John Deere 6145R Tractor

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John Deere 6145R Tractor

John Deere 6145R Tractor welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. There are lots of reasons for selecting a 6R tractor: modern, integrated technologies, remarkable all-round exposure, straightforward control user interfaces and also the new generation CommandARM. Currently, to follow requiring Phase IV demands, we have actually fine-tuned the market’s Diesel Exhaust Liquid (DEF) system to fulfill our own rigorous standards. That’s common of the John Deere viewpoint to surpass your assumptions on all fronts.

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Accessing John Deere’s automated guidance solutions starts with the StarFire 6000 Receiver. Capacities consist of better signal stability for maximum uptime and SF3 accuracy. This suggests the receiver constantly keeps you on course whatever the conditions are. With SF3, you get repeatable results– no guidance line or boundary drift– throughout one season. The StarFire 6000 Receiver works seamlessly with all John Deere 6145R Tractor support systems and all accuracy levels (SF1, SF3, Mobile RTK and also Radio RTK).

Intelligent Complete Tools Control integrates AutoTrac ™ automatic steering as well as apply monitoring systems to regulate tractor rate, front and also back installed applies, and also differential lock engagement, to name a few parameters. This permits hands-free turns while decreasing soil compaction, leading to picture-perfect headlands and consistent crop development.

The close to an infrared sensor, as utilized by the John Deere 6145R Tractor forage farmer (HarvestLab ™ sensor) and fitted to the slurry tanker, determine nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, ammonium (NH4), volume, and also dry issue on the move with greater than 4000 measurements a second. With a 6R Collection Tractor including the AutoPowr ™ transmission, the sensor can straight regulate rate modification to the tractor on readjust application prices based upon your wanted nutrient target level as well as also take advantage of a prescription map. This enables you to increase returns and satisfy lawful needs while cutting expenses on mineral plant food.

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JDLink reveals where makers are, what they are doing, as well as exactly how they are performing. You or your supplier can from another location aid drivers with machine setup and also procedure leveraging Remote Display Access (RDA). JDLink Attach furthermore consists of Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) for smooth data exchange between the machine as well as the office.

Remove documentation as well as countless telephone call throughout work preparation, execution, as well as reporting. With the MyJobConnect ™ application, you can appoint plainly defined tasks to your drivers on the go, making use of the MyJobsManager application. Your operators can view job orders in actual time and also perform accordingly using the MyJobs ™ app on their smartphone. Once the job is done, you have immediately exacted as well as complete information available for quicker job coverage and also professional invoicing.

Obtaining the appropriate equipment to the best place at the correct time is essential to maximizing efficiency and also timeliness of multi-machine operations. MyJobConnect Costs extends MyJobConnect to a real mixed-fleet logistics service. It includes a fleet overview and also turn-by-turn navigating based upon a comprehensive field road data source, consisting of approximated arrival times for vehicles at the predefined location. As an example, setting up navigating to the lead device enables silage trailers to take the fastest and also best way to the forage harvester as well as updates the tour of all fleet members as soon as the machine is transferring to the next field.

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Ergonomic quality, all-around presence, as well as comfort,  are the hallmarks of the roomy ComfortView taxi. All controls, as well as machine/operator interfaces, have actually been optimized for rational, user-friendly use. All 6R Series Tractors are outfitted with CommandARM ™ controls and also a Generation 4 CommandCenter ™ Show with Bluetooth ® cordless connection. The GreenStar ™ 3 2630 Present can be mounted on either of the right-hand-side corner posts. The sloping engine hood, as well as outstanding well-rounded presence, provide operators an incomparable review of their surroundings. The optional scenic roof covering expands the operator’s field of vision, providing approximately 30 percent more practical exposure when working with a front loader.

John Deere 6145R Tractor The CommandARM, with its optional electronic reconfigurable joystick, gives a completely instinctive operating interface. All the controls you need for day-to-day work are offered at your fingertips: selective control shutoffs (SCVs), AutoTrac ™ automatic guiding, iTEC ™ equipment control, cooling, lights, radio, four-wheel drive (4WD), as well as drawback deepness control. Installed on the CommandARM, the Generation 4 CommandCenter display has user-friendly, tablet-like swipe functionality and monitors everything you require for an effective and also reliable job.

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With the 6R Tractor, you have equipment geared up with smart technologies that help enhance earnings, convenience, and uptime while reducing the expense of procedure:

John Deere 6145R Tractor

  • 4600 CommandCenter Display with CommandCenter AutoTrac or CommandCenter Premium activations
  • 5-year JDLink subscription
  • Access to the Operations Center on
  • Tractor-Implement Automation
  • MyJobConnect or MyJobConnect Premium
  • 145 hp rated power (97/68/EC) + 40 hp IPM
  • 6,8 l engine with 6 cylinders
  • 6,9 t and 2,77 m wheelbase
  • Comfort and performance thanks to a premium cab, CommandArm, CommandCenter display, and DirectDrive or AutoPowr transmission