2022 John Deere Gator: New John Deere Gator Full-Size Review and Specs

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2022 John Deere Gator model year John Deere Gator XUV Full-size Utility Vehicle can be ordered with Predator hard surface tires. They are an excellent choice for use on hard surfaces or medium off-road applications.

Gator™ XUV Full Size. Our toughest working Gator™ UTV, this monstrous Full-Size Crossover Series is designed for rugged trails and serious payloads. Whether you need to fit a team of 3 or 4 people, there is a model that can comfortably accommodate everyone. So stretch your legs until you hit the gas pedal because that’s when the real fun begins.

Designed to honor those who have served, this special edition Gator™ UV is available in the open with a half door or in a cozy cabin equipped with heat and air. The two units include cargo box power lift, taillights, and a sports steering wheel.

If your profit is your top priority, consider the cost-effective Work Series that provides all the cargo capacity, toughness, and longevity you need to get the job done right.

With a cargo capacity of up to 500 lb, easy 4WD with the flip of a switch, and 4-wheel independent suspension, when another vehicle takes a break, the Mid-Size kicks into high gear.

Built on our four-seat chassis in partnership with IAS, this Special Application Vehicle features a 56 x 82-in. heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum bed, side peg bed, and automotive-style tailgate. A tektite cab with HVAC and hard surface tires is also available.

With payload capacities up to 1,500 lb and tow capacities up to 2,000 lb, the Full-Size Series makes pickup trucks blush. Cut long workdays to size with plenty of horsepower and speed in the Full-Size Series.

11-inch ground clearance keeps this 4×4 moving through tough jobs and tougher terrain. The new tires have:

2022 John Deere Gator

2022 John Deere Gator Model Year Update for the full-size Gator™ XUV Crossover Utility Vehicle

  • Spiral development that gives shock retention, considering a smoother ride
  • Off-road track design that adjusts footing and territory sway
  • The level profile which expands track region lessens soil pressure
  • An 8-layer rating that gives up to multiple times the existence of Bighorn® tires

Hunter hard surface tires are an extra tire choice; Terra Hawk AT (off-road) and Maxxis® Bighorn 2.0 spiral tire choices remain. Hunter tires accessible:

  • With steel or rim
  • In yellow or black
  • On all full-size John Deere XUV Gator Utility Vehicles including S4 . models
  • Car interior

John Deere Gator 2022: New stone cabin interior of John Deere XUV835R and Gator XUV865R Utility Vehicle

The John Deere XUV835R and XUV865R Gator Utility Vehicles include a factory cab with interior trim details upgraded from the XUV835M and XUV865M cab models. For the 2022 model year, the trim details change from a brown color scheme to a stone color scheme, combining gray with brown. With an updated stone color scheme:

  • Medium stone chair with dark stone accents
  • The driver’s seat features an embroidered John Deere jumping deer logo
  • The seat cloth is made of woven material
  • Dash, A, and B mast covers, back panel covers, sun visors, and a light stone headliner
  • Black door panel cover
  • The cabin interior of the Gator John Deere Utility Vehicle XUV835R and XUV865R looks like the cabin interior of a large Ag product

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2022 John Deere Gator Honorary Edition XUV835M

Earnestly Yours 2022 John Deere Gator XUV835M Honor Edition: A Proper Salute. The one next to the other exceptional release honors U.S. military veterans. military veterans.

John Deere as of late declared an exceptionally restricted release Gator four-wheel utility vehicle for the 2022 model year. The Honorary Edition John Deere Gator XUV835M, accessible in an open station or HVAC arrangement, gives recognition to military veterans through the Desert Sand outside board and number, brand, and military-propelled illustrations.

2022 John Deere Gator: Additional Features

In addition to exclusive colors and graphics, Honor Edition models also include:

  • Black wheels with Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Extreme Terrain radial tires
  • Black 40/60. vinyl split-bench seat
  • Sports steering wheel
  • Half door (open station model)
  • Black roof
  • Stone headliner (HVAC cab model)
  • brush guard
  • Luxury cargo box with spray liner, brake light, and taillight
  • Cargo box power lift

The Gator XUV835M Honor Edition 2022 can likewise be requested with Predator substantial off-road tires. The Predator gives extra shock assimilation and builds track life while decreasing ground strain and territory sway. Seller John Deere is currently taking requests for the Gator XUV835M Honor Edition. For data on the full scope of Gator utility vehicles and frill.

