2022 John Deere 9R: New John Deere 9R Series Exclusive Review, Price and Release Date

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2022 John Deere 9R Refurbished John Deere 9 Series Tractor MY22 offers more power and technology to help farmers cover more acres in less time and reduce operating costs

The articulated model has an extra 20 horsepower from the all-new John Deere PowerTech™ 13.6 L diesel engine to help farmers cover more acres in less time.
Integrated intelligence includes JDLink™ connectivity, AutoTrac™ guides, StarFire™ 6000 Receivers, and more to enable farmers to easily benefit from connected machines.
The larger and updated cab has more features such as automotive and operator surrounds in all-day comfort and convenience.

The 2022 model year John Deere 9 Series tractor has been upgraded to help today’s farmers start early and run slower to complete seeding, tillage, and planting jobs in the optimal timeframe.

The updated Series 9 lineup includes a 9R, two-lane 9RT, and a four-lane 9RX Tractor that allows farmers to cover more acres in less time with greater accuracy and quality, and reduce operating costs – all while enjoying a more spacious cab.

Bigger and more comfortable. John Deere is the only manufacturer to offer all three tractor configurations.

“Farmers will appreciate the added low-end torque and dragging capability of the all-new John Deere PowerTech 13.6 L diesel engine. This engine powers models from 390 to 590 horsepower and runs with 50% less engine noise. It’s also easier to do.

Routine maintenance” says Ryan Jardon, product marketing manager for John Deere. “Our largest tractors, the 9R 640 and 9RX 640 are powered by a 15 L Cummins diesel engine.”

To accommodate the additional horsepower and weight of the articulated 9 Series Tractor, several undercarriages, axle, and front frame components were strengthened and upgraded.

This component reinforcement has increased the tractor’s weight and maximum available ballast from 60,000 to 67,000 pounds to put the increased power to the ground.

Front weight support and weights are now factory-installed for the 9RX. The rear axle load rating on the John Deere Scraper Special 9R and 9RX Tractors has been increased to 26,500 pounds.

Select 9 Series tractors can be ordered with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) hydraulics providing up to 50 extra horsepower depending on the gear selected. This additional power can be unlocked through intelligent software monitoring of hydraulic and engine power demands.

“This is the perfect performance boost when towing equipment over rough terrain or large hills, or with high hydraulic demands, such as air seeding rigs. Hydraulic IPM is available on the Tractor 9RT 570, and 9R/9RX 590 and 640,” Jardon said.

All 9 Series Tractors are factory-equipped with JDLink connectivity, plus an integrated StarFire 6000 GPS receiver, 4th Generation CommandCenter™ display, and AutoTrac guide. This technology allows the operator to reduce overlap and maximize all inputs with less stress.

JDLink comes with 5 years of service, making it easy for customers to take advantage of the advantages of connected machines, which include machine-to-machine communication; stream machine, field, and crop information to the John Deere Operations Center; Wireless Data Transfer; and John Deere Connected Support.™ This integrated technology helps farmers save time and reduce costs.

“Factory-installed Automation 4.0 capabilities drive benefits throughout the season. For example, AutoTrac Turn Automation and MachineSync™ enable consistent operation on the headland and when multiple machines work together, such as in a nursery, when two tractors work in the field together.

Automation 4.0 also enables AutoPath™ for farmers to accurately document and precisely follow each crop row in the field throughout the season,” said Jardon.

“Using data collected from the first pass in the field, either stripping or planting, AutoPath establishes precise guidelines for all subsequent field passes, regardless of the machine type or equipment width.

This makes it easy to find the right line, reducing overlap and damage. on standing plants, and eliminates the need for line guessing.”

Inside the larger, redesigned 9 Series cab, there’s more storage space, more USB ports, and better connectivity than the previous model.

For an automotive-like experience, an optional 6.5-inch touchscreen satellite radio can be added that is smartphone-ready so operators can use voice commands or integrated controls to get directions, make calls, listen to music, or send and receive messages.

