John Deere 1025R Australia: New 1025R Sub-Compact Utility Tractor Review

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John Deere 1025r Australia | Welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices, and comparisons. Meet more capable sub-compact tractors in the market: John Deere family 1. Until 25 horsepower is available, AutoConnect ™ covers IMatch ™, compatibility, and many additional options for implementation and also the hardest on your list no chance.

It allows you to reach more than a timely implementation, elimination of implemented changeoverLoader, Mower, excavators, and a variety of 3-point hitch implements can be connected with the tractor at the same time. The Gas-Lift under citizenship based provides easier movements with access to the engine room and eliminates the need for a mechanical brace bar.

This support structure has satisfactory compatibility rigidity excellent for individuality. One of the main problems of the customers is the difficulty of tile tractor implements. John Deere has dealt with this issue with IMatch Quick-Hitch.

New John Deere 1025R Review

The rapid IMatch snowflake provides a link easily and guaranteed capable for all category 1 implements that are designed to meet standards Aknoweth Category 1 1990 278.6 for broadband speeds hitch. All attachments require several ports for supplementary capability and function properly with the sale of fast-iMatch hitch. A series of hubs come with the sale of fast-snowflake iMatch.

John Deere 1025R Australia New 1025R Sub-Compact Utility Tractor Review

The Quik-Tatch ™ front hitch makes changing the front implements fast and easyAll the front implements (blade and brooms) using a common platform of HitchAutoConnect ™ intermediate Mount Mowers, H120 chargers, and the 260 backhoes can be taken within 5 minutes, and no tools are necessary changing rear implements is a snap with the Quick-Hitch IMatchTM, which has three fixed points to re-enter and pick up a rear implement which is IMatch CompatibleTillers can be installed at no time without leaving the tractor seat with the IMatch ™ Autocoupling System ™

The insulated motor provides reduced vibration and noise for the operator; Indirect fuel injection uses a pre-combustion chamber to give the engine a smooth and quiet operation; the Aluminum alloy piston with built-in steel struts is light to reduce connection bar bearing loads and provides good heat transfer properties.

The design allows for stricter tolerances and neutralizes the expansion of the piston, thus reducing the gas blowing and less noise of the piston slap higher the upper rings on the piston a thinner head gasket greatly reduces the volume of residual gases Not burned and increases combustion efficiency.

Timing-gear teeth have a designed roller-off profile that gives almost no shock, no noise, and no BacklashHigh-torque reserve provides plenty of power under heavy load, yet retains the filter. Excellent fuel economy fuel with replaceable elementFull-pressure lubrication system provides filtered oil under pressure to all vital motor PartsGlow plugs provides a quick start in temperatures down to 18 в °c ( 0 в ° F). (optional motor refrigerant heater accessory will help start under more extreme conditions.)

The fuel self-bleeding system means no special bleeding is required if the tractor is left out of fuel; This system will self-prime the injection pump, lines, and nozzles, providing the quick start of the fuel recovery key and blackout eliminates fuel shut-off solenoid knobElectric shut-off fuel supply. Immediately when the faucet turns off through the coolant recovery tank It allows the operator to check the coolant level without removing the radiator cap.

John Deere 1025R Australia

The 1025R is powered by a 3-cylinder engine with 24.2 hp (17.8 KW) YANMAR. Although only small engines of this series have been developed to meet the Environmental Protection Agency Tier-4 (EPA), environmental requirements with low exhaust levels and emissions.

The engine in the John Deere 1025r is located in its compartment under the large lifting bonnet and behind the radiator and cooling system. As soon as the engine fires in life it becomes evident the isolated area of the engine bay greatly reduces the amount of noise that resonates under the bonnet.

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At no time during my test, I needed to revolutionize the casings of the small Yanmar engine to generate sufficient power for the mower or hydraulic oil flow to operate the instruments, if it is the frontend loader, the Backhoe, or the mower. I appreciate that John Deere has resisted the tendency to complicate simple procedures in new machinery.

Starting this model is very predictable – simply set the two-range hydrostatic gear selector to neutral and turn the key. I accept that security has to be considered, but I hate it when I have to work my way through endless steps, carried out in a particular order, just to get started.

Having a 12-volt electrical system and heat outlets, for cold weather starting, will provide the 1025r with excellent starting reliability in all situations. Choose from high or low speed on the gear selector mounted on the left side, set the desired revolutions, and place one foot on the steering pedal forward or backward is all that is required to move, it is not rocket science.

Other controls include the four-wheel drive selector, middle mount, and rear power takeoff (PTO) options that can be used as a rear or middle mount individually or both can be operated simultaneously. The three-point rear arms (TPL) can be equipped with the control lever installed next to the operator’s seat. The lifting capacity of the 1025r is not huge but a useful 309 kg. A practical addition that was once reserved for the larger members of the family is a link drop controller that regulates the speed of decent prevention that stresses undue in man and machine.

In the 1025R, a dual mid-SCV, [selective control Valve] which is standard equipment, operates a loader and optional independent lift kit for mid-mount Mower. This is an area I’d like to see John Deere re-evaluate because it makes it necessary a front end loader of the hydraulic hose be unplugged and the mower hose plugged in and Visa-versa every time I switched between mowing and loader work.

In addition to this, the connection point is difficult to access for anyone who has hands larger than a five-year-old and the lawnmower and frontend loader can not be used at the same time. Both front-end and backhoe loaders seem to have the quality of manpower I’ve grown to expect from John Deere. After a day of digging holes, collecting gravel, and pushing the limbs of the trees in a heap I am well and convinced that this small farm horse can perform as well as any other machine I have driven into this class.

