John Deere S240 Canada

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John Deere S240 Canada

John Deere S240 Canada welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. Starting with a full length welded metal made of material with gauge steel ahead of iron backbone that bow, 1990240 sport on energy from a twin V-Kawasaki gasoline engine 603 cc (36.8 replaceable CI). Rated to 18.5 horses in 3600 rpm, carb engine is certified and silky smooth as you might expect. Pressure lubrication spin-on filter holds everything lubricated when you need it most. Ignition is electric and has a consistent fuel filter in keeping agency.

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Putting the power on the ground is a K46DP Kanzaki tuff Torq Hydrostatic transmission that carries a 30% higher torque rating than the gears used in the 100 series. John Deere Hy-Gard transmission fluid is the recommended lubricant. The control over the steplessly adjustable speed range is carried out by a twin pedal arrangement. Everyone who has spent time on a 100 series tractor recognizes the layout that is not side-by-side as on the X300 series, and in our opinion not so nice. However, the setup is intuitive and provides good modulation over the forward/backward speed range. Cruise control is also standard.

To support steering comfort, the system relies on sector and pinion gears with drag links and the front wheels turn on ball bearings. Wheel spindles are 0.75 “in diameter and grease fittings are used in critical wear points. Drawbar ends are adjustable to allow optimal alignment. The tires are 15×6-6 “front and 20×10-8 ” Rear and have a rounded profile designed to reduce the rotational effort and minimize lawn feeding. Turning radius comes in a tight 18 ‘.

For operator Comfort, the S240 comes with the same high-back ventilated seat used on the x300. Ventilated means that there is a gap between the seat floor and the backrest. It doesn’t sound like much, but on a hot day this is a feature sure to appreciate. The one-piece hood is made from JD Loy, a polymer material that is UV resistant, will not dent or rust, and has the color molded in. Twin headlights mark the front and are located above the standard bumper, which is optional on 100-series machines. There are 2.4 gallons of fuel capacity with the filler pipe conveniently located behind the seat that tilts forward for easy access. A visual knife turns the fuel level into a light look. There is a cup holder and a folding lid storage compartment.

Control levers are designed in a simple, concise manner and are color coded for instant detection. Orange covers the parking brake and the throttle flap. Black is charged for the choke lever (separated from the throttle and spring, so it can not be used on while tractor), cruise control, and for the spring loaded deck height adjustable lever (1/4 “Adjustment). Green is for the front-/Achter seat adjustment offering 5-1/2 ‘ of travel over 10 separate positions. Yellow is used for the push/pull power take-off (PTO) key, and finally for the dreaded Reverse Implementation option (RIO), which is a victim of today’s litigation, but in our opinion does not in any way make sure that the operator looks backward before the fuse.

The 42 “Edge mowing deck is much improved over the 100 series, with heavier hanger fixing points, premium spindles, large anti-scalp wheels, updated idle bearings and spindle sleeves. Stamped in a piece of 13-gauge steel, the deck has a rolled edge with bottom support underneath the relief opening, which adds stiffness. A two-stage e-coat and powder varnish provide additional protection against rust. The blades are of new design with a StarLock pattern that can not slip and helps to maintain the correct bolt torque. When equipped with the optional mulch cover, an operator can go from side discharge to mulch in seconds without using tools. The reinforcing bar under the relief opening does not have a power flow excavator available. Those who do not want lateral discharge or mulch must opt for the cut-and-litter 6-1/2 bushel excavator.

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John Deere S240 Canada

Other S240 subtleties include front and rear cargo brackets, which come in handy for accessories such as an excavator, grips shaped in the fenders and backrest, rubber insulated mounts under the seat and on the bottom of the room, redesigned hood that lowers noise and Improves engine cooling and digital hour meter/info panel.

Options include a 12v domestic 46 “Snowblade before the router, seat net kit, mulch with chaff above kit and excavators, five-gallon nurture and brackets and weather enclosure. John Deere ups guarantees coverage for 1990240 over 100 Series for three years/200 hours, whichever occurs earlier. With a stamp EIA from 23, 2499 S240 sport neatly fills the gap between the 100/300 cars. Recent incentives are 0% 12 months or 4.9% 48 months.

John Deere S240 Price

Priced from $1499 (D105) to $2799 (D170), the series covers a wide range of homeowners needs. If the need was for more features, intricacies and heavier mandatory components, there was always the X300 series with MSRP of $2999 (x300/42 “deck) to $5299 (X360). Between the series? So far, John Deere buyers have had to accept the 100 series victims or opt for the more expensive 300 series. The S240 sport fills this gap well.

For potential buyers trapped in the middle, looking for more than the 100 series offers but shy of X300 series sticker shock, the S240 sport is worth to be known with.