2022 John Deere 1025R: New Efficient John Deere 1025R Compact Utility Tractors Review

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2022 John Deere 1025R I don’t think of myself as someone who needs a tractor. I don’t have farms or horse farms or cornfields to harvest. Even my lawn is too small to justify the lawnmower that would give me suburban dad status.

But when a series of thunderstorms swept through the drainage ditch behind my house, which then began to extend its territory into my backyard,

I realized I might be someone who needed a tractor—small enough to get back into the wild behind me. back fence, but strong enough to carry the 12 yards of dirt needed to rebuild the moat.

The 1025R is one of the smaller models in Deere’s compact tractor lineup, emulating BMW’s hierarchy from the 1 to the 4 series. But it’s still serious equipment.

Yanmar’s naturally aspirated 1.3-liter three-cylinder diesel engine produces 24 horsepower and 39 pound-feet of torque, channeled through a hydrostatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

There are many attachments: bucket loaders, backhoes, various lawnmowers, and graders. The base price, $15,066, seems reasonable enough for any 4×4 diesel, but of course, no one buys a bare tractor and calls it a day.

The one I tested came with a bucket loader ($4393) and a backhoe ($6938), for a total price of $26,397. I might be able to live without a backhoe, but your trenching needs may be different.

Tractors like these, armed with menacing hydraulic buckets and blasting off a rock-solid diesel soundtrack, can make you feel invincible. Which, according to the dealer who dropped it, could be a problem.

“One guy around here bought one of these,” he said, “and told me he would use a backhoe to chop down trees on his property instead of chopping them down. I told him it wasn’t designed for that.

Sure enough, he brought it. come in with the hydraulic arm flexed. So be careful.” What a fool that man is, I thought. You want to push the tree down with a bucket, not a backhoe.

I’m talking about small trees. The glorified bush, really—the kind that stands between me and my project. You know, fixing a washout isn’t as easy as driving and pooping.

First I had to build a road to get there, because in the 10 years I’ve lived on this one-hectare land, the back third of it has been turned into an impenetrable kudzu forest.

New Efficient John Deere 1025R Compact Utility Tractors Review

2022 John Deere 1025R

And while I’m no match for a 100-foot-deep kudzu wall, a 100-foot-deep kudzu wall is no match for a steel bucket that can lift 754 pounds.

I tried the backhoe first, thinking that I could reach the bramble with a hydraulic sleeve, take a bunch, and rip it off—Optimus Prime weeding his garden.

But to use the backhoe, you must park, put the transmission in neutral, flip the driver’s seat (to access the rear-facing backhoe seat), and attach the rear stabilizer arm.

Once you’re ready, you’re committed to a place. And while the backhoe is right in the fury of killing the kudzu, it’s quicker to drive on the front end first, scrape the bucket low along with the roots, and then raise the arm to rip it all off. It’s all so much fun that, for the first time, I wish I had more kudzu.

When I reached the washroom, I realized I had to change my plans. I thought I could pick up the eroded soil from somewhere down the hill and then put it back in its place, but it quickly became clear that this piece of grass might not even be on my property anymore.

I can scrape a few spoons, but it takes more than that. Turns out it takes two dump trucks full of dirt. And since the truck can’t get anywhere near the site, that means a lot of tractor driving. Which is fine with me.

I got into the rhythm. Move to low range, grab a bucket of dirt from the pile at the curb, and carefully drive downhill onto the trail—there isn’t much to get in the way of the suspension, and you want to make sure all four tires stay on the ground over uneven terrain.

Then move to high reach, lower the loop, raise and lower the bucket as needed above the ramp (but generally stay as low as possible on the move).

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Arriving at the job site, move back to a low distance, picking up rocks and around large tree stumps to get into the poop position. Then reverse (no shift there, because there’s a forward pedal and a reverse pedal), rotate, and repeat.

I would go out in the afternoon and get into a tractor trance for an hour or two, watching the dirt pile shrink as the hole in the back of the yard slowly disappeared.

As time went on, it wasn’t fun. Without a tractor, it would be more than unpleasant. That’s not possible.

After the washout was fixed, I thought I was done with the 1025R, but the yellow chair kept calling my name. I set up a path for my kids to ATV ride on, adding a sweet jump (why not, I don’t live in HOA, why do you ask?).

I helped a neighbor set up a garden bed, pulling roots and dragging a bucket to level the surface.

I was backhoeing haphazardly near the bottom of the drainage ditch, where the small overflowing pool had become silted up. You have a tractor, you find things that need a tractor.

But eventually, I ran out of work and returned to Deere. Mine is the occasional tractor lifestyle, I guess.

But kudzu grows fast. And next time, it may need to be conquered more aggressively. You know, some 4 series models are turbocharged.

2022 John Deere 1025R Review

2022 John Deere 1025R

  • Powerful Tier 4 compatible diesel engine
  • New easy-to-lift hood with double gas-loaded lifting strut
  • Premium Operator Station with ergonomic chair, armrest, and fender light
  • The Auto-Connect™ center mower deck can be installed or removed in under 5 minutes.