All 9 Series Tractors offer industry-leading operator comfort and visibility with a choice of Select, Premium, or Ultimate cab packages to choose from.

The ultimate comfort and convenience package includes a footrest, refrigerator, and heated ventilated massage chair that rotates up to 25 degrees to the left and 40 degrees to the right, for increased visibility and operator comfort.

The Ultimate visibility package features 24 work LEDs and eight comfort LEDs; electricity, heating, telescopic mirrors; sunshade; front, right, side, and rear wipers; and front and rear integrated cameras.

For customers who want the best of these packages, John Deere has incorporated them into his Signature Edition.

This package also includes Generation 4 Extended Display, dual hydraulic pumps, Automation 3.0 / AutoLoad™ activation for Scraper Special tractors, and HydraCushion™ front axle suspension on 9R Tractors.

All 9 Series Tractors have the power and options to help operators cultivate more acres in less time. Tractor 9R on wheels, six models are available, ranging from 390 to 640 horsepower, and can be equipped with a large selection of tires.

HydraCushion suspension is an industry-exclusive option that can be added to reduce tractor bouncing during the haul, improve ride quality, and reduce the potential for powerups in the field to add power to the ground.

Three two-lane 9RT models are available from 470 to 570 horsepower and feature the industry’s exclusive AirCushion™ walking beam suspension that enhances ride quality.

Two-lane tractors provide a large footprint with less ground pressure and lower slip values compared to wheeled tractors, making them ideal for straight-line pulling, and extensive tillage.

Four models of the John Deere 9RX four-lane tractor are available from 490 to 640 horsepower, the industry’s highest horsepower level offered in a four-lane tractor.

Several track widths and tread spacings are available, allowing this tractor to be used in a row and large tracts applications where more traction and flotation are desired.

Four-post cab suspension is standard and dampens pitch and roll, isolating the cab from shocks, while providing maximum comfort and ride quality in the field or on the road.

The four-lane 9RX tractor offers the comfort and maneuverability of a wheeled tractor with the towing and flotation performance of a track tractor.

2022 John Deere 9R: New John Deere 9R 2022 Review

The redesigned John Deere 9 2022 Series builds on existing foundations to deliver higher performance to operators through more power, capability, operator comfort, and reliability than ever before.


Combining these benefits allows operators to complete jobs more efficiently and comfortably for increased performance. Join us as we see what’s new in the 2022 model.

The 2022 model year Tractor 9R features an updated styling along with a new name and numbering that aligns with the Tractor 7R and 8R. The new 9R tractor features a separately listed tractor series of rated engine horsepower. For example, 9RX 640 means the tractor has 640 horsepower.

Wheel Model

  • 9R 390
  • 9R 440
  • 9R 490
  • 9R 540
  • 9R 590
  • 9R 640

Model 2-Track 9RT

  • 9RT 470
  • 9RT 520
  • 9RT 570

Model 9RX 4-Track

  • 9RX 490
  • 9RX 540
  • 9RX 590
  • 9RX 640

Increased power while reducing fuel consumption

The 2022 model features increased power from the all-new PowerTech™ 13.6L (827-cu in) engine, standard in the 390 to 590 horsepower 9 Series Tractors engines.

Not only does it supply 13.5% more horsepower than the previous 13.5L engine, but it also carries less weight and overall size, and creates 50% less engine noise.

Improved traction with increased ballast capacity

The maximum ballast on the 2022 model year 9R Tractors has been increased for maximum traction and drivetrain efficiency

The updated cab brings the best in operator comfort and convenience

The cab is more comfortable than ever on the 9R Tractors. The operator station provides more headroom, a wider entryway, new seat options, a larger integrated refrigerator, touchscreen radio, footrest, and more.

Manufacturers have the option to choose from three different comfort and convenience packages as shown below.

Increase visibility and productivity with new visibility plans

For the 2022 model year, there are three new visibility packages to help operators get more done regardless of time. The 9R visibility package provides the lighting, sunshade, and camera options operators need to be comfortable during long workdays.

