John Deere Gator 825i Canada

John Deere Gator 825i Canada

John Deere Gator 825i Canada When John Deere unveiled the first Gators in the early 1990s, the company might not have known that it heralded a new category of machines: UTVs. Now that the market is flooded with UTVs of different brands and categories, does the latest utility gator, the 825i, fit? We have found out in the framework of the 2017 successful agricultural ultimate UTV evaluation.

This year, the successful agricultural magazine has carried out its third comprehensive UTV evaluation to give you information on how UTVs in AG applications occur. In the evaluation, we put seven of the latest commercial vehicles through four rigorous tests.

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The gator is powered by a 812-CC, automobile three-cylinder engine that provides around 50 horsepower. This engine will make the gator up to speeds of 44 mph, but it is where the engine makes its power, which is important.

It is a low-end engine, which means that the power in the lower end of the RPMs really arrives. This became very clear in the evaluation when we tested the gator with a full load in the cargo hold (1,000 pounds) and with a 1,500-pound trailer. The Gator scored an impressive 20.6 of 25 points for testing with the cargo box charge, enough for third place in this test (see full results below).

The chassis design also played a huge role in the way the gator performed during the test. The responsiveness of the steering was very high in the evaluations for two loaded tests and with the trailer. In fact, during the Trailertests, the Gator scored as high as 4.7 of five points, suggesting that the chassis was not affected by the high load.

The suspension also worked well for the simulated work tests. At each corner there are fully independent a-arms, with eight centimeters driving at the front shocks and nine inches on the rear shocks. While the suspension on the trail is a bit stiff, it works well with a load in the bed.

If you look at Gator next to other brands, it’s definitely John Deere. Deere works in its own way, contributing to the machine’s feeling and ergonomics. The position and angle of the steering wheel are very different from the other offerings, because it is like a tractor smaller than the UTV on hand. Shift controls and differential lock are places where users prefer or not to replace stroke.

Gator 825i was built to work. Yes, you can go with it and it will last you all day, but there are better machines for it. If you’re gonna work hard, gator’s on duty. The bed will weigh up to 1000 kilos and the bed will creak a bit, and you will hardly notice the load there. The base of the loading bed is made of metal, so the work can move slightly in a particularly inclined area.

John Deere Gator 825i Canada

The gator will haul a 1,500-pound pendant relatively easily and has a two-inch receiver as standard equipment. If you go over uneven terrain, you will begin to notice the weight as it will affect the handling. But there will still be work done. The engine has the low-end grunt for towing and towing all day. To go back to how well the machine scored on the fully loaded tests, it was working hard and doing very well in these areas.

  • XUV825E
  • Crossover Commercial Vehicle
  • Advanced Engine System
  • Superior terrain Capability
  • Best ride quality in class
  • 199.00 USD