Spend more time working and less time changing equipment with easy implement swaps

  • 1 Family Tractors are designed to minimize the time and effort required to change equipment to accommodate different jobs.
  • AutoConnect Deck System: Connect a mid-mount lawn mower deck to a tractor in under 60 seconds without leaving the seat except for locking the gauge wheel.
  • Load-N-Go Attachments: Easily move your Autoconnect 60D Deck with your John Deere Loader after it is removed from the tractor on Load-N-Go ramps.
  • Quik-Park™ Loader System: The Quik-Park™ 120R loader is designed for easy installation and removal in about one minute, no tools required.
  • Quik-Tatch™ front hitch: Save time by changing front equipment such as a snowblower, swivel broom, or front blade without tools.
  • iMatch™ quick-hitch: Easily connect Category 1 implements in seconds using three fixed points to reattach and retrieve rear implements without leaving the seat
  • Position control hitch: Adjust the height of the rear hitch and then consistently lower the hitch to the correct height every time, which is especially useful in grading and grading applications.
  • Quik-Knect™ System: Connect a power take-off (PTO) driven device quickly and with low physical effort. The Quik-Knect system uses one connector for the tractor PTO axle and a dedicated connector for each implement that eliminates twisting and forces the splines to align.
  • 1 Family Tractors can have up to three implements installed simultaneously thanks to the standard dual selective control valve (SCV), which lets you switch from using one implement to another without stopping to adjust. When a third SCV kit was added, the number of possible combinations greatly increased.

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Change speed and direction quickly and easily with Twin Touch foot control and Hydrostatic transmission (HST)

  • The hydrostatic transmission’s infinite moving speed and direction of travel are both controlled with the Twin Touch foot pedal.
  • Ideal for loader or lawnmower applications that require frequent changes of direction and speed
  • No grip for a quick change of direction
  • Match existing jobs with unlimited movement speed

Excellent operation and ease of use with standard 4WD and power steering

  • Good Both 4WD and power steering are standard on 1-Family tractors. This combination provides excellent operation and ease of use.
  • The narrow overall width allows work in tight spaces where most compact tractors cannot fit. A wheelbase of 144.8 cm (57 inches) and an overall width of 119.4 cm (47 inches) ensure excellent stability on all terrains.
  • Power steering means less turning of the steering wheel than manual steering, which is invaluable when crossing obstacles or during front loader work.
  • The high horsepower-to-weight ratio makes 1 Family Tractor a good choice for a variety of tasks. The overall weight of the tractor reduces soil compaction and makes it excellent for mowing.
  • Fully independent power take-off (PTO) allows PTO to be activated and released without stopping tractor movement. This is important when driving across obstacles such as driveways while mowing the lawn.

2022 John Deere 1025R Features may include:

2022 John Deere 1025R

  • Quick and easy implementation switch
  • Easy opening gas-lift hood
  • Easy opening gas-lift hood
  • The optional Quick-Hitch iMatch™ feature allows easy installation of implementations
  • Powerful Tier 4 powered diesel engine and standard dual center selective control valve (SCV)
  • Easy operation with four-wheel drive (4WD) power steering
  • Lawnmower deck lifting components
  • The optional cab offers protection from the elements
  • Applying compounding increases efficiency
  • Open operator station is comfortable and convenient.

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2022 John Deere 1025R Homestead Package

  • Plan Price: $22,240 or $278 per month.


  • 1025R Compact Utility Tractor (24.2 hp)
  • 120R Loader with 53 In. Bucket
  • 60 In. AutoConnect Drive Over Deck Mower
  • 5 feet Blade Box Border BB5060L
  • Industrial R3 Radial, R3 Turf, or R4. Tires
  • 6 Year Powertrain Warranty
  • Shipping + Settings
  • Meet Prairie State Tractor’s most popular tractor package: The Homestead. We started with the premium John Deere 1025R Series 1 and completed it with the powerful Quik-Park
  • Loader 120R.

For cutting, we added the industry-leading AutoConnect drive-over Mower Deck. As easy as 1-2-3, this mid-mount lawn mower can be installed and removed in just a few minutes; leaving you more time for other tasks. This Homestead pack also comes with a 5 foot Border Box Blade.

This hard-working box knife is one of the most versatile tools you will ever own. Finally, choose between the new R3 Radial, R4 Industrial, or R3 Turf Tires options to finalize your package deal.

Please note, the iMatch Quick-Hitch attachment in the picture is not included in the package.

  • Add iMatch Quick-Hitch for just $4.50 more per month
  • *Offers are available for eligible purchases made between 1 February 2022 and 2 May 2022. Financing is subject to JDF approval. Up to 25% down payment may be required.
  • Example: based on purchases of $22,240 with a down payment of $5,560.00, monthly payments of $278.00 at 0% APR for 60 months. Taxes and shipping charges can increase monthly payments. Some restrictions apply. Must be domiciled in our area of ​​operation. See dealer for details.

2022 John Deere 1025R Price