2022 John Deere Planter: All-New Update John Deere Integrated Tractor and Planter Solution

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2022 John Deere Planter John Deere announced several updates to the 2022 product line. The Central Fill Tank (CCS) has 30% more capacity than the largest frame model, and each model can hold 130 bushels of seed.

To massively increase buoyancy with the increasing weight of tankers, Deere is now providing a factory tour of the 1775 NT drilling rig. They are similar to the Soucy pallets that have been offered as an on-site assembly option for years. Buyers love line reliability, increased buoyancy and minimal power loss. Integrated Liquid Fertilization

The Exact Rate is another improvement over the 2022 Seeder. The plant is currently installing a 600 gallon liquid fertilizer tank, which contains all the lines needed for the newly ordered grower.

Combining this seed tank with the new 8RX 410’s internal 1000 gallon ExactRate tank can reach a liquid capacity of 1600 gallons and can use up to 80 acres of liquid fertilizer at a rate of 20 gallons per hectare. Optional LED lighting kit for growers improve visibility when landing at night.

Check out the official John Deere product announcement here and contact your Sloan App distributor before ordering starts on June 1. The new breeders are quickly selling out, and now is the time for the biggest discounts of the year.

The next improvements to the John Deere ExactRate™ liquid fertilizer system will appear in the 2022 model year. The Deere 8RX tractor’s built-in water tank and expandable planter seed tank allow you to cover more land between refills.

The weight of the tractor and planter can be distributed evenly over a larger area to reduce soil compaction. The most important thing is that the tractor fuel tank does not get in the way of getting in and out of the tractor cab.

2022 John Deere Planter News

For the following model year, John Deere intends to provide a fully integrated liquid fertilizer system to ensure that high levels of fertilization are applied to plantations with the least gentle fill rates.

The redesigned planter is part of the factory-installed integrated ExactRate system. John says Deere’s solution eliminates the need for additional storage tanks, customized piping solutions and multiple suppliers.

“John Deere is the first company to jointly sell an integrated pulp distribution system for tractors and field cultivators,” said Kevin Jule, Marketing Director. “The new John Deere MY22 state-of-the-art planter combined with the 8RX’s built-in ExactRate tank is an evolutionary seeding solution that can increase productivity, minimize soil compaction, and properly place seed and fertilizer.”

The company announced today that the new MY22 planter will be ordered this summer.

The new flowerpot-mounted storage tank has a capacity of 600 gallons (2271 liters) and prevents airflow and overflow. To increase the filling interval and reduce sensitivity, the seed funnel capacity was increased by 30% to 130 bushels.

“The John Deere ExactRate powered drill is designed to work seamlessly with the 8RX tractor with the ExactRate tractor fuel tank to provide additional fluid output and allow you to sprinkle large amounts of nitrogen while farming without affecting yields or”Increasing soil compaction,” the news said. Yule.

Equipped with a 1,000-gallon ExactRate tractor fuel tank, the 8RX increases the total tractor and seed capacity to 1,600 gallons. When farmers think of applying 1,600 gallons at 20 gallons per acre, this means they can grow up to 80 acres of corn among seals,” Yul said.

Farmers can use the John Deere Operations Center to plan their nursery and planting operations. Monitor the effectiveness of all landing solutions before, during and after landing. You can use the control center to monitor server farms. Analyze farm equipment and data anytime, anywhere, and share information with consultants you trust when making decisions,” says Juol. “It’s the best tool for planning, monitoring and analysis.

The driver can view fertilizer and seed data on the fourth-generation display in the cab. This information is sent to the operations center in real time via JDLink, where farmers and managers can track the performance of each unit of the production line.

Connect Mobile The app can be used on tablet computers inside and outside the tractor cab to compare planting data with previous years. After harvesting, farmers can use the Field Analyzer tool in the operations center or the connected software to check seed type and fertilization performance.

In addition to the increased lift capacity, a John Deere 1775NT MY22 planter was installed at the factory to increase lift at 13.3 psi and reduce earth pressure by 73% (full load).

