2021 John Deere 1025r: Next John Deere 1025r Specs, Price and Release Date

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2021 John Deere 1025r At this point, John Deere is pretty much synonymous with reliable farming rigs, and for very good reason.

John Deere, a company founded in 1837, has grown to become a well-known brand. Farmers around the world are familiar with this company, and many of them argue that they offer quality tractors that have stood the test of time.

Larger farm operations demand large machines, but the sub-compact tractor market remains profitable thanks to small businesses and hobby farmers.

New 2021 John Deere 1025r Specs and Review: John Deere 1025r Reviews 2021

Nonetheless, John Deere appears to have been working on offering a variety of compact and subcompact tractors in recent years. Their series-1 tractor lineup comprises the smallest tractors – including the 2021 john deere 1025r.

Without further ado, here’s our review of this small but promising engine. If you plan on getting the John Deere 1025R, reading to the end is a must!

The john deere 1025r 2021has a Yanmar TNV three-cylinder 24.2hp diesel engine under the hood. The engine meets Tier 4 standards and has a rated speed of 3200 rpm.

This will provide more than enough muscle for most small farming tasks. What’s more, we also appreciate that the engine uses less fuel, has lower emissions (must comply with Tier 4 standards), and reduces noise and vibration to avoid discomfort during the operation.

The transmission on the John Deere 2021 john deere 1025r is a two-speed hydrostatic drive unit and a Twin Touch foot control. This lets you easily choose the direction and speed of travel, and there’s no need to grip for quick directional changes. Overall, this makes this sub-compact very easy to operate.

So, if you suspect that you’re going to be performing a lot of loading operations where the repetitive forward and backward motions come in a lot, you’ll likely really appreciate the 1025R’s simple controls and transmission.

While rear hydraulics are absent on the john deere 1025r 2021 it supports 3.5 GPM hydraulic flow to the loader. This allows the tractor to handle heavy loads. You can lift more than 650 lbs. on the front loader as you offset the rear tractor.

Rear and center PTOs are automatically included with 2021 1025r, but you can also choose to include a front PTO. The 540 rpm rear PTO is sufficient to handle common rear equipment such as swivel hoes, posthole diggers, and slashers.

Despite being one of John Deere’s smallest compact tractors, the john deere 1025r 2021 doesn’t lose the ability to run a wide range of equipment. The most popular implements that can work with the 1025R are the 120R loader and center lawn mowers such as the John Deere 54-inch AutoConnect deck mower.

Mounting this lawn mower deck is very simple. In fact, for this particular case, the operator didn’t even have to get off the tractor

2021 John Deere 1025r

2021 John Deere 1025r Tractor

However, note that the operator can only move forward after the mower is installed. Pressing the reverse pedal automatically shuts down the tractor and lawnmowers. This is a perfectly understandable safety precaution, but be aware of these limitations.

If you are looking for a reason to use 2021 1025r instead of the base model 1025E, know that the former has a cruise control function which the latter does not. This is useful if your props are large enough because you don’t have to step on the pedal all the time.

The back shoe, swivel broom, and front blade are some of the other tools you can use with the 1025R. Additionally, you can choose to attach an optional iMatch Quick-Hitch three-point link. This will allow you to easily attach a Category 1 implement to the tractor.

Both John Deere’s 1-series tractors have an open operator station, but the 1025R can be upgraded with an optional cab. The ROPS frame is on the back and folds up if you have to surround low-hanging branches or when it’s time for storage.

Likewise, you can get a tilted steering wheel on the 1025R but not on the 1025E. With this feature, you can adjust the steering wheel to enhance the user experience and suit your needs.

Additionally, the controls on the 1025R are color-coded for convenience. The drive and transmission controls are colored oranges while the PTO function has yellow controls.

Finally, the 1025R model lets you switch between 2WD and 4WD. You can easily switch using the lever. This is a highly valued pro as it gives you the flexibility to adapt to different scenarios and workloads.

Among other advantages we liked was the pushbutton that easily turned on the rear PTO and the easy-to-lift bonnet which made cleaning and servicing quick and frustration-free.

You can get lawn or industrial tires for the 1025R. What’s the difference, you ask?

Industrial tires are better for general-purpose work in rougher areas. If you are planning on running the tractor on a bumpy surface like on a meadow, this is the way to go.

2021 John Deere 1025r TLB

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  • Condition: new
  • Year: 2021
  • Serial number: 031025R1234567897
  • Number of items: 031025R
  • Engine hours: 1
  • Transmission: Hydro
  • Front axle: MFWD
  • Loader: Yes
  • Category: Tractors in Georgia
  • Subcategory: Compact utility tractors
  • Listing ID: 43050263


NEW Tractor 1025R Tractor / Loader / Backhoe, all factory-installed attachments, including JD 260B backhoe with bucket teeth, JD 120R loader with QA grille and bucket guard, hydrostatic transmission, R4 industrial tires, powered diesel engine,

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2021 John Deere 1025r Changes

However, if you buy a well-maintained tractor, a softer tractor and less sturdy lawn tires will be a better fit for you.

2021 john deere 1025r specs, 2021 john deere 1025r review, 2021 john deere 1025r price, 2021 john deere 1025r changes, 2021 john deere 1025r for sale,

Family Tractors are designed to minimize the time and effort required to replace devices that will adapt to different jobs.