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John Deere’s Signature Edition Pack

I would never put my name on a product that doesn’t have the best in me” is a quote from John Deere, who prides himself on the quality of the products he produces every day.

To honor this commitment, when ordering the John Deere Signature Edition, tractors will include a sticker with John Deere’s signature to show that the tractor has the best that John Deere has to offer.

The John Deere Signature Edition includes top package options for Comfort and Convenience, Visibility, Ag Technology Activation Precision and connectivity, and ride comfort.

Hydraulic IPM Options

Select 9 Series tractors can be ordered with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) hydraulics providing up to 50 extra horsepower depending on the gear selected. The HDI is unlocked via intelligent software that monitors hydraulic demand and engine power.

During air seeding, IPM Hydraulics can provide additional engine power for seeding and over big hills and through tough spots. This option is only available on the 9R 640, 9RX 640, 9R 590, and 9RT 570.

New factory-installed RTK options

All 9 Series Tractors now have the option of a factory-installed RTK radio. 900-MHz and 450-MHz options will be available for factory installation, further integrating precision in John Deere’s large tractor ag.

Integrated technology keeps operators on track

All 9 Series Tractors include a CommandCenter™ Gen 4 display, AutoTrac™ guide activation, and 5 years of JDLink™ Connect on base while featuring the all-new StarFire 6000 Integrated Receiver.

  • 5-year JDLink Connect subscription on base
  • As soon as the tractor leaves the factory, it is ready with 5 years of JDLink Connect, providing John Deere Connected Support™ and Expert Alerts to keep the operator running.
  • StarFire 6000. Integrated Receiver
  • Factory-installed, the StarFire 6000 Integrated Receiver reduces setup time and eliminates field compensation module (TCM) calibration. With reduced withdrawal times and remote software downloads, precision farming has never been easier. All receivers are fully serviceable and can be upgraded to newer generations.
  • CommandCenter Gen 4 Automation Activation 4600 4.0
  • This activation includes all John Deere Precision Ag applications so operators can spend more time focusing on the quality of work and less time operating the 9R Tractor.

Features include:

  • AutoTrac Loop Automation
  • AutoTrac Implementation Guide (passive guide)
  • 4 Gen Engine Sync
  • Part Control
  • AutoPath™ System
  • Sharing Data in the Field

2022 John Deere 9RX: New John Deere 9RX 2022 Updated

2022 John Deere 9RX Updated John Deere 2022 Model Year 9 Tractor Series Promises To Work More Acres In Less Time. More power, additional technology, reduced operating costs, and more acres covered in less time are some of the benefits John Deere says you can expect from the newly introduced 2022 Series 9 model year tractor.


The 9R, 9RT two-track, and 9RX four-track wheel variants of the lineup feature a larger and updated cab with automotive-like and other inclusions that make all-day operation comfortable.

The largest 9R 640 and 9RX 640 models use 15 liter Cummins diesel engines; others take advantage of the all-new Deere power plant.

“Farmers will appreciate the added low-end torque and dragging capability of the all-new John Deere PowerTech 13.6-liter diesel engine,” said Ryan Jardon, Deere product marketing manager.

“This engine drives the model from 390 to 590 horsepower and runs with 50% less engine noise. It is also easier to carry out routine maintenance.”

“Perfect” Performance Boost

Six 9R models from 390 to 640 horsepower (290 to 477 kilowatts) are available with various tire options and HydraCushion suspension options. HydraCushion reduces tractor bounce, improves ride quality, and reduces power hop potential in the field, delivering more power to the ground.

Three 9RT models are available from 470 to 570 HP (350 to 425 kW) including the AirCushion walk-beam suspension. The 9RX’s four models range from 490 (365 kW) to 640 HP, meanwhile, marking the industry’s highest horsepower level in a four-lane tractor, Deere said. There are also several track width and tread distance options available.

Buyers can order the 9RT 570 and 9R/9RX 590 and 640 models with hydraulic Intelligent Power Management (IPM), which provide up to 50 extra horsepower (37 kW) depending on the gear.

