2018 John Deere X758

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2018 John Deere X758

2018 John Deere X758 welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. Last June, Paul had just left his settlement in the house when he called John Deere’s local dealership to make an order. The 1.5 acres property he had just bought, 20 miles north of Baltimore, had been vacant for two years, overgrown and scruffy, and he knew he needed some TLC.

In previous weeks, I had been feeling some first-line tractors. By the time he had picked up the phone after the winding, he had decided on the X758, a three-cylinder, four-wheel-drive diesel model with power steering and a 12 volt outlet, plus almost all the accessories available . Two days later, the trader, Finch Services, Inc., delivered his tractor — the first of them — and has been in his $25,000 toy every weekend ever since.

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As the bright green leaves of the grass heroically push their way through the dirt and usher in a new season, those with lawn digging garden tools and thinking of starting the pruner. Of course, the indulgent gardener has countless options when it comes to complementing his luxury tool shed. Williams-Sonoma offers a $1,500 Cedar chicken coop and a $300 copper long-handled trident, hand-forged in Austria. The Amara website offers a bubble gum-pink garden hose and wall-to-match mounting for $205, made in Scandinavia.

But the extravagant Reaper is in a different league. Even without all the tools more or less run the tractor (John de, -0.10%) into the Swiss army knife, a residential mowers top up to $12,099. What could lead to a homeowner to spend so much on a Lawn tool? For that price, I expected to at once slow-cook my vegetables harvested in the garden.

To find out, I recently directed an hour north of Washington to Finch’s services. I asked my dad to join me as he has a lawn mower and his own turf; My lawn mowing experience was limited to operating a push mower like a teenager for money piggy.

Finch’s corporate Sales manager, Paul Schultheis, greeted us at the front door, reminding ourselves, “It’s Deere season now!” Despite the piles of snow surpassing their welcome in the corners of the parking lot, the spring was in the air. The sales staff snickered when my father mentioned the brand of the pruner he owns. At Finch, the whole time is Deere.

As with any luxury product, the X700 Signature series of Deere — the top of the home tractor line, introduced in 2013 — goes well beyond the function. Of course, the brand itself is 178 years old, which adds to a lot of the credibility of the turf. But as Schultheis and his staff walked me through the parking lot, showing Deere models with adjustable steering wheels and cruise control, I realized that much of the giveaway — not unlike an extravagant vehicle — is about comfort and rights of bragging.

2018 John Deere X758

Key Features

  • Three-cylinder diesel engine for extra torque and durability
  • Full-time four-wheel drive
  • Heavy-duty welded frame
  • 4-year/700-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty


  • Important advantages for superior mowing performance and equipment versatility
  • Power Flow™ material collection systems make lawn cleanup easy
  • 60-in. (152-cm) Edge™ High-Capacity (HC) Mower Deck is heavy duty
  • Engine is three-cylinder diesel for fuel economy and durability
  • Modern styling has functional design
  • Frame is full-length welded steel for strength
  • Hydraulic power steering gives effortless control
  • Full-time four-wheel drive for superior traction
  • 48-in. (122-cm) Accel Deep™ (48A) Mower Deck cuts clean and is versatile
  • MulchControl™ for 48-in. (122-cm) Accel Deep™ (48A) and 54-in. (137-cm) and 60-in. (152-cm) High-Capacity (HC)
  • Mower Decks is convenient to use
  • Hydrostatic drive system is easy to operate
  • 54-in. (137-cm) Edge™ High-Capacity (HC) Mower Deck is heavy duty