In conjunction with the launch of the Gator XUV835M Honor Edition 2022, Deere is also supporting The SAVE Farm, an organization that provides agriculture, animal husbandry, agribusiness training, and healing programs to service members, veterans, and their families. John Deere has a long history of supporting our military and veterans who have forfeited such a huge amount to ensure this nation, said Maureen McCormack, Go-to-Market director, Gator Utility Vehicles. We are pleased to respect these daring people through our new unique release Gator utility vehicle while supporting associations like The Save Farm.

Furthermore, John Deere offers the Career Skills Program in organization with the US Department of Defense’s SkillBridge program, which permits momentary assistance individuals the chance to match their authority and specialized abilities to the gig at John Deere. The SkillBridge program helps servicemen and ladies start their post-military professions by interning at a John Deere creation or seller office for the last five months of their tactical responsibility.

2022 John Deere Gator

2022 John Deere Gator XUV560E

Crossover Utility Vehicle

  • Four-wheel independent suspension for outstanding ride and handling
  • Ergonomic operator station with easy-to-use controls
  • Versatile customization

Features may include: Provides fast acceleration and provides a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h)

  • The Gator™ XUV560E Crossover Series Utility Vehicle is fueled by a 34.8 cu inch (570 cm3) V-twin petroleum motor. The carburetor is tuned for quick choke reaction, solid chilly climate start, smooth mid-range power conveyance, and calm inactive.
  • 11.9 kW (16 hp*) at 3600 RPM
  • Tuned for 0 to 24.1 km/h (0 to 15 mph) speed increase in 3.5 seconds
  • Maximum velocity 45 km/h (28 mph)
  • Powerfully tuned carburetor for quick choke reaction on request while permitting the motor to run cleanly under light loads.
  • V-twin, 90-degree overhead valve configuration boosts power and force and gives broadened valve life
  • Intended for chilly climate beginning (tried to – 20°F [-28.9°C])
  • Full tension oil framework
  • Turn on oil channel with channel section and oil channel valve permits simple assistance
  • High wind stream air channel
  • Overlaid and molded motor blower lodging lessens clamor levels while decreasing oil temperature by 25-30 degrees
  • T6 heat-treated aluminum amalgam associating bar and cylinder ring bundle
  • 200 – W (16 amp most extreme) stator charging framework for frill capacities
  • Double header pipes for exhaust boost wind current and give a remarkable V-twin sound
  • Sparkle concealment suppressor endorsed by United States Forest Service (USFS)
  • Low fuel utilization and a huge 4.9-US lady. (18.9-L) gas tank
  • Intended for the entire day solace with numerous vehicle accommodations
  • Capacity under the fixed hood
  • Cup holder on the dashboard and shut glove box
  • Administrator driven plan gives class-driving ergonomics and an agreeable seat
  • Easy entry/exit and pass for operator and passenger
  • The optimal sitting position provides more legroom
  • Ergonomics like automotive
  • Great comfort while driving
  • Best-in-class sealed storage volume of 12.7 gals. (48 L) with a large glovebox inside and storage under the hood. Additional 9 gals. (34 L) of under-seat storage is available on the S4 model.
  • Hinged hood swivels open without tools for access to storage
  • Side-by-side seating provides ample space for one operator and one passenger
  • The seat tilts forward for easy serviceability and stays dry during outdoor storage
  • Two cup holders located within reach of the operator station
  • Hour gauge comes standard to help maintain regular service intervals
  • A standard 12-V direct current (VDC) outlet is located on the instrument panel
  • Seven pre-drilled dashboard switch locations with snap caps for various electrical accessories
  • The fuel gauge visible from the operator’s seat
  • Passenger protection structure (OPS) with three-point seat belt and passenger side handrail located on the front mast
  • Start in neutral gear or position for a quick start. The service brake must be activated to start.

2022 John Deere Gator Price

  • 2022 John Deere XUV560E S4 Gator starts from $15,999.00

New 2022 John Deere Gator Full-Size Video

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