2018 John Deere 3032e

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2018 John Deere 3032e

2018 John Deere 3032e welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. Is that what a “basic” have really compact tractor to come at the expense of performance or the ability? When it is not John Deere. Manage the basic tasks without compromising the new tractors 3e. With up to 38 ch, hydraulic motor to high standard capacity, four wheel drive, hydrostatic transmission, TwinTouch ™ pedal controls, and a versatile Category 1 3-point hitch, the new series 3E is a compact surprising. In measure. And not only fits in a garage of 7 feet standard, but also is part of a standard budget.

The 3e tractors are available with a two-range hydrostatic transmission (HST) built into a die-cast aluminium transmission case. The pressurized fluid transmits the motor’s power to the driving wheels by means of a closed loop pump and a motor-driven arrangement. Infinite ground speeds allow the operator to match tractor speed to work.

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  • No clutch for easy handling and fast
  • Twin Touch ™ changes pedals and facilitate the forward/reverse operation
  • of the transmission oil cooler cools the transmission oil for the transmission longer life.

HST’s safety features include:

  • The tractor will only start with the range lever in neutral
  • The motor will shut off if the operator leaves the seat unless the range lever is in neutral
  • The motor will turn off if the operator leaves the seat and the PTO is activated

3e series tractors can be equipped with an optional cruise control switch installed in the right control console. This provides operators with the ability to maintain constant speed in transport, field mowing, or other applications where prolonged use of the transmission is needed. This kit is very fast and easy to install for those who want this feature.

Integrated hydrostatic and motor pump

  • Sauer-Danfoss ® Company provides integrated pump and motor; This ensures that the components are matched to each other, providing the maximum efficiency.
  • Reduces propeller shock loads
  • Provides the strength and durability needed to operate such accessories as Boots
  • One depot (with one check point and fill point) for transmission, differential, and hydraulic system accelerates daily maintenance
  • Mechanically powered by twin touch foot pedals enable to select both travel and speed directions with the touch of a foot.

2018 John Deere 3032e Engine

The engine uses the latest technologies to optimize fuel economy, improve control and accuracy, and reduce environmental impact. The common rail system (CRS) optimizes fuel economy and reduces operating costs *. High pressure injection atomizes fuel into thinner particles that burn more fully. It translates into an improved fuel economy and lower cost of operation.
The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) provides optimum fuel control and accuracy. ECU monitors and controls the engine. Continuously monitors engine conditions and adjusts fuel delivery accordingly to ensure optimum performance and emissions.

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2018 John Deere 3032e

The engine comes with a post-treatment system. The system works automatically. The exhaust filter consists of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) that captures particulate matter (PM) contained in the exhaust gas. Using a natural cleaning process, most of the WP trapped in the exhaust filter is eliminated by the heat from the exhaust current generated by normal use. In low temperature situations, engine speed or load factor, an active cleaning cycle is initiated. In this cleaning cycle, the exhaust gas temperature is elevated by injecting additional fuel during the exhaust movement of the normal vehicle operation to the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). After many hours of use, the exhaust filter may require an ash extraction service.

2018 John Deere 3032e Features and Specifications

  • Standard four-wheel drive (4WD) for maximum TractionHydro transmission with Twin Touch ™ pedals for useHorizontal exhaust and ROPS-new folding facility for 2015 year model MachinesCategory 1 3-PT flip compatible with dozens ImplementsSee all features
  • Starting from: $18,953 * USD
  • Engine power: 31.1 hp (22.3 kw)
  • STD Transmission: Hydrostatic, 2-Range
  • 3-Point hitch: Category 1
  • Wheel Base: 60 in (1,525 mm)