2022 John Deere Planter Review

John Deere updated his planter in 2022 to appeal to farmers who want to apply large amounts of liquid fertilizer during planting, stopping filling and softening as little as possible. This redesigned planter is part of John Deere’s integrated ExactRate™ solution, eliminating the need for additional storage tanks and special piping solutions from different manufacturers.

2022 John Deere Planter

“John Deere was the first to introduce a factory-installed integrated liquid fertilizer delivery system on tractors and planters. The new John Deere MY22 high capacity planter combined with the ExactRate tank mounted 8RX tractor is an evolutionary solution for seeding This program increases productivity, minimizes compaction soil, and placing seeds and fertilizers properly,” says Kevin Juhl, Marketing Manager for John Deere 987 To increase fill time and reduce tenderness, seed tank capacity was increased by 30% to 130 bushels 73% (full load) at 13.3 psi to shorten the time required for transport from the construction site. LED lighting devices can help farmers extend their prime working day into the wee hours of the night.

“The John Deere ExactRate fluid delivery system is designed to run smoothly with an 8RX tractor equipped with an ExactRate tractor tank to provide additional fluid output and allow you to apply high levels of nitrogen during planting without compacting the soil, says Jules “Several independent studies have shown that fertilization during planting provides the best chance for plant health, timely maturity and higher yields.

According to farmers, at 1,600 gallons and 20 gallons (76 liters) per hectare, this means you can grow up to 80 acres of corn cultivation,” Juhl said. During and after the ferry ride, you can take advantage of the John Deere Action Center Operations. “Through the center operations, you can monitor your operations from anywhere. Masc analyzes human and agronomic data and exchanges information with trusted consultants when making decisions,” says Juhl. The best tool.

In the cab, the driver can view fertilizer and seed data on a 4th generation display. This information is transmitted in real time to the operations center via a JDLink™ connection, where facility owners and operations managers can monitor each block path.

Used on tablet computers inside and outside the tractor cab to compare planting data with previous years. After harvesting, farmers can use the Field Analyzer tool in the operations center or the connected software to check seed varieties and fertilization efficiency

“Farmers now have a complete set of John Deere techniques and tools that can help them plant more land and apply more fertilizer every day without compromising crop efficiency and minimizing soil compaction,” says Juol.

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2022 John Deere Planter 1775NT

John Deere provides the industry’s first integrated tractor and planter solution

  • The industry’s first plant-installed tractor and planter liquid fertilizer solution feature an integrated 1,000 gallon (3785L) ExactRate™ Tractor Tank for the 8RX Tractor that can be paired with an MY22 planter for a total combined liquid capacity of 1,600 gallons (6057L).
  • The new factory-installed liquid tank holds up to 600 gallons (2271L) while the seed tank capacity has been increased by 30% over the previous model to increase time between fillings and increase efficiency during critical growing periods.
  • A new factory-installed option replaces tires with tracks for the 1775NT which improves flotation and reduces ground pressure to 13.3 psi, reducing soil compaction for additional agronomic benefits.

Delivery of CCS seeds increases productivity through:

  • Increased seed capacity
  • Bulk filling capability
  • Easy and thorough cleaning.

Crops that can be grown with the CCS System include corn, sweet corn, popcorn, cotton, sunflower, sugar beet, soybeans, and sorghum (milo).

Filling the tank is convenient due to the centralized filling location. Stairs and railings provide access to the filling platform between tanks. Additionally, each tank has an adjustable tray level sensor to let the operator know when it’s time to fill.

A light-emitting diode (LED) filled lamp package is included on machines equipped with CCS. This feature includes two LED lights that mount conveniently on the machine fence. The lights are switched on and off by their own switch located at the bottom of the stairs.

If the seed carrier vehicle requires hydraulic power to operate the loading and unloading system, an additional hydraulic coupler option is available. These couplers are located at the bottom of the ladder and can be joined under pressure. The system has a separate system filter which ensures the planter’s hydraulic system remains free of contaminants.

