2022 John Deere 6R Review: New 6R Series Tractors Ready For Anything

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2022 John Deere 6R Since its launch in 2011, the John Deere 6R Series tractor has set the standard in both field and transport performance, as well as in precision farming technology.

Now, with 14 next-generation models from 110hp to 250hp set to launch in 2022, these offerings are getting smarter to help operators achieve more.

Additionally, the four new models include the four-cylinder 6R150, intended specifically for mixed farming, and the six-cylinder 6R185, a transport tractor specifically for farmers and contractors who spend more time on the road.

2022 John Deere 6R Review

2022 John Deere 6R John Deere showed off two new models of the revamped 6R series as part of the recent Irish and British road shows. Gary Abbott caught up with the all-new 6R 185 six-cylinder and four-cylinder 6R 140.

2022 John Deere 6R Review

Last November we brought you the news that John Deere has revamped the 6R series and introduced four new models. We recently took a trip to Hanlon Machinery in Co Louth to catch up with two of the four new models on display as part of an Irish and UK dealer tour. The four-cylinder 6R 140 and six-cylinder 6R 185 are the models on display.

The new 6R 140 and 6R 150 sit as the new flagship four-pot tractors, with a maximum of 154hp (16hp with Intelligent Power Management (IPM)) and 165hp (177 with IPM). The All New John Deere 6R 185 is only available with Autopowr transmission.

The 6R 165 and 6R 185 expand the 6R’s short wheelbase six-cylinder offering. The 6R 165 makes 182hp (213hp with IPM) while the 6R 185 makes a maximum of 204hp (234 with IPM). This short wheelbase six-cylinder category is home to the 6R 155 (formerly the 6155R), the best seller in the line, meaning customers now have access to up to 234hp while maintaining a wheelbase of 2,765mm.

This in Deere’s view leaves the 6R 185 as a similar competitor to the 724 Vario Fendt.

2022 John Deere 6R Specs

Building on its legendary appeal, reliability and comfort, we added two new and even smarter models to the 6R Series. The 6R 150 bezel and the 6R 185 midframe complete the lineup with highly intelligent automation features and outstanding transport performance. Each 6R tractor is designed and engineered to be the most versatile, lightweight and powerful constituent of your workforce.

6R 250 Tractor

  • John Deere FT PowerTech™ 6-cylinder engines
  • Engine HP: 275 HP Max 250/HP Rated with up to 40 additional HP (IPM)
  • IVT transmission for seamless power transfer
  • Optional CommandPRO™ puts tractor and implements control at your fingertips

6E Utility Tractor 105-135HP

3 models. Built for utility tasks on the farm, ranch or workplace where simplicity, strength and durability are requirements.

6105E 105 HP

  • Cabin or open station configuration
  • 2WD or mechanical front wheel drive (MFWD)
  • 12/12 or 24/12 hi-lo transmission PowrReverser™

6120E 120 HP

  • Cabin or open station configuration
  • 2WD or mechanical front wheel drive (MFWD)
  • 12/12 or 24/12 hi-lo transmission PowrReverser™

6135E 135 HP

  • Cabin configuration
  • 2WD or mechanical front wheel drive (MFWD)
  • 12/12 or 24/12 hi-lo transmission PowrReverser™

2022 John Deere 6R Features

A key feature of the new 6R Series is the integrated One-Click-Go AutoSetup system that makes tractor and implement setups quicker and easier. Operators can save up to 90 percent of view clicks in the field and the tractor is always perfectly tuned.

2022 John Deere 6R Review

All necessary settings can be pre-planned and managed in the cloud, including agronomic data such as field boundaries, guide lines and recipes. Once the tractor crosses the field boundary, the saved profile is automatically available and even the temporary driver can be consistently accurate and avoid errors.

While AutoSetup makes the driver’s life easier, John Deere also improves operator comfort. Among other features, the dashboard behind the wheel has disappeared – this improves not only forward visibility, but also operator control using the right armrest and console. All settings and indicators are provided in the corner post view.

Another new feature is the E-joystick which is very useful for front loader work. The operator can freely configure the button layout and can easily change the direction of travel using the invert button, while a dedicated hand detection system replaces the previous safety cover.

2022 John Deere 6R Details

For the front loader, there is a dynamic weighing system that allows weighing on the move, without having to stop. In addition, the Return-to-Position feature allows the loader to be placed into the correct position with one click, while Level-to-Horizon avoids spilling the bucket load.