  • AutoConnect Deck System: Connect a center-mounted mower deck to a tractor in less than 60 seconds without leaving the seat without locking the indicator wheels.
  • Load-N-Go Setup: Easily move your 54D or 60D Autoconnect Deck with your John Deere Loader, which breaks off the tractor once with the Load-N-Go ramp.
  • Quik-Park ™ Installer System: Quik-Park ™ 120R installer is designed for easy installation and lifting in about a minute, without requiring any vehicles.
  • Quik-Latch ™: Save time when changing front equipment such as snow blowers, rotary brooms, or toolless front blades.
  • IMatch ™ quick glitch: Easily applies in seconds using three fixed points to pull back and pick up rear tools without leaving the hook Category 1 seat
  • Position control: Set the rear glitch height and then hitchhike to the right height each time, which is very useful in application and rating applications.
  • Quik-Knect ™: Connect fast-running, low physical power takeoff (PTO) application. The Quik-Knect system uses a connector for the tractor’s PTO shaft and a special connector for each application that eliminates bending and forces the splines into line.

The hydrostatic transmission is controlled by the Twin Touch foot pedal at infinite travel speed and direction.

  • Ideal for loader or lawnmower dish applications that require frequent changes in direction and speed
  • No clutch for quick directional changes
  • Match existing jobs with the unlimited ground speed

Both 4WD and power steering are standard in the 1 Traktor Family. This combination provides excellent maneuverability and ease of use.

  • Narrow overall width lets you work in tight spaces where most compact tractors can’t work. The 144.8 cm (57 inches) wheelbase and 119.4 cm (47 inches) overall width provide good stability for all types of terrain.
  • Power steering means less steering wheel turning than manual steering, which is especially useful when cutting around obstacles or during front loader work.
  • The high horsepower-to-weight ratio makes the 1 Tractor Family a good choice for a variety of tasks. The tractor’s overall weight reduces soil compaction and makes it excellent for mowing.
  • Fully independent power take-off (PTO) allows the activation and release of the PTO without stopping tractor movement. This is important when driving across obstacles such as driveways while cutting.

The 1025R’s open operator station is designed for increased comfort and increased visibility. – Comfortable operation

  • Thick textured rubber floor mats reduce vibration and dampen shocks and noise
  • The flat step-through platform and handrails mounted on the fenders make it easy to get on and off the tractor from either side
  • The controls are located near the fenders and are color-coded for quick identification
  • Steering tilt allows you to keep your arms in a natural position to reduce fatigue
  • The luxury suspension seat has movable armrests and provides great back support
  • Easy-access toolbox puts common tools within quick reach
  • The standard 12-V outlet for convenient electronic charging
  • Easy-to-lift hood with double gas-laden lift supports as standard. By simply flipping the latch, you can unlock the rugged composite hood, providing wide-open access to the engine compartment.
  • The foldable roll-over guard structure (ROPS) keeps you covered during operation and increases the ability to store the tractor in the garage

Standard (and optional) lighting is displayed

  • The tilt hood design provides better visibility especially during front loader work
  • Standard lighting fixtures allow you to work from morning to late at night:
    • Two front-mounted closed beam halogen headlamps
    • Two flashing yellow warning/hazard lights mounted on the side of the ROPS with reflectors
    • Two additional fender lights are standard on the 1025R
    • Additional front and rear light kits are available

The John Deere 1R cab is all about comfort, safety, and helping you get year-round performance. The cab offers protection from the elements to increase the 1025R Tractor’s versatility to work in all climates.

2021 john deere 1025r specs, 2021 john deere 1025r review, 2021 john deere 1025r price, 2021 john deere 1025r changes, 2021 john deere 1025r for sale,

  • Sound suppression system for quiet and quiet operation
  • The heated cab keeps you warm in winter
  • Removable doors and front and rear windows that open nearly 90 degrees provide a cooler working environment in warmer months.
  • Excellent visibility to your surroundings with full glass doors
  • Compatible with all tractor equipment except the 260B Backhoe

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2022 John Deere 1025r

  • Tractor TLB John Deere 1025R 2022 Store $ 24,499
  • Key Specifications
    • Driving: MFWD
    • HP: 25
    • Hours: 1
  • Detailed specifications
    • Stock #: R0001905
    • Serial #: 1LV1025RTLM812926
    • Taxi: No Taxi
    • Transmission: Hydro
    • Front Axle: MFWD
    • Loader: Yes
    • Mid Mount Mower: No.

2021 John Deere 1025r Tractor Price and Release Date

The 2021 John Deere 1025r Price starts at $ 14,301.00, and you have the option to add optional features and implementations for an additional fee.

To end this John Deere 1025R review, we’d like to mention that every John Deere tractor comes with a generous six-year or 2000-hour powertrain warranty – a convenient bonus for such a large purchase.

How much is a john deere 1025r

How much is a new john deere 1025r, 1025R Sub Compact Utility Tractor, Factory Installed Heated Cab Option
The cabin is warm and cozy with a quality fit and finish. Because it was installed from the factory. Add a knife, front loader, snow blower, or spreader. And you are ready. 1025R with heated cab, factory installed. This is the one for the snow.

  • Powerful Tier 4 compliant diesel engine
  • Premium Operator Station with an ergonomic seat, armrests, and fender lights
  • The AutoConnect ™ center lawn mower deck can be installed or removed in less than 5 minutes
  • See How to Save PRICE LIST: $ 15,066.00 USD