CCS is all about reducing the time spent filling the planter with seed while maximizing the time spent planting. CCS for smallholders is a form of seed handling and delivery. The row-unit performs the final task of measuring and placing seeds.

The CCS seed delivery process relies on a hydraulically-driven fan to transfer seed from the CCS tank to the row-unit. This fan is incorporated into the grower raise/lower circuit, so only one selective control valve (SCV) is required for both functions.

When the planter is lowered, lift the cylinder down and hydraulic flow is transferred to the seed delivery fan. The flow control valve and gauge, located near the tank, allow for precise regulation of tank pressure based on seed type.

Air from the fan pressurizes the CCS tank and sends the seeds to the seed hopper. The airflow enters the seed tank through a nozzle in the manifold which puts pressure on the tank. The air then picks up the seeds and transfers them out from the end of the nozzle into the seed delivery hose. This hose directs the seed to the hopper. Small amounts of seed flow in the delivery hose only when needed.

The hopper is filled with seeds until the pressure hose is closed (outlet). Once the hole is closed, the flow of semen through the tube stops. The air entering the air duct unit enters the funnel and is the air source of the vacuum system. This provides a cleaner air source than previous flow meter designs.

When picking and sowing, the seed cluster is compressed until the end of the feeding tube opens. At this time, the airflow and seed transportation will continue, and the seed funnel will be refilled into the funnel. DB drill model

2022 John Deere Planter CCS Model DB scale

CCS Scale is a system independent of DigiStar. Load cells are factory installed and can be ordered for machines equipped with CCS. Has 3 load cells, two behind the CCS bracket, one in front, and both tanks weigh equal to one; the weight of one tank cannot be determined.

DigiStar loads cells and screens. They are not connected to the CAN (controller area network) bus system and will therefore never be integrated into the SeedStar™ software. Screens are sold separately via DigiStar.

2022 John Deere Planter CCS Seed Cleaning

It is very easy to clean the seeds with the CCS planter. After planting, the remaining seeds can be easily removed through the access door at the bottom of the CCS container. Seed hose

2022 John Deere Planter

The CCS is blown by the CCS fan, the excess seeds are pushed into a separate measuring device, the vacuum gauge door is opened, and the seeds are ejected through the feeding container provided.

John Deere’s factory-installed liquid tank allows liquid to be moved easily under the planter. The model name applies to the CCS™ system vessel, and all brackets and brackets are installed 100% from the factory.

  • Factory-installed
  • Liquid capacity up to 2271 L (600 gals.)
  • Clean the sight tube to check the liquid level
  • Air bleed and overflow protection
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting packages are available

As the planting window got tighter, many farmers worked longer hours to get the seeds in the ground. With a planter LED lighting package, John Deere provides better visibility when planting at night.

  • Four additional LED lights
  • Increase visibility when planting at night
  • Illuminates line units while servicing at night
  • Lights up when the tractor light is on
  • Precise placement of liquid fertilizer with the ExactRate™ fertilizer system

The ExactRate liquid transfer system pairs the planter seamlessly with the ExactRate tractor tank. This provides an easy connection point to allow transfer from the ExactRate tractor tank back to the grower tank. This allows up to 6056 L (1600 gal.)* combined capacity of tractor and planter tanks.

The ExactRate liquid fertilizer system is a factory-installed solution that provides you with accurate nutrient placement during planting. Previously, you had to deal with the inconvenience of complicated aftermarket systems for hydraulically driven variable rate solutions.

With ExactRate, John Deere provides a complete planting solution for liquid fertilizer users. You can choose between in-furrow or offset shipping methods. A high-level option without an opener is also offered from the factory. This system provides:

Compared with the non-rotational trimming system, the accuracy of nutrient placement in the curve was increased by 20%. Since Line Steering reaching a speed of 16.1 km/h, the input is reduced from 1% to 12% (average 4.3%).