Intelligent Power Management (IPM) has been made smarter in the new 6R Series. This means that in addition to functioning IPM in transport and PTO applications, it also provides additional horsepower in hydraulic applications as needed. Four-cylinder models can now produce up to 20hp and six-cylinder models up to 40hp when using the most power-hungry hydraulic fans, pumps and hydraulic equipment, such as wrapping balers, slurry tankers and drills.

By the end of 2022, the new StarFire satellite receivers will offer even more precise agricultural performance. Whatever the level of accuracy of the correction signal the farmer chooses, the new receiver will provide superior signal stability when operating in shady areas.

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2022 John Deere 6R New designs and models

Another highlight of the new 6R Series tractor is its new design. The famous hood and mirrors are from the larger John Deere tractor series, while the name and numbering system has also been adopted from the 7R, 8R and 9R Series models. The 6R range name is now followed by a separate indication of the rated engine horsepower.

2022 John Deere 6R Review

To meet individual customer needs, the 6R Series has been extended with four new tractor models. Most notable is the compact and efficient 6R185 that produces up to 234hp with HDI and is designed especially for transport jobs, plus the 6R150 with a four-cylinder, high-payload engine perfect for mixed farming.

There are also more transmission options available in this new range. In addition to the AutoQuad Plus and AutoPowr infinitely variable transmission, customers can now choose the CommandQuad option for the four-cylinder model.

The new 6R185 is aimed at farmers and contractors looking for a six-cylinder tractor that is compact, versatile and powerful to use primarily for transportation, but also capable of handling demanding hydraulic power requirements. It delivers a maximum power of up to 234hp with IPM in transport, PTO and hydraulics applications.

The 6R185 is also an agile tractor, due to its short wheelbase of only 2.76m, which makes it more compact than the larger 6R Series models with a wheelbase of 2.8m or 2.9m. These features, combined with the proven 6.8 liter John Deere PowerTech PSS engine and highly efficient AutoPowr transmission, make this tractor extremely fuel efficient on the road.

Mixed farms prefer four-cylinder tractors, but don’t want to sacrifice power. With a maximum output of 165hp or 177hp with HDI, the 6R150 is now the largest four-cylinder model in the series and covers this tractor segment perfectly. Tire sizes have also been increased, with rear wheel options available up to 650/65R38. The short wheelbase of only 2.58m makes this machine very maneuverable.

With a low empty weight of 6.5 tonnes and a total allowable weight of 10.45 tonnes, the 6R150 tractor delivers a very high payload of 4.0 tonnes. It therefore offers the performance of a six cylinder tractor with the advantages of a four cylinder engine with compact dimensions and light weight combined with agile and versatile performance.

For lifting heavier equipment, the rear hydraulic lift capacity has been increased by 12 percent. The 6R150 also offers a larger 155 lit/min hydraulic pump, which, combined with the dynamic weighing system, provides a substantial front loader performance advantage.

2022 John Deere 6R Transmission

There have been changes to the transmission options, with a simple discontinuation of the PowerQuad Plus option across the board. However, the CommandQuad Plus option has been added to the four smaller 6R tractors.

The John Deere 6R 140 and 6R 150 are two of the new four-cylinder 6R offerings. The new 6R 140 is available with AutoQuad Plus, CommandQuad Plus or AutoPowr (CVT) while the 6R 150 is only available with the latter.

The new six-pot model takes a similar approach to the 6R 185 which is only offered at Autopowr. Customers who wish to keep the shift lever are out of luck as the AutoQuad option is not available on the 6R 165 or 6R 185. The Directdrive powershift transmission is the only other option for 6R 165 customers who don’t want Autopowr. According to John Deere, the choice of a more channeled transmission is in line with current market trends.

A subtle change aside from the new decals and model numbering is the slightly altered hood shape, which now tapers off more quickly. John Deere’s IPM power boost has been made smarter in the revamped new series. In addition to functioning in transport and PTO applications, it now provides additional horsepower during hydraulic applications as needed. The four-cylinder models can now produce up to 20hp and the six-cylinder models up to 40hp.


2022 John Deere 6R Updates inside and out

The most obvious change in the cabin of the updated 2022 John Deere 6R model is the relocation of the dashboard to a corner post similar to the latest M Series. A new e-joystick has been added to the command arm that allows the operator to configure buttons for hitch and spool control as well as gearshift and direction changes in addition to the third serve function, all with one hand.

