specs, Engine, and Transmission

The 1025R runs a Tier-4 compliant three-cylinder Yanmar TNV diesel engine offering a gross output of 24.2hp.

In addition to offering plenty of grunts to cover most small farm tasks, the engine also emits lower emissions to meet Tier 4 standards, uses less fuel, and reduces vibration and noise for more comfortable operation.

An Easy-to-lift hood allows quick access to the engine under the hood for cleaning and servicing purposes.

John Deere 1025R Farm machinery & equipment for sale in Australia

The transmission is simple two-speed hydrostatic drive and dual touch pedals: forwards and backward respectively, making the machine tractor easy to drive.

If you are thinking of an automatic, it is very similar, so all you do is take the transmission high or low and select the gas position and then put your foot on the forward or reverse pedal and go, Explains Stuart McGregor, compact tractor sales consultant at Cervus Equipment.

Simple controls and transmission are sure to come in handy for loading operations that require a lot of forward and reverse motion. Operators simply increase engine speed as they enter the stockpile to load buckets efficiently, and then exit the stack for unloading. And rinse and repeat.

John Deere 1025r Hydraulics and PTO

The john deere 1025r offers no rear hydraulics but has a hydraulic flow of 13.2 liters/min to the loader, allowing it to lift heavy loads.

McGregor says people are after loaders, elevator capacity. “In this model, you can lift about 300 kg in the preloader as long as you keep up with the rear tractor.

So there, I recommend having a rear ballast box behind the tractor or a rear lawnmower to help remove the front.

1025r john deere Sub-Compact Utility Tractor product

There are two PTOs that come standard with the John Deere 1025r – rear and center, with a front PTO available as an option.

The rear PTO speed is 540rpm which is sufficient to run common rear equipment such as slashers, rotary hoes, and post hole diggers.

The optional iMatch Quick-Hitch three-point linkage allows quick and easy installation of any Category 1 implement.

1025r John Deere Implementation

The 1025R is a truly versatile machine thanks to its ability to perform multiple implements, even simultaneously.

The most popular is probably the 1025r john deere loader and center lawn mowers like the 54-inch John Deere AutoConnect lawnmower deck shown by Cervus Equipment on site.

Mounting the lawnmower is a very simple operation that does not require the operator to get off the tractor.

The operator simply sets the scalping wheel, sets the mower on the ground, and moves the tractor over it at which point it will automatically connect.

John deere 1025r australia Compact Utility Tractor Features Cab

Once the operator has set the cutting height, the whole system will run. As a safety precaution, the operator can only move forward with the tractor fitted with a lawnmower. As soon as they step on the reverse pedal, the tractor and lawnmower will automatically shut down.

A practical feature of the 1025R is the cruise control function, which means that if the basic 1025E specification is not available, the operator does not have to keep pressing the pedal.

Imagine if you had to cut a pretty big property, the last thing you want to do is always press the front pedal,” says McGregor.

(With cruise control) you can actually set the speed by pushing your feet down and then pulling the lever, and what it will do is hold you at the specified speed and you can ride and mow your lawn. That’s a really nice feature. “

Other attachments that can be used with the 1025R include the backhoe, front blade, and swivel broom.

1025r John Deere Comfort and control

The John Deere-1 Series tractor features an open operator station and a ROPS frame that folds down for storage or use when working around low hanging tree branches.

Tilt steering is available on the John Deere 1025r, but not on the 1025E, and allows the operator to adjust the steering wheel position to suit their needs.

All controls are color-coded for ease of use, such as orange for drive and transmission and yellow for PTO functions.

Series john deere 1025r backhoe price Utility Tractors

The 1025R offers the 2WD and 4WD, which are easily shifted through an arm.

If you go around the property to do a few things, you get it with two-wheel drive,” says McGregor.

If you were using it with a tool such as a lawnmower dish or rotary anchor and needed extra grip on the ground, you would choose all-wheel drive.”

In 2018, John Deere added many new, user-friendly features to the John Deere 1025r, including a push-button to quickly launch the rear PTO to make the operator’s life easier.

Tire options

  • The 1025r john deere has two tire options: grass or industrial.

John Deere 1025r Price Australia (Pricing and warranty)

  • RRP equipment john deere 1025r for sale Australia and GST without attachments is $18,990.
  • This loader sells for $ 5480 while the AutoConnect 54-inch mower deck has a price tag of $ 3950.

John deere 1025r price australia Powerful Tier 4-compliant diesel engine

* * *

John Deere offers a six-year or 2000 hour powertrain warranty for their tractors, as well as a one-year warranty on the attachments, which McGregor says is one of John Deere’s top selling points.

