2018 John Deere RSX860i

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2018 John Deere RSX860i

2018 John Deere RSX860i welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons.  Designed for customers who need comfort all day long with an off-road field capacity in all seasons, John Deere introduces the new Gas-powered Gator XUV835 and diesel-powered Gator XUV865 utility vehicles. Offering our quietest cabin, three wide seats, and exceptional heating and air conditioning, the new full-size alligator utility vehicles offer enthusiasts durability and maximum comfort at speeds Fast.

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“The new XUV Gator models combine versatility, durability and comfort into a machine that delivers ultimate off-road experience in all types of conditions,” said Mark Davey, John Deere Marketing Manager. “It’s a work horse that can tackle any job.”

For the diversified field operators, the XUV835 of 54 horsepower and the XUV865 of 23 horses offer a tight turn and optimum weight distribution for superior off-road performance. The XUV835 reaches speeds of over 45 mph and the XUV865 offers a higher speed of more than 30 mph. Versatility is ensured by compatibility with a complete range of more than 90 attachments, from snow slides to winches. They also have a large 11-gallon fuel tank to keep the vehicle running longer between fillings.

As the first units Gator family for three positions of spectators, the new XUV XUV865835 and include an Adjustable driver seat, enough for legs and the trend of the Steering Council to reduce tiredness operator long sentences Odyssey’s adventures.

2018 John Deere RSX860i

Hvac systems available and push liner cabins offer throughout the year weather protection, ensuring the cooler summer operating conditions and skills of heat during the harsh winters and terms of snow. The heating device defrost also glass, to keep you in the service of effective. In addition, soundproofing and sound damping characteristics in the cabin offer an experience.

New vehicles also offer stylish styling and increased payload capacity with a versatile and durable cargo box. Combined with towing capacity up to 2000 lbs and 16 gallons of storage, these vehicles offer unique storage features for ultimate utility.

The launch of the new units also signals the transition of the current models into new naming conventions. All XUV models are transformed into an “E”, “M” or “R” designation to signal the power and level of characteristics with each unit.