A new addition to the command arm is a new configurable e-joystick. The windshield wipers no longer rotate on the roof but behind the steering column, increasing their coverage area. An optional reversible fan, modern mirrors and hood styling, and a new numbering system are among the other updates, some adopted from the 7R and 8R tractors. Also only visible to the trained eye is the slightly more pointed hood.

The dashboard has been moved to a right angle pole and the windshield wipers now rotate from the bottom of the window, increasing coverage. Front loader models can benefit from an optional dynamic weighing system as well as a loader lighting package and camera position above the headstock. Other loader features such as Return-to-Position and bucket shake functionality have been added. Customer machines and dealer stock are expected to arrive in Ireland this summer.

2022 John Deere 6R Details

  • Main Feature
    • John Deere FT PowerTech™ 6 cylinder engine
    • Engine HP: 253 HP Max 230/HP Rated with up to 40 additional HP (IPM)
    • IVT transmission for smooth power transfer
    • Optional CommandPRO™ puts tractor and implement controls at your fingertips
  • Main Specifications
    • Machine description: John Deere PowerTech™ PSS
    • Engine displacement: 6.8 L / 415 cu in.
    • Rated engine power: 97/68EC: 169 kW / 230 hp
    • Maximum engine power: 97/68EC: 186 kW / 253 hp
    • Rated PTO power (SAE hp): 136 kW / 185 hp
    • Maximum PTO power: 233 hp / 172 kW
    • Transmission type: Infinitely variable transmission (IVT™), 0.05-42 km/h / 0.03-26 mph / IVT, 0.05-50 km/h / 0.03-31 mph
    • Hydraulic pump rated output: Standard: 85 cc pump: 160 L/min / 42 gpm
    • Rear hitch category (SAE designation): Standard: Category 3/3N: 7400 kg / 16,300 lb / Maximum: 10,400 kg / 22,900 lb
    • Machine base weight: 9300 kg / 20,503 lb
  • Machine Specifications
    • Description: John Deere PowerTech™ PSS
    • Engine type: Diesel cylinder liner, in-line, 6-cylinder, wet sleeve with four valves in the head
    • Engine family: JDXL06.8324
    • Rated speed: 2100 rpm
    • Aspirations: Turbocharged, variable geometry and fixed turbocharger with air-to-air aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation
    • Emission level: Final Grade 4
    • After treatment type: DOC/DPF/SCR
    • Displacement: 6.8 L / 415 cu in.
  • Engine Performance
    • Rated power: 97/68EC: 169 kW / 230 hp
    • Rated PTO power (SAE hp): 136 kW / 185 hp
    • Maximum PTO power: 233 hp / 172 kW
    • Intelligent Power Management (IPM): Transport and/or mobile PTO applications / Additional engine power (hp ISO) at 2100 rpm: 29.8 kW 40 hp
    • Power increase: 10 percent
    • Maximum engine power: 97/68EC: 186 kW / 253 hp
    • Peak engine torque: At 1,600 rpm: 1074 Nm / 792 lb-ft
    • PTO torque increase: 40 percent
  • Transmission
    • Type: Infinitely variable transmission (IVT™), 0.05-42 km/h / 0.03-26 mph / IVT, 0.05-50 km/h / 0.03-31 mph
    • Reverser: Left electric inverter
  • Hydraulic System
    • Type: Closed center, pressure/flow compensation
    • Pump rated output: Standard: 85 cc pump: 160 L/min / 42 gpm
    • Available flow on single rear SCV: 116 L/min / 30.6 gpm
    • Number of rear selective control valves (SCV): Standard: Three ISO couplers / Optional: Three to six ISO couplers
    • Number of intermediate selective control valves (SCV): Up to three
    • SCV Joystick Control: Available
    • SCV Control: Standard: Electronic
  • Rear Hit
    • Remote control valve available: Available: Remote control switch
    • Hurdle category (SAE designation): Category 3/3N: 7400 kg / 16,300 lb / Maximum: 10,400 kg / 22,900 lb
    • Maximum lifting capacity behind lifting point: 7000 kg / 15,432 lb
    • Sensing type: Electrohydraulic
    • Rear axle differential lock: Electrohydraulic
  • Drawbar
