2018 John Deere 1025r Reviews

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2018 John Deere 1025r Reviews

2018 John Deere 1025r Reviews welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. Christy and I had the chance to get a nitty gritty ride on the new Deere 2025r in their presentation today at the Farm advance Show close Decatur Il. If you are impatient, and want a quick recap, I would summarize it like this: “A 1025r with larger tyres”.

In addition to a more detailed discussion in this article, be sure to watch our video from the day of release here, where John Doyle, Product Marketing Manager John Deere walks us all the way around the new 2025, showing the features Detailed from one end to the other.

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As I said earlier, the new 2025 is very similar to the 1025r. In fact, from my point of view it is more similar to a series of 1-than its 2-series larger brothers framed. Over the last few years, there has not been a smooth “update path” for owners of a series. The 2-series was outdated, lacking most creature comforts that we have come to expect from the John Deere line. 1-series owners who want to upgrade needed for any sacrifice on things like the automatic connection deck, tilt direction, enhanced seat, etc., or move all the way to the 3-series tractor. This made the decision to update difficult.

Deere began to solve this problem a year ago with the introduction of the 2-series large-rack tractors. The new 2025R completes this effort, providing the features of Deere designed comfort and convenience across all compact and tractor models.

2018 John Deere 1025r Features

Quick and easy deployment change
Quik-Tatch ™ front hitch makes changing front attachments quick and easy
All front implements (Blade, brooms and snow blower) use a common hitch
AutoConnect ™ Mid-mount Mower covers, D120 and H120 boots, and 260 backhoe can be taken on or off within 5 minutes, and no tools are needed.
The change of rear implements is a snap with the quick Hitch IMatchTM, which has three fixed points to return and pick up a rear implement that is compatible with IMatch Spinning mills and Tillers can be installed at any time without leaving the tractor seat with the IMatch ™ Autohitch ™ System
* Features shown are available with all current model year tractors.

The hood’s gas lift bolster gives simple access to the motor compartment and takes out the requirement for a mechanical help bar.  This help structure configuration gives superb unbending nature to hood.

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2018 John Deere 1025r Specs

  • Engine-identical
  • Front End Charger
  • Backhoe
  • Mid Mounting mower Cover
  • Medium Mount Mower Cover Height Control
  • Seat Bell
  • Fast Forward Hitch
  • Steering wheel/tilting mechanism
  • Front axle (including rated capacity)
  • Differential lock still needs Ken’s differential lock pedal
  • Differences of the 1025R (much) larger tires–will result in better ground clearance, and better ride
  • Different ROPS hinges
  • Tiny toolbox on the front frame of the tractor.
  • Optional side fender Lights (Standard on 1025R)
  • The medium-mount mower seems to rise higher (Woohoo!)
  • PTO Range Change Controls (select mid/rear) and HST located more conveniently
  • PTO hitch button Changed (caliper will no longer disable Rio)
  • Higher hydraulic pump Flow (7.0 gpm vs. 6.3 gpm) However, it seems that this improvement can be dedicated to the direction, which would make sense given the larger tyres
  • Slightly higher nominal hydraulic pressure of pump. must provide greater marginal lifting capacity in Fel and 3 PT Hitch
  • Wheelbase (63 ″ vs 57 for 1025R
  • Turning radius (8.7 ft vs. 7.4 ft)
  • Weight (heavier ~ 350lb)

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2018 John Deere 1025r Reviews

Use the quick-hitch front mount instead of the 3-point front hitch for the front/blower/broom blade. (much less expensive to add a front blade for snow removal)
Do you owe a series owner update? Of course, a single answer to all situations will not be applied. However, the upgrade process should be much easier now than before. You will gain ground clearance, perhaps a few inches of loader elevator height due to larger tyres, easier access to some controls, additional 300 lbs, together with the opportunity to add even more weight via the liquid ballast Tyre on the larger tires. The top seat position will improve the visibility of the front end loader. Larger tires should improve the ride. You can see a marginal improvement in the hydraulic lifting capacity.

You’re going to lose a turning radius. Other than that, I can’t see any downside to the upgrade. I surmise that Deere has presented an extremely intriguing item here. One that arrangements with huge numbers of the alternate routes of a reduced sub tractor while keeping up a generally little impression. This tractor fits exceptionally well on the general line of the minimal Deere tractor.

2018 John Deere 1025r Price

Starting from:
$13, 884.00 USD