The John Deere 1025r can be one of the smallest tractors in the range of John Deere, but I am very interested to find out if it lives up to the reputation of John Deere quality. Personally, I hope it does because I am a fan of Deere’s self-confessed and have been for quite some time.

I have again owned a John Deere 6220 tractor that has performed admirably for the last 12 years. Apart from routine service, my 6220 has cost nothing in repairs or breakdowns.

Now that I’ve made it very clear where I feel about John Deere products I give you my personal guarantee I will not allow any preconceived favoritism to prevent me from giving a completely impartial review in the 1025r.

I really appreciate that John Deere has resisted the tendency to complicate simple procedures in new machinery. This model is very predictable – just set the two neutral range hydrostatic switch, turn the key. I agree that there is security, but I hate it when I have to work through an endless array of my steps, made in a particular order, only to start.

John deere 1025r for sale One Owner/Operated John Deere 1025R diesel loader tractor

Having a 12-volt electrical system and heat outlets, for cold-weather starting, will provide the 1025r with excellent starting reliability in all situations. Choose from high or low speed on the gear selector mounted on the left side, set the desired revolutions, and place one foot on the steering pedal forward or backward is all that is required to move, it is not rocket science.

Other controls include the four-wheel-drive selector, middle mount, and rear power takeoff (PTO) options that can be used as a rear or middle mount individually or both can be operated simultaneously.

The three-point rear arms (TPL) can be equipped with the control lever installed next to the operator’s seat. The lifting capacity of the 1025r is not huge but a useful 309 kg. A practical addition that was once reserved for the larger members of the family is a link drop controller that regulates the speed of decent prevention that stresses undue in man and machine.

In the 1025R, a dual mid-SCV, [selective control Valve] which is standard equipment, operate loader and optional independent lift kit for mid-mount Mower. This is an area I’d like to see John Deere re-evaluate because it makes it necessary a front-end loader of the hydraulic hose is unplugged and the mower hose plugged in and Visa-versa every time I switched between mowing and loader work.

In addition to this, the connection point is difficult to access for anyone who has hands larger than a five-year-old and the lawnmower and frontend loader can not be used at the same time.

John Deere 1025r Exterior

The John Deere 1025 R sub-compact utility tractor is certainly well and really up to the high level of appearance that John Deere has made famous. Although small 24HP (17.7 kW) small tractor seems powerful for its size and ready for work. There’s a flaw here that I can’t help but reveal.

The RRP for the john deere 1025r price australia sits at $18,990 including GST

Getting on board and entering the operator’s seat shows a real nightmare. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s also dangerous. The shape of the ROPS (anti-tip protection system) leaves very little room to board the machine. Just entering the operator’s seat meant threading through the ROPS and around the backhoe control levers. But every time I do this it seems to me that I accidentally hit the levers and sent the backhoe in unintentional motion.

Sometimes I feel as if an injury could have happened easily if I had had my hand on the backhoe during one of these unwanted movements. Simply straightening the ROPS would provide the extra space required to address in a much easier and safer way.

But once on board, there is plenty of leg space to sit comfortably and all the controls are set up for easy access operation. Keep in mind that if you keep to the tracks and the lawn the ride will be smooth, but in the paddock or rough terrain the small wheels and tires, 18x 8.5-10 R4 front and 26×12-12 R4 rear, combined with a wheelbase 1, 450 mm provide a pretty drain ride, Radaable Bone. That is not a complaint restricted to this particular brand or model is consistent with all machines of similar size.

John Deere 1025r Engine

The 1025R is powered by a 3-cylinder engine 24.2 hp (17.8 KW) YANMAR. Although only small engines of this series have been developed to meet the Environmental Protection Agency Tier-4 (EPA), environmental requirements with low exhaust levels and emissions.

John deere 1025r for sale Engine Yanmar 1.3L 3-cyl diesel Engine

The engine John Deere 1025R is located in its own bay under large lifting the bonnet behind the radiator and cooling system. As soon as the engine fires in life it becomes obvious the secluded area of the engine compartment and greatly reduces the amount of the noise sounded very well that under the cap.

At no time during my test, I needed to revolutionize the casings of the small Yanmar engine to generate sufficient power to the mower or hydraulic oil flow to operate the instruments, if it be the frontend loader, the Backhoe, or mower.

John Deere 1025r Backhoe Price

  • Make/Model: john deere 1025r price sub-compact utility tractor
  • Engine: Yanmar 24.2hp (17.8kW) Tier 4
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic, 2-range — high/low, twin-touch pedals forward/reverse, mechanical FWD
  • Hydraulics: Open center, 24 liters per minute
  • Fuel: Diesel, 21.2 liters
  • TPL: Category 1, 309kg lift capacity
  • PTO: 540/2,100, wet disc clutch
  • Price: $25,000