    • Drawbar Category: Category 3
    • Maximum vertical load: Category 3: 1600-2800 kg / 3527-6172 lb / Maximum vertical load depending on drawbar position
  • Rear power take-off (PTO)
    • Type: Independent / Standard: 45 mm (1.375 inch) 540E, 1000, 1000E rpm reversible shaft / Optional: 35 mm (1.375 inch) 540, 540E, 1000 rpm reversible shaft
    • Engine rpm (at rated PTO speed): 1950 engine rpm at 540/1000 rpm PTO / 1761 engine rpm at 540E rpm PTO / 1756 engine rpm at 1000E rpm PTO
    • PTO Actuation: Electrical modulation
  • Front Hit
    • Category: Category 3N
    • Power: seven-pin socket / Optional: Three-pin socket and ISOBUS
    • Standard lifting capacity: At hook end: 3300 kg / 7275 lb
    • Front takeoff power (PTO): 1000 rpm, clockwise rotation (from driving position)
    • PTO speed: Engine at PTO speed (1000): 1965 rpm
  • Rear Axle
    • Type: Standard: Flange, 1892 mm / 74.5 inch / Optional: Rack and pinion, 2550 mm / 100.4 inch / Rack and pinion, 3009 mm / 118.5 inch.
    • Final drive type: Three planetary pinions in plane
    • Differential control: full locking electrohydraulic
  • Front Axle
    • Type: Standard: Triple-Link Suspension (TLS™)
    • Front axle differential lock: TLS: Limited slip / TLS with brakes: Fully lock electrohydraulic
  • Tire
    • Front: 420/85R30
    • Rear: 520/85R42 R1W
    • Wheel tread range: MFWD: With TLS and brakes: 2370 inches / 93.3 inches.
  • Driving
    • Type: Hydrostatic power
  • Electrical System
    • Alternator size: Standard: 250 amp
    • Battery option: 12V
    • Work light: Standard: 14 halogens / Optional: 12 light-emitting diodes (LEDs) plus two halogens
    • Bulb type in headlights (Halogen, Zenon, LED): Standard: Halogen, 65 WW / Optional: LED
    • Total cold crank amps: 1850 CCA
  • Operator Station
    • Overturning guard structure, OOS: Shift location – console/floor / Standard: CommandARM™ console
    • Seat: Degree of seat swivel, left hand / 7.5 degree / Degree of seat swivel, right hand / 30 degree / Standard: Air suspension / Optional: Air suspension deluxe
    • Cab suspension: Optional: Adaptive Hydraulic Cab Suspension (HCS Plus)
    • Instructional chair: Standard
    • Display: LCD instrument cluster / Standard: CommandCenter™ display: 213.4 mm / 8.4 inch / Optional: CommandCenter display: 254 mm / 10 inch.
    • Radio: Standard
    • Inner cabin volume: 3.33 m3 / 117.59 cu ft
    • rating dB(A): 71 dB
    • Cabin glass area: 6.11 m2 / 65.77 sq ft
  • Size
    • Wheelbase: 2900 mm / 114 inches.
    • Overall width: 1892 mm / 74.5 inches.
    • Overall length: 5050 mm / 198.8 inches.
    • Overall height: 3160 mm / 124.4 inches.
    • Front axle center: 588 mm / 23.1 inches.
    • Estimated shipping weight, Open; Cab: 9300 kg / 20,503 lb
  • Weight
    • Machine base weight: Front axle / 3700 kg / 8157 lb / Rear axle / 5600 kg / 12,345 lb / Total / 9300 kg / 21,100 lb / 9300 kg / 20,503 lb
    • Maximum weight allowed: Flanged axle: 15,000 kg / 33,000 lb / Rack-and-pinion axle: 13,450 kg / 29,652 lb
  • Capacity
    • Crankcase oil volume: 23.5 L / 6.2 US Gal.
    • Fuel tank: Standard: 410 L / 108.3 US Gal.
    • Diesel exhaust tank (DEF): 25 L / 6.6 US gal.
    • Cooling system: 29.4 L / 7.7 US gal.
    • Transmission-hydraulic system: IVT: 160 L / 42.2 US gal.
  • Ability to serve
    • Interval for engine oil change: 750 hours
    • Interval for hydraulic/transmission oil change: 1,500 hours
    • Interval for engine coolant change: 6,000 hours
  • Loader
    • Loader: 680R
    • Lifting capacity at full height: 680R: 2453 kg / 5408 lb
    • Maximum lift height: 680R: 4480 mm / 176 in.
  • Precision AG
    • Guidance: Standard: AutoTrac™ assisted steering
    • Telematics: Standard: JDLink™ system
    • Remote diagnostics: ADVISOR™ Service Remote tools available with hardware and JDLink activation