John Deere 1025R Australia New 1025R Sub-Compact Utility Tractor Review

The 4WD participation provided the 1025R that further thrust bit to slip effortlessly into a slag pile and fill the bucket in a try. With a full bucket I maneuvered easily through a variety of twists and turns, and moving my foot from one directional pedal to the other made an extremely smooth transition from front to back. While driving the 1025r around with a full bucket I have to use proper care because in just 655kg it did tend to want to lift an inner wheel while spinning but at no time can I fill in the risk of tipping.

On the one hand, I am absorbed with the performance of the loader, but when I detach it from the tractor it quickly became clear that there is a requirement in the release process that will disturb my hell and I suspect that too. The activation of the mechanical decoupling steps of the charger is excellent. Simply lower the magazine downwards to exert pressure on the mounting assembly and then from the driver’s seat lift two release levers, then as the magazine rises, it is separated and left resting on its supports.

However. As it moved away it almost ripped off an electrical wiring network installed to activate the mechanism that prevents the bucket from tipping its load back into the operator, while the charger rises to the full extension. I immediately turned off the engine and prepared to disconnect all the electrical outlets that controlled the different operations.

Unfortunately, and annoyingly, there are no identifiable marks on the identical plugs to indicate which plugs back into which when the charger is put back on. There are two ways to solve this, to incorporate each of the individual leads into a single bank outlet or to do away with the electronics and use a more mechanical approach.

I firmly believe that a small tractor like this should not be overloaded with unnecessary electronics that can be easily damaged rendering the machine inoperative.

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The backhoe performance is as impressive as the frontend loader. Like your larger counterparts, it is necessary to lower the rear stabilizer legs downwards to lift the back wheels off the ground. The same process should be repeated on the front side using the front loader as reinforcement. Combined, this creates a very stable base in which the backhoe can work.

I really can’t fail the backhoe performance. Running in a comfortable 2, 200rpm, it is extremely responsive while maintaining very smooth movement in all directions and having the power to dig your way into the hard soil in our Western Victorian property that has not seen rain in Quite a while.

The hydraulic pump delivers a total of 24 liters per minute and from that, 10.8 is reserved for handling, leaving only 13.2 l/min to serve instruments. This however seems to be quite adequate for every task I try.

  • Model Type Compact Utility
  • MSRP (US) $22,790
  • Warranty Months

John Deere 1025R Australia

The type of dry fresh air with security keeps an element of treachery and other contaminants from the engine security element (second) protects if the main engine would develop a filter leakProtects when the engine servicing the filter. Side-screen panels and pre-grid screen offer flow of excellent engine compartmentSealed-radiator Chamber keeps waste and waste in the hood single panels effects can be removed.

For easy and quick access to exhaust discharges engine horizontal smoke away from the operator, reducing noise and improving operator visibility and comfort.


  • Powerful Final Tier 4-compliant diesel engine
  • Easy-to-operate two-speed hydrostatic transmission
  • Standard 4-wheel drive and power steering
  • AutoConnect™ deck compatible with drive-over attachment
  • 1023E Engine Power 16.5 kW (22.4 hp*)
  • 1025R Engine Power 17.8 kW (24.2 hp*)
  • Fuel System Type Diesel
  • Std. Transmission; Forward/Reverse Hydrostatic – 2 range

New John Deere 1025R TLB Tractor Package

The John Deere 1025r tractor is the perfect machine for property owners of 1-5 acres. It features four-wheel drive power steering, a diesel engine, and Hydrostatic Transmission to meet the needs of small farms and properties. This tractor has 24 horsepower making it easy enough to get around ponds and hills without difficulty on steep terrain. This is a great machine for those who want versatility in their tractor.

John Deere 1025R Australia New 1025R Sub-Compact Utility Tractor Review

Features may include:

  • Perfect for those who need a tractor that can work in small spaces
  • Perfect for those with hills, ponds, and another difficult terrain to navigate
  • Long-lasting Yanmar diesel engine and two-range hydrostatic transmission
  • The four-wheel drive power steering makes it easy for the driver to get through rough terrain without any hassle.

Loader 120R

  • Operate easily and efficiently with the optional field-installed mechanical self-leveling (MSL) loader
  • Easily remove and attach the loader to and from the tractor without tools
  • Lubrication of pin ends on cylinder and pivot pin provides easy access for servicing grease points
  • The John Deere 120R front-end loader can make jobs easier and more productive for people with small properties. This lets you stay on the tractor while you change the height of the bucket, freeing your hands for other tasks, such as adjusting the sprayer. This also allows you to keep moving forward while excavating or loading material onto a truck or trailer. It can lift 553 pounds, which makes it perfect for around-the-farm jobs like preparing beds, moving piles of manure, and cleaning out sheds. It also helps to load trucks or trailers to move materials around the farm or property.

260B Backhoes

  • Dig 6 feet below ground level
  • The stabilizer, boom, and swing locks are accessible from the operator’s seat and have a built-in storage location when the backhoe is in use.
  • Tool-free installation/removal in minutes
    If you’re looking for an affordable light-duty machine that can dig trenches and fill holes without too much fuss or hassle, then look no further than the John Deere Backhoe 260B. It will reach 6 feet below ground level when digging in soft soil; handles any type of dirt up to 16 inches deep in waterlogged soil; moves around 8 feet of compacted soil at 12″ below ground level – all within easy visibility thanks to the cab design which allows you to see where the blade is going to work.