“This is the perfect performance boost when towing equipment over rough terrain or large hills, or with high hydraulic demands, such as an air seeding rig,” says Jardon.


Deere includes five years of JDLink connectivity and an integrated StarFire 6000 receiver, Generation 4 CommandCenter display, and AutoTrac guide as standard.

The larger, redesigned serial cab includes more USB ports, enhanced connectivity, and an optional 6.5-inch touchscreen satellite radio that’s smartphone-ready with integrated voice command and control support.

Select, Premium, and Ultimate cabin packages are available offering different comforts, LEDs, temperature control, wipers, cameras, and other options. The Signature Edition pack combines the best of the pack and adds a Gen 4 Extended look, dual hydraulic pumps, and other features.

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2022 John Deere 9R Report

John Deere is the only manufacturer to offer a broad line of high-powered tractors in all three configurations, wheel, two-lane, and four-lane. With each designed to ensure large-scale farmers and contractors cover more land in less time.

It’s impossible to beat the 13 model line-up that brings more power and technology than ever before and a bigger and more comfortable cabin.

Low-end torque and dragging capability come from the all-new John Deere PowerTech 13.6-liter diesel engine that powers all models from 287 to 434kW (390 to 590hp).

With only two exceptions being the largest models in the range, the 9R 640 and 9RX 640 which produce 471kW (640hp). Powered by a very powerful 15 liter Cummins engine, they offer an additional 15kW (20hp) over their successor models.

The six-wheel model in the 9R Series runs a full stride from the 287 to 471kW (390 to 640hp) on offer.

The 9R Series can be equipped with a wide selection of tires. And then combined with the optional HydraCushion suspension to reduce bounce during transport.

It’s a ride quality improvement that also reduces the potential for power hop in the paddock, putting more power to the ground where it’s needed.

It is nearly impossible for a large-scale farmer who is intent on purchasing a wheeled model, not to choose from this John Deere range.

For track buyers, the three models in the two-track 9RT Series offer power options from 346 to 419kW (470 to 570hp).

This two-way model is ideal for operations requiring a large footprint with less earth pressure and lower slip values. They can’t be beaten for the hours they can do for straight-line drawing and extensive tillage.

Ride quality is never a question with this two-lane model as it is equipped with air cushion walking beam suspension which ensures a quality ride.

If none of the above has impressed you so far, take a closer look at the four models offered in the John Deere 9RX Series four-lane tractor.

Nothing is more powerful, with engines ranging from 360 to 471kW (490 to 640hp), the highest power level in the industry for a four-lane tractor.

Multiple track widths and tread spacings will allow for a suitable fit for all types of work operations, arming this tractor for row crops or large tracts of land applications.

Four-post cab suspension is standard and dampens pitch and roll, isolating the cab from shocks.

Surprised by the level of comfort while working in the paddock and the ride quality on the road.

John Deere points out that the four-lane 9RX model offers the comfort and maneuverability of the wheel tractor, coupled with the towing and flotation performance of the track tractor.

To accommodate the added power and weight of the articulated 9 Series Tractor, several undercarriages, axle, and front frame components have been strengthened and upgraded.

This has increased the tractor’s weight and maximum available ballast from 27.2 to 30.3 tonnes to put the increased power of the updated line-up to the ground.

Armed with the Variable-ratio ActiveCommand Steering system, this 9R wheel, and track 9RX model can provide fast steering response in the paddock and then offer a softer response on the road.

Inside the revamped Series 9 cab, operators are treated to a wider environment than ever before, with more storage space, more USB ports, and better connectivity than the previous model.

A more automotive feel has been created and when you add the optional 165mm (6.5-inch) touchscreen satellite radio, it’s a smartphone ready to take voice commands or to integrate controls, make calls or listen to music while sending or receiving messages.

While not all cab variants will be available here, at the factory line, the 9 Series tractor offers a choice of cab packages, premium or ultimate.

