New 2023 John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles Review

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2023 John Deere Gator whether you need to fit a team of 3 or 4, there’s a Gator™ UV that can comfortably accommodate everyone. Backed by a history of reliability, this machine is built to tackle rough terrain and heavy loads while you make the most of your terrain. So sit back, stretch your legs and get comfortable because the fun is just beginning.

John Deere has announced updates for the 2023 Gator, the most significant of which is the addition of AutoTrac steering assist.

The AutoTrac system will automatically direct the vehicle based on predefined GPS coordinates. “Farmers and ranchers can use the AutoTrac-equipped Gator utility vehicle for precise tissue sampling, spraying, and field boundary making,” said Maureen McCormack, market manager for John Deere.

AutoTrac has become standard for larger John Deere machines, such as tractors, and Gator UTV owners have installed the system themselves with aftermarket parts. However, the problem with in-house installation is that excess cables preclude the safe operation of the vehicle. With factory-installed AutoTrac, John Deere has hidden any hardware behind the dash and under the driver’s seat to save customers from having to stare at messy cables.

Along with the AutoTrac system, John Deere incorporates several other new updates. Some include the M trim getting Maxxis Bighorn tires and steel wheels, the M and R trim getting spray bed coatings, and the R trim getting a power lift for the bed for easy raising and lowering.

2023 John Deere Gator Review

John Deere has announced the AutoTrac-assisted steering system for the Gator line of utility vehicles, as well as several updates for the remainder of the 2023 model year.

2023 John Deere Gator

When Gator™ UV started, there was no end to what you could do with your soil. Specifically designed with the right balance of power, speed, and endurance, these reliable machines take on tough projects so you can get the most out of your field in even the most extreme conditions.

“The John Deere enables the productivity gains that farmers have seen when they use AutoTrac technology on their tractors and integrate it into a smaller, agile machine — a Gator utility vehicle,” said Maureen McCormack, go-to-market manager for Gator UTVs for John Deer.

The goal is to make precision farming a little more accessible, using technology to work on smaller plots of land. Enabling AutoTrac on the UTV allows farmers to get into the field earlier than they could with heavier equipment.

Deere customers and dealers had been installing Gators with AutoTrac for years, but the solution was complicated and messy with cables running throughout the UTV, McCormack said. This new factory-installed option hides all cables behind the dashboard, with the modem and computing unit hid under the seat to give the cabin a cleaner, sleeker appearance.

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2023 John Deere Gator Refresh

The 2023 model year John Deere Gators also received a few updates. Many UTV models have features that were previously extra included in the base vehicle. For example, side mirrors are now standard on all cab vehicles.

M-trim vehicles get Maxxis BigHorn tires on steel wheels. The M- and R-trim models now come with a spray-in liner in the cargo box, as well as standard brakes and taillights. R-trim models receive power lift cargo boxes for easier disposal and Predator Heavy Duty all-terrain radial tires on wheels.

New AutoTrac™ John Deere Gator

John Deere is now offering a new AutoTrac Ready option for select full-size Gator Utility Vehicles to provide farmers and ranchers with hands-free driving capabilities and increased versatility.

2023 John Deere Gator

“John Deere enables the productivity gains that farmers have seen when they use AutoTrac technology on their tractors and integrate it into a smaller, more agile machine – the Gator Utility Vehicle,” said Maureen McCormack, Go-to-Market manager, Gator Utility Vehicles for John Deere.

AutoTrac Ready Gator Utility Vehicles are now available from the factory and are supplied with the necessary wiring and bracket assembly for John Deere technology hardware. Customers can order the 4640 Universal Display and StarFire™ 7000 Receiver to add to their Gator, or they can reuse units they already own. After activating their subscription, farmers can use hands-free steering to reduce overlapping, improve operator and input efficiency, and reduce operator fatigue.

The AutoTrac-assisted steering system increases operator productivity by maintaining consistent, repeatable accuracy and efficiency as the vehicle moves across the terrain. By activating AutoTrac, the operator can stay alert and focused to control machine settings and various field conditions.