Speed ​​Compensation and Closed Loop Speed fully integrated with 4600 CommandCenter™ and 4640 Universal Display. ExactRate cair liquid fertilizer system developed to take full advantage of ExactEmerge™ and MaxEmerge™ 5e field cultivators.

The liquid fertilizer system provides the same value as the planter as its electric drive includes running at speeds higher than the traditional 8.05 km/h (5 mph), pendulum compensation, and online section control, all of which accurately compensate for speed and speed changes.

Other features include line-by-line flow measurement, implemented documentation, and variable speed functions, allowing operators to fully integrate with the 4600 CommandCenter or 4640 universal display.

The fertilizer passes through the filter and sprays the rod to close the valve from the tank to the pump. Precise distribution via central flow meter in each nozzle and the main body of the linear unit.

Closed system, which means that the duty cycle of the pump and nozzle body is controlled based on feedback from the central pressure sensor and flow meter. This design helps maintain accurate application rates. Pump Hydraulically actuated centrifugal pump Replaces wheel contact drive, requires no chain or sprocket adjustment, and provides greater speed flexibility across the speed range. These pumps provide a wide range of speeds and a long service life. The wet seal design prevents the pump from drying out accidentally at any time. Filter

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2022 John Deere Planter Filter

Helps capture suspended solids and prevent them from clogging the measuring system and nozzle body.

2022 John Deere Planter Shoulder shut-off valve

This valve prevents the water tank from leaking in the event of a leak in the distribution system. When the pump is running, the valve opens to allow flow. When the pump is turned off, the valve is closed.

2022 John Deere Planter Center flow meter and pump pressure sensor

The center flow meter and pump pressure sensor provides flow and pressure information for the flow control system to ensure accurate application rates across the planter width. The flow meter also provides application flow data.

2022 John Deere Planter Distribution system and nozzle body

The 2.5 cm (1 inch) stainless steel distribution line not only reduces corrosion but also provides a clean integrated look. The distribution system is pressure tested at the factory to reduce the risk of leakage.

John Deere has leveraged the ExactApply™ technology and capabilities of the sprayer to enable line-by-line sectional control and turn compensation to suit high-performance growers. With ExactRate, there are no hole changes for speed or speed adjustment, saving you time and effort while limiting product exposure.

Pulse width modulation technology varies the duty cycle (valve opening and closing) in the nozzle body in relation to flow and pressure measured from the central flowmeter and pressure sensor controlling the system pump.

The ExactRate liquid fertilizer system uses two rows of nozzle bodies, which limits the number and complexity of parts per machine. In the cockpit, you can use flow detection built into the 4th generation display to monitor each production line, and the system will notify you when it detects a change in a flow path. The built-in pressure sensor in the nozzle body can detect decreased or excess flow in the pipe.

Like the sprayer, the keyboard on the back of the machine can easily check the flow through the nozzle to ensure that product doesn’t enter all the lines before it enters the field.

2022 John Deere Planter Liquid Level Controller

The ExactRate liquid fertilizer system is compatible with the John Deere 2000 grade controller and the GreenStar™ grade controller when the manufacturer wishes to introduce a second product with a separate distribution system.

2022 John Deere Planter Direct Injection

The ExactRate liquid fertilizer system cannot directly inject the applied product. If the secondary product needs to be injected directly, an additional dose adjustment is required. A notification.

The ExactRate and John Deere 2000 flow controllers are compatible with the Raven ICD direct injection system. Precision grade systems with Raven ISO direct injection systems and GreenStar frequency controllers are not supported.

2022 John Deere Planter ExactRate App for Gen 4

Adjust the target value and speed from a comfortable seat. By compensating for vibration, internal and external levels are automatically adjusted to ensure uniform application across the entire width of the drill bit.

