2018 John Deere 1025r Review

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2018 John Deere 1025r Review

2018 John Deere 1025r Review welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. The John Deere 1025r can be one of the smallest tractors in the John Deere range, but I am very interested in figuring out if you live up to John Deere’s reputation for quality. I personally hope it does because I am a Self-confessed Deere fan and have been for quite some time.
I have once again possessed a tractor of John Deere 6220 which has performed admirably for the last 12 years. Apart from routine service my 6220 has not cost anything in repairs or breakdowns.

Now that I have made it very clear where I feel about John Deere products I give you my personal guarantee I will not let any preconceived favoritism prevent me from giving you a completely impartial review of the 1025r.

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This is my second JD tractor in the last 15 years. The 2210 was my first and it worked flawlessly for 12 years and I got a good trade in the price. My 1025r has loader, lawnmower and backhoe. It works very well after 3 years of regular use. The loader and backhoe are very well made, easy to remove and install. Not a fan of where the light switch is located, I hit my knee on it all the time. A bit to a lot of plastic instead of steel, but by trucks like that now too. For the money that can’t go wrong get a 1025. It’s a very good compact tractor. John Deere Resale Value beats everyone else if you take care of it.

2018 John Deere 1025r Specifications

I really appreciate that John Deere has resisted the tendency to complicate simple procedures in the new machinery. Starting this model is very predictable – simply set the two-range hydrostatic gear selector to neutral and turn the key. I accept that security has to be considered but I hate when I have to work my way through endless steps, carried out in a particular order, just to begin with.

Having a 12 volt electrical system and heat plugs, for cold weather starting, it will provide the 1025r with superb starting reliability in all situations. Choose between high or low speed on the left side gear selector mounted, set the desired revs and place one foot on the forward or backward steering pedal is all that is required to move, it is not rocket science.

Other controls include the four-wheel selector, middle mount, and rear power takeoff (PTO) options that can be used as either rear or medium mount individually or both can be operated simultaneously. The rear three-point hitch arms (TPL) can be equipped with the control lever installed next to the operator’s seat. The lifting capacity of the 1025r is not enormous, but a useful 309 kg.

A practical addition that was once reserved for the larger family members is a link drop regulator regulating the speed of decent strain prevention in man and machine. In the 1025r, mid-SCV dual, [selective control Valve] which is standard equipment, operates the loader and optional independent lift kit for the mid-mount Mower. This is an area I would like to see John Deere re-evaluate because in need of a hydraulic hose front end loader that is disconnected and the mower hose plugged and Visa-versa each time I switched between mowing work and loader.

In addition to this, the connection point is difficult to access for anyone who has hands larger than a five-year-old and the lawnmower and the frontend loader cannot be used at the same time.

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2018 John Deere 1025r Feature

Snappy and simple arrangement change

  • Quik-Tatch ™ front hitch makes changing front connections snappy and simple
  • Every single front actualize (Blade, floor brushes and snow blower) utilize a typical hitch
  • AutoConnect ™ Mid-mount Mower spreads, D120 and H120 boots, and 260 escavator can be gone up against or off inside 5 minutes, and no apparatuses are required.
  • The difference in raise actualizes is a snap with the brisk Hitch IMatchTM, which has three settled focuses to return and get a back execute that is perfect with IMatch
  • Turning factories and Tillers can be introduced whenever without leaving the tractor situate with the IMatch ™ Autohitch ™ System

2018 John Deere 1025r Design

Operation Four-wheel Drive (4WD) Easy steering 4WD and power steering are standard equipment in the 1025r. This combination allows for excellent maneuverability and ease of operation of the tractor.

  • The narrow overall width allows the 1025r to work in tight areas where most compact tractors just can’t fit, with all wheel base 144.8-cm (57-in.) and 119.4 cm (47 in.) Overall width gives great stability for all type of Terren You.
  • Energy management means less steering wheel turns than manual handling; Especially valuable when cutting around obstacles or when the tractor is used with a front loader.
  • High horsepower-to-weight ratio makes the 1025r a good choice for a variety of tasks; The total weight of the tractor reduces the soil compaction and makes the 1025r an excellent mowing tractor.
  • Power Takeoff (PTO) is a fully independent PTO in the 1025R, allowing PTO to engage and disengage without stopping the tractor movement. This is important when driving through obstacles such as driveways while mowing.

2018 John Deere 1025r Performance

The Mower cover assembly is possibly the best of all. Simply drive directly over the top and the PTO slides automatically in place and the hitch points lock. The removal is done with the same ease by releasing the locking pins and reversing.

I discovered that the only requirement to help this process is to hook the four-wheel drive, this allows the front wheels to grip the mower cover and drive on over instead of just pushing the cover around in front of the Tractor. I put the lawnmower through varying degrees of operation, i.e. the long or short pasture, and found it to be done very well.

On rough terrain the deck tended to bounce and bite a little, but I found this to be easily prevented by lowering the anti-scalp wheels on the deck. Adjusting the motor to approximately 2, 200 provides a wide power to drive the mower in most conditions.

I give a large tick for mowers easy to attach/detach and overall performance.

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2018 John Deere 1025r Review

2018 John Deere 1025r Engine

The 1025R is powered by a 3-cylinder engine of 24.2 hp (17.8 kw) YANMAR. Although only small engines in this series have been developed to comply with the Tier-4 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), environmental requirements by offering low levels of exhaustion and emissions.

The engine in the John Deere 1025r is located in its own compartment under the large lifting bonnet and behind the radiator and cooling system. As soon as the engine fires in life it becomes apparent the isolated area of the motor Bay greatly reduces the amount of noise resonating below the hood.

At no time during my test did I need to cut the guts of the small YANMAR engine to generate enough power to the mower or the flow of hydraulic oil to operate the implements, either the frontend loader, the backhoe or the lawnmower.

2018 John Deere 1025r Price

Starting from: $13, 884.00 USD