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John Deere Gator 825i Reviews | Welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices, and comparisons. John Deere introduced the 2011 series last June and I was lucky enough to go to the Carolina Adventure World to try out the new Gators. The top of the list of Gator array enhancements was a completely new XUV 825i.

The XUV Crossover is short for a new car and the purpose of John Deere is to move more or more of a public service/sports UTV Gator into pure business/service. We did a few presentations at the media event and we had to play on the routes for a few hours. I was impressed by the power of the curb suspension and the Bump, but it was hard to say exactly how quickly a vehicle could do.

He had gone a few months and was downloading a brand new John Deere Gator XUV 825i 4×4 2011 to my local dealer. It was Monday and I’m going to Sand Mountain in Nevada for the weekend. Hmmm. Gator is powered by an 812-CC automotive style that produces around 50 Hp three-cylinder engines. This engine will run the Gator at speeds of up to 44 mph, but it will be important where the engine cuts off.

This indicates that a low-end engine comes at the lower end of the RPM. When we tested the Gatoru with a full-load cargo bed (1,000 pounds) and a 1,500-pound trailer, it was evident during the evaluation. Gator obtained an impressive score of 20.6 points out of 25 for the test, which was sufficient for the third part of this test (see the exact result below).

The chassis design also showed how Gator performed during the test. The steering response speed, the two board tests, and the trailer are very high. In fact, during the Gator trailer test, five points rose to a height of 4.7, indicating that the chassis was not adversely affected by the heavy load.

The suspension worked well in simulated work tests. Each corner has completely independent A-Arms, eight inches in front shocks and nine in rear shocks. The suspension trail works a little hard, with a load on the bed.

The New John Deere Gator 825i Reviews

Now you have a minute and check the Gator XUV 825i. It has a dry weight of over 1,600. This is a large bed (16.4 cubic feet) that can take a spray of Bedliner and 1,000 lbs. You can tell the driver is working on it. Like my father’s 1975 Ford F350. Go back to the taxi and don’t worry. Now this pure working / auxiliary focus, a 3-cylinder, 50-horsepower engine, and a rear-mounted suspension system that provides superior driving in a completely redesigned front and uneven terrain and the potential for an operable vehicle should be doubled and used for regeneration.

New John Deere Gator 825i Reviews

Considering all this, I decided to bring the hills and perhaps decided to take the desert trail or at least use it to run at the camp. I came on Saturday morning and while driving the Gator XUV 825i, I twisted my friend’s arm to watch me on another UTV with a car video camera. Now we have been going to the sand mountain for years and we have brought a few different UTVs to the mountain. You can only be at the top of a few stocks, and I knew exactly what Gator couldn’t have. But I was really curious about how to do some of the Dunes, Side Hills, and some climbing routes.

We pulled it off and it felt pretty good. I can feel the 1.600 lbs from below and the steering wheel, but the power felt good and stable, and predictable. We rounded the corners back and saw the trail up to the Super Bowl distance. I thought we could make small hills and paths and work like that. The road to the Super Bowl is pretty steep. The face is not as steep, but you still have too many UTVs to fight, or you can’t or it’s pretty hard. The tires for more buoyancy are not saved down, but what the heck, let’s try one.

Surprisingly, it just rose! Now when we look at the Super Bowl, he asked me to give it a try. The Super Bowl is a full bowl and one of the only outlet sides. If you don’t have enough speed, it will end at the bottom. I didn’t think until I got here. Du, What was I thinking? “That was my first thought. Climbing and running on the side hill, Gravity started. It could be fun… I held my foot in place and tried to stay as high as possible and shook it to the other side. Before waiting to gain some speed, it moves from edge to edge with a hill slip before the ramp. OK!

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I came back from the Super Bowl and was convinced that I had a good shot all over the mountain. The most challenging point was to come forward with “Wall”. Climbing into the valley is always a place called Toyota Gulch. Supposedly, Toyota can do it, but not out. As we approach the summit, we begin to break out in the valley after the speeds begin to decline. Tires kept sticking to the sand and still making more progress. I didn’t break the land speed record, but I did. From there, a jump, jump and jump and we returned to the camp.

I must say that I’ve completely affected what I’ve done with the new Gator XUV 825i. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for a Dune UTV, a Polaris RZR would be higher on my S or can-commander list. But not for Gator. It was built too much to do business. Heck, Gator alone combined with the commander of an RZR and bed capacity, is more!

But if you’re looking for a vehicle that can carry rock, dirt, straw, tools, and equipment for the whole week, then go on many weekend trails with the new Gator XUV 825i. Gator has a long heritage as a business horse in the labor market. After doing business with the new 2011 XUV features, you can go for fun.

John Deere Gator XUV 825i 4×4

John Deere has a longstanding reputation for providing quality, durable products that are built to last and get the job done. With UTVs becoming a staple in agricultural and construction environments, John Deere has filled the growing need for work-based machines that provide power, stability, and reliability that can also be used for recreational uses such as hunting and fishing on the John Deere trails. Gator RUV model lineup.