“Farmers and ranchers can use the AutoTrac-equipped Gator Utility Vehicle for precise tissue sampling, spraying, and field boundary creation,” McCormack said. “The AutoTrac-equipped Gator UV features a combination of functionality and versatility that helps drive efficiency and productivity into everyday jobs.”

The AutoTrac Ready option can be ordered on John Deere 835/865 cab units for the 2023 model year including the XUV835M HVAC, XUV835R, XUV835R Signature Edition, XUV865M HVAC, XUV865R, and XUV865R Signature Edition.

Also noteworthy for MY23, the following features are included in the base price for the full-size Gator Utility Vehicle:

  • Factory-installed side mirrors for increased visibility on cab vehicles
  • The spray-in liner inside the cargo box for added durability to M- and R-trim vehicles
  • Cargo box power lift for easy disposal on all R-trim models
  • Brakes and taillights for added visibility on M- and R-trim vehicles
  • Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 extreme terrain radial tires on steel wheels on M-trim vehicles
  • Predator Heavy-Duty radial all-terrain tires on wheels on R-trim vehicles
  • All E- and M-trim vehicles come from the factory with black vinyl bench seats. The R-trim unit features a rock-cloth bench and a black vinyl bench option. All Signature Edition models are equipped with genuine leather bench seats. The previously used yellow seat and bucket options have been discontinued on full-size vehicles.

The AutoTrac Ready Gator Utility Vehicle is available for pre-order now with limited availability starting later this year. For more information, visit your local John Deere dealer or for more information.

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New AutoTrac™ Ready XUV

Ag precision gets more agile at Boundary mapping. Set line AB. Marking obstacles. What used to be done in your tractor can now be done with the Full Size Cabin XUV unit from John Deere. Our AutoTrac™ Ready Gator XUVs are factory-equipped for hands-free, plug-and-play automation. Precision farming has never been easier. Very accurate. So John Deere.

AutoTrac-ready UTVs will be available from the factory and come with cable and bracket assembly for John Deere technology hardware. Users can order a 4640 display and a StarFire 7000 receiver to add to their UTV, or they can reuse units they already own by transferring them to a compatible vehicle. After activating the subscription, farmers can use hands-free steering on their UTV.

The AutoTrac-assisted steering system is designed to increase operator productivity and reduce fatigue by maintaining consistent and repeatable accuracy and efficiency as the vehicle moves over the terrain.

“Farmers and ranchers can use the AutoTrac-equipped Gator Utility Vehicle for precise tissue sampling, spraying, and field boundaries,” says McCormack.

2023 John Deere Gator Feature

2023 John Deere Gator

Towing & Hauling

With up to 1,500-lb payload capacity and up to 4,000-lb towing capacity, the Full-Size Series makes pickup trucks blush.


Cut long work days to size with plenty of horsepower and speed in the Full-Size Series.

Land Distance

11 inches of ground clearance keeps this 4×4 moving through tough jobs and even tougher terrain.

XUV835M Honor Edition

Our Greetings To You: Designed to honor those who have served, this special edition Gator™ UV is available in an open station with half doors or with a comfortable heated and air-conditioned cab. Both units include a cargo box power lift, taillights, and Bumper Pro Brush Guard.

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Gator XUV Signature Edition

To-do Meets Playlist: Change your mind about long workdays with the XUV Signature Edition. A 7-speaker infotainment system with smartphone connectivity, leather seats, and the versatile Pro Brush Guard Bumper make hard work feel like play.

XUV835R Signature Edition: Crossover Utility Vehicle

  • Best HVAC cab with real leather upholstery
  • 7-speaker infotainment system with touchscreen
  • Rear-facing camera and sliding rear window
  • Versatile Pro Brush Guard Bumpers

XUV835R Premium Cab: Crossover Utility Vehicle

  • Premium HVAC cab with light stone interior
  • Cargo box electric lift
  • LED headlights
  • Up to 4,000 lb towing capacity

2023 John Deere Gator Price

The 2023 model year Gator lineup is available to order now and is expected to ship sometime in early 2023. The AutoTrac-ready option is available on all Gator UTV models, including Signature Edition models, and is available for an additional cost of approximately $4,200. For more information, visit

2023 John Deere Gator Release Date

John Deere is already taking preorders for the 2023 Gator, and units will ship in early 2023.