This will ultimately reduce the risk of semen burning trash (requires a global positioning system [GPS] receiver to compensate for rolling). Another useful feature is route segment control to reduce overlap between headlands and trails. 4th generation docs create application maps showing which products are used to ensure accurate records. vintage

2022 John Deere Planter Perfection

John Deere introduced new updates to its 2022 planter portfolio this spring, including the first plant-integrated liquid fertilizer delivery system for tractors and planters. Other improvements to the ExactRate™ liquid fertilizer system and planter:

2022 John Deere Planter

Use the ExactRate™ fluid transfer system to transfer fluids easily The next development of the ExactRate system is the integrated combination of tractor and planter. It is a complete solution that allows most agronomic growers in ExactRate liquid delivery systems to easily combine the planter with an ExactRate tractor tank that can be connected to the 8RX.

Provides a convenient connection point for transporting ExactRate from tractor tanks to drilling rigs. This allows up to 1600 gallons of total capacity to be used between the planter and the tractor tank.

  • Factory-installed
  • Designed and tested by John Deere to ensure lines don’t get pinched when folded
  • Easy to attach to ExactRate tractor tank
  • The following models are available: 1775NT, 1795, DB44, DB60, and DB66.

Use factory-installed tracks to reduce ground pressure. uses an optional factory-installed track to reduce average earth pressure. John Deere caterpillars take up more floor space, reduce compaction and increase lift.

  • Ground pressure 13.3 psi inch (based on 1775NT planter weight distribution, 24 rows of ballast on flat rail surface)
  • Transport speed 30km/h
  • Total planter capacity 1775NT, 24 lines
  • 1087% Factory setting mounting guide rail of that planter size Increase slab area by 112 square inches. Up to 416 square inches, this reduces the compaction of the center row of the planter. Combining all four 8RX rails, the complete solution provides only 15 psi of floor current. This option is currently only available to 1775NT planters.

Additional capacity for planter fluid tank and Central Commodity System (CCS)

The John Deere factory-installed liquid tank offers a convenient way to carry liquids on the planter frame. Style cues match the updated capacity CCS system tank, and all brackets and mounts are 100 percent factory-installed.

CCS system capacity by model:

  • Less liquid tank model With liquid tank
  • 1775NT 12Row30 3524 L (100 bu) 3524 L (100 bu)
  • 1775NT 16Baris30 4581 L (130 bu) 4581 L (130 bu)
  • 1775NT 24 Rows30 4581 L (130 bu) 4581 L (130 bu)
  • 1795 23Row15 3524 L (100 bu) 2467 L (70 bu)
  • 1795 24Row15 3524 L (100 bu) 2467 L (70 bu)
  • 1795 24Row20 4581 L (130 bu) 3524 L (100 bu)
  • 1795 31Row15 4581 L (130 bu) 3524 L (100 bu)
  • 1795 32Row15 4581 L (130 bu) 3524 L (100 bu)

Increase visibility at night with the LED lighting package

As the planting window got tighter, many farmers worked longer hours to get the seeds in the ground. With an optional premium LED lighting package, John Deere provides better visibility when planting at night.

  • Four additional LED lights
  • Increase visibility when planting at night
  • Illuminates line units while servicing at night
  • Lights up when the tractor light is on
  • SeedStar 2 monitoring system delivers integrated innovation

In addition to the advanced features of SeedStar 2, the 2022 model has several additional benefits:

  • introduces a new 32-bit speed controller for seed control.
  • distance (coefficient of variation [CV]) and singularity at base
  • Low seed level alarm sensitivity switch allows farmers to plant seeds at low speed without warning or visibility of grower performance

Grab’s new color-coded hydraulic hose color-For the planter, the 1775NT, and a coded hose gripper were added in 1795. They have a non-slip diamond design that allows you to easily grip the hose and connect/disconnect the hose at the rear of the tractor.

Color-coded parts are laser engraved with the John Deere logo, and the badge can be retracted for normal operation. This color-coded hydraulic hose will also be available as part of all models later this year.

2022 John Deere Planter Release Date

Model 2022 Orders for John Deere planters are expected to begin in June 2021. For more information and pricing, please visit your local Prairie State Tractor Sales Consultant or click here to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.