A few months ago, John Deere was gracious enough to provide us with the John Deere XUV 825i 4×4 RUV for a long-term driving review. While most of the UTV vehicle test drives we conducted were for sport and high-performance models, we felt that this was not the best way to test the 825i, as it is a purpose-built machine and we wanted to see if it lived up to what would be expected. said everyday consumers of this Side by Side type. After a little thought,

We contacted our friend Davis Schwartz back at Peace and Many Cattle Farms in central Maryland, and as a devoted John Deere user, he was happy to help us test the John Deere Gator on his family farm. Peaceful and Many Cattle Ranch is a family-owned business that has been in business for 43 years. The dairy is popular on the east coast and has won many awards over the years including a “Master Farmer award”, and various quality awards they are one of only eleven dairies in the state of Maryland to be awarded the coveted “Dairy of Distinction”. Peace and Plenty is a 1,100-acre facility with over 300 head of cattle that, to us, seemed the ideal location, offering the most practical application environment for the hardworking John Deere machine to prove itself.

The Schwartzbacks have clocked up about 80 hours of hard work around the farm so far on the Gator, and we can honestly say the John Deere 825i has up to the task whatever it throws at it; everything from herding livestock to pulling to hauling bales of hay and even transporting some livestock. “We make it work! So far we’ve spent about 80 hours on the farm and also doing fun little things,” said Davis Schwartzback.

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First of all, we have to say that always recommends wearing a helmet in any kind of riding; however, we also recognize that under certain circumstances, such as working on farms or construction sites, many UTV users do not use them. With that in mind, we believe the John Deere Gator 825i is one of the most stable UTV vehicles on the market. John Deere has considered these and many other factors with Gator and they have ensured that their vehicle is safe and secure.

The Gator is without a doubt one of the most stable UTVs on the market, with an extremely low center of gravity that keeps the wheels firmly planted in the ground, even in stock form. For our unit, we upgraded to the Fox Racing Shox and were very pleased with how well it performed. They add a bit of luxury to the ride and make for better handling, which is a bonus for rougher ground, or if one is using the John Deere Gator for hunting or fishing on uneven terrain.

Maxxis Bighorn tires provide plenty of grips and add to machine stability. “It went well. Even in cornering at higher speeds it still felt very stable and I felt completely in control at all times. The upgraded shocks are a bonus. They made it feel very smooth and enjoyable, even when we were out in the field herding cows,” says Schwartzback.

John Deere Gator 825i Interior

Inside, the Gator 825i has a digital display that records speed, RPM, and coolant temperature and includes hours, trip, and life monitors as well as a 4wd indicator. The display is easy to read and user-friendly. The Gator 825i comes in three different color options, the traditional John Deere Green and Yellow, Olive and Black, and Camouflage.

John Deere also stocks an incredible supply of aftermarket accessories available direct from dealers and allows consumers to customize their Gator during the purchase process and send it equipped with the options they have selected. John Deere also provides excellent customer service and being able to perform repairs and maintenance at most dealerships adds to the convenience of his customers.

John Deere Gator 825i Performance

The John Deere Gator 825i’s top speed is 44 MPH, which seems slow compared to other manufacturers’ leisure/performance-based units, but as a purpose-built machine, we found this speed to be more than adequate for farming, working, or hunting. Top speeds also kept pace with safety for the Gator but were also more than satisfactory for our test purposes.

“Gator’s powers are great. It was very fast for us on the farm and we could tow and transport anything with it. We also took him out on trails for fun and we had a lot of fun with him. It has the good ground clearance and passes anything and everything.” said Schwartzback.

One of the best features of this machine is its large cargo bed which offers a capacity of 1,000 pounds. Most Side by Side comes with a cargo bed, but the Gator outperforms the others on the market. The capacity is amazing as we can fit five bales of hay on the bed, with three on the bottom and two stacked on top. The Gator can even transport several calves in a bed when transportation is required.

The Gator’s large capacity bed also makes it an ideal machine for hunting in remote locations, or even closer, as it can transport deer or moose with ease. It’s also great for fishing with plenty of room for gear and coolers.

We selected the winch on our unit and found it to work fine. “We were never stuck where we needed to pull away, but we did use it to uproot some stubborn bushes and some small trees on the farm, and it worked out pretty well,” says Davis Schwartzback.

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The Gator is also incredibly tough and durable as one would expect with any John Deere product. The hydro-formed steel frame allows fewer joints to be welded and bolted, providing superior durability and excellent tolerance for twisting under heavy loads. Gator features full steel skid plates for unparalleled underbelly protection, and automotive-grade electrostatic paint to resist corrosion and provide a tough finish. We did have a worn belt during our testing though,

We had the unit professionally serviced at our local John Deere store, Finch Service Center in Westminster, MD, and it was repaired in just a few days the customer service was, as always, unmatched. We’ve experienced belt wear during test rides on other makes of UTV as our testing process hasn’t always been smooth, most recently on the Polaris RZR 4 800. This isn’t a new experience for us and has shown no quality issues with any engine as the belt wears over time.


While we’ve had high opinions of every John Deere product from previous tests on other machines, our test riders were equally impressed with the Gator 825i. “I love it. The Gator can do everything we need to on the farm and is great fun to go on the trails and for hunting. I have to give it a nine out of ten,” said our tester, Davis Schwartzback.

The John Deere Gator 825i RUV is a machine of exceptional quality and meets the high standards the company is proud of. Gator gets the job done and is always ready for more, whether it’s work or play. Overall we think the John Deere Gator 825i is a great machine and we highly recommend it for farming, working, or hunting applications we hope the folks at John Deere remember us for any future testing of the model.