2018 John Deere 1023e Specs

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2018 John Deere 1023e Specs

2018 John Deere 1023e Specs welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. The John Deere E (Economy) series tractors include 12 models distributed in four series with horsepower ranging from 22.4 to 135. However, the economy, once the designation of the entry-level machines, has become a bit of a wrong name, with the tractors so categorized with features and subtleties that recently was considered Premium. In the case of the $11,748 (basis of the suggested) 1023e, those features and subtleties include diesel power, hook-on-the-go 4WD, CAT I (3ph) Three point hitch, rear and mid power takeoff (PTO), power steering, a Cup holder and storage trays, hydrostatic transmission, defense fuel fill level, ROPS folding and a long list of quick and easy attachments.

Power for the 1023e is by an aberrant infused three-chamber motor of Yanmar 3TNM74F-NCJT 993L which produces 22.4 beast pull, 14.5 PTO strength, and 36.3 lb-ft torque at 3200 rpm. The 3TNM74F-NCJT is a decent case of consistent diesel innovative movement, with past variations that are exhibited in the subcompact ancestors 2210 and 2305. For arrangement 1, EPA last Tier 4 (FT4) consistence is performed without a diesel particulate channel (DPF) or the requirement for diesel fumes fuel Additions (def).

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The engine yield is sent by means of the pole through a Kanzaki hydrostatic transmission that has two territories and is controlled by a foot-to-toe pedal game plan. Not at all like the 2210 and 2305, the 1023e now accompanies an oil cooler rather than a fan that at times was inclined to harm by sticks and different flotsam and jetsam. The low range is 0-4.1 mph and the high range is 0-9.1 mph.

2018 John Deere 1023e Specifications

The hydraulics operate through an open center system using a single gear pump that flows 2.8 gpm to the power steering circuit and 3.5 gpm to implement the demand (total of 6.3 GPM) all at 2150 PSI. This gives the CAT I 3ph a lifting capacity of 681 lbs 24 “Behind the link arms. Despite the fact that the 1023e has a feline I grouping, it is viewed as a constrained feline I in view of a lifting tallness constraint made by the little casing and tires. Prospective buyers should note that most CAT I implements will work well in the 1023e, but some like the post hole diggers and some higher box sheets, etc., cannot. Many implementers, however, have alignments specifically made for subcompact tractors with limited lifting height. Control over the 3ph is through “Select control” (not to be confused with the “position control”) that uses a non-graduated rocker to raise/lower the hitch. Although this works well, it requires some conjecture to return an implement at the same height.

Go up to the cockpit and settle in the spring suspension seat and there are some differences between the 1023e and more luxury 1025r. Look closely and you will notice that the back seat is lower, there are no armrests, the guard of the bell is a little less strong, and there is not so much of the contrasting black panels that looks good, but adds nothing to the performance of the tractors. What you get is a one-piece hood inclined for good visibility, minimal spraying with tachometer, temperature gauge and LCD display, grab rails on both mudguards, color coded controls, and A mechanical fuel indicator on the left fender in front of the cap

2018 John Deere 1023e Performance

The subcompact class is viewed as somewhat of a trade off, not a conservative utility tractor (CUT) yet with those same marginally diminished limits, yet bigger and more able than a yard and garden tractor planned fundamentally to cut. To do this, John Deere offers two mower covers, a 54 and 60. Both are drive-in designs of the numerically indicated size and made of one-piece sealed covers. An AutoConnect PTO shaft coupling system is an option $252 and offers the ultimate in Mower cover attachment facility. For the size of the cover, our recommendation is to choose the largest whenever possible while decreasing the circle without cutting, improve edging capability and effectively move the ROPS further from branches and obstacles while reducing mowing time. The cutting height is adjustable from the operator platform using a rotating dial with L-M-H markings with hashtags between (1 “-4”) and notches for installing and blocking (4 “transport height”).

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Two chargers are available, the $2599 D120 which can lift 570 lbs to 71.2 “and the $3334 H120 which can lift 512 lbs, also to 71.2”. While the D120 can lift a little more weight, it is not a quick fixing loader in that the park stands are stored in the cross torque tube and require the attachment/manual detachment. The H120 comes with built in the park stand lowering/hydraulically lifts. Both Chargers support 49 “, 53” and 61 “quick change hubs that require only two-pin removal for change.”

2018 John Deere 1023e Price

For buyers requiring a backhoe, the John Deere 260 is the match for 1-series tractors. The $5,997 260 can dig at a depth of 6 ‘ 2 ‘, it has 8 ‘ 8 ‘ range, and can use 8 “, 12” or 16 “cubes. The thrust force on the boom is rated at 1,187 lbs and in the bucket 2036 lbs. For easy transport, a 15-degree towing ramp angle is supported. John Deere used customer focus groups in the Series 1 design, which is evident in many of the features and ease of use, but perhaps no more evident than making sure that the tractor, mower cover, loader and backhoe were all Compatible with each other. This means that an operator does not need to remove the subframe from the backhoe to place the mower cover.

Other standard subtleties to consider: a one-piece hood that rises over a pair of gas struts, integrated joystick, halogen headlamps, left heel lock differential actuated, left side brake pedal (not above the pedals) (hydraulic) and 5.6 gallons of fuel on board. The options to consider might be the independent hydraulic lift kit for mower cover, the third Selective Control Valve kit (SCV) and the power beyond (required for the backhoe). The 1,345-lb 1023e rides in a 57 “wheelbase, is 47” wide, and has a front separation of the 7.7 “tree. The turning radius is 7.4 ‘. The Tires R4 (industrial), R3 (Turf) and R1 (AG) are available, all size 18 x 8.5-10 front and 26 x 12-12 rear.

2018 John Deere 1023e Specs, 2018 john deere gator, 2018 john deere combine, 2018 john deere classic, 2018 john deere 2025r, 2018 john deere 1025r, 2018 john deere sprayer,

2018 John Deere 1023e Specs

With more than 100 implements (Frontier) available, surprisingly luxury features, six-year transmission train warranty, and competitive prices, the John Deere 1023e could be just that perfect compromise tractor that really doesn’t Commits after all.

Manufacturer: John Deere
Factory: Augusta, Georgia, USA
Original Price (USD)
$11,296 (2011)
$12,062 (2017)