Options from this comfort and convenience package include a footrest, refrigerator, and heated ventilated massage chair that can rotate up to 25 degrees to the left and 40 degrees to the right.

While the highest visibility package offers 24 work LEDs and eight comforts LED lights, heated telescopic mirrors, along with all-purpose wipers and front and rear integrated cameras.

John Deere 9 Series tractors are designed for smart farming and are factory-equipped with JDLink connectivity, plus an integrated StarFire GPS receiver.

Add to that combination the 4th Generation Command Center view, the AutoTrac guide, and free access to the John Deere Operations Center, to help farmers harness the value of precision farming and data to transform their operations.

2022 John Deere 9R Specs


PowerTech™ 13.6L (827-cu in.) engine: real-world usability, not just power on paper

  • Muscle to handle heavy draft disks and rippers, power-hungry air growers and growers, and large transport loads such as grain carts and slurry carts. Durable design and heavy-duty components you can rely on when you need to get in and out. All in a package compliant with Final Tier 4 (FT4) and Stage V. You get real-world power with a purpose-built 13.6L (827-cu in) engine from John Deere Power Systems, standard in 291 to 440 kW (390) engines up to 590 hp engines) 9 Series Tractors.
  • We develop our newest power plant from a clean sheet of paper, starting with stronger castings, stronger bearings, and stronger internal components, all designed to meet the high demands of field operations. We replaced the fuel injectors with a high-pressure common rail fuel system (HPCR) and removed the diesel particulate filter (DPF) to increase fuel efficiency and lower operating and maintenance costs. Integrated coolant and oil lines, along with a new belt-driven water pump, eliminate potential leak points and allow for a less congested engine compartment, increasing serviceability and reducing debris accumulation.

In redesigning the engine, we also provide:

  • Hydraulic valve lash adjuster to maintain valve lash setting during engine operation, reducing valve assembly noise and wear, and enabling greater fuel efficiency.
  • Hydraulic fan drive for increased cooling capacity without the need for maintenance.
  • New integrated wiring harness design featuring a modular layout for reduced vibration, greater reliability, and easier servicing and diagnostics.
  • The rear gear set is fully integrated into the cast-iron block, reducing exhausting engine noise and increasing crankshaft damper durability.
  • Combination sensors where possible means fewer sensors, connectors, and cables.
  • Powerful engine brakes that allow the operator to use the engine to control the tractor and implement speed when hauling or downhill walking, reducing wear on the drivetrain brake components.

Everything adds up to:

  • 14 percent more power and 11 percent more torque
  • 3 percent lower fuel consumption
  • 10 percent lighter
  • A 27 percent reduction in average repair time and an estimated service cost savings of $8,308 over the life of the machine

The 9 Series Visibility Pack lets you run with confidence, from dawn to dusk

Visibility is more than just lighting. It’s a mirror where you need it, shade for the dazzling late fall and early spring sunshine, wipers to help keep all the glass clean, and factory-integrated camera capabilities.

The new 9 Series tractors let you choose the visibility package that best fits your needs – Select, Premium, or Ultimate with 360-degree light-emitting diode (LED) lighting – so you and your operator can run with confidence in all conditions.

Put more power to the ground, more comfort, with industry-exclusive HydraCushion™ suspension

The strength that doesn’t reach the ground is power wasted. And a bumpy, bumpy ride can quickly drain the operator’s energy and productivity. So to help you get the most out of every horse under the hood and every hour in the cab,

The Tractor 9R in a wheeled configuration is available with the industry’s exclusive, state-of-the-art HydraCushion suspension (HydraCushion is standard equipment on the 477-kW [640-hp] model. ).

2022 John Deere 9R Release Date

Pre-orders for the 2022 John Deere model year 9 Series Tractors open in March with production expected from November 2021. For more information, pricing and to order, please visit your local Prairie State Tractor sales consultant or click here to contact us.

2022 John Deere 9R Price

  • John Deere 9370R Tractor USD 303,495
  • John Deere 9420R Tractor USD 361,000
  • John Deere 9470R Tractor USD 369,964