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John Deere Gator 825i Dimensions: According to David Gigandet, Deere’s marketing manager, the 825i will be ‘the fastest and most powerful Gator ever,’ making it the leader of the 2011 Gator crossover utility vehicle lineup. In the XUV class, the 825i’s top speed of 74 mph and the 1,400-pound payload is essentially unprecedented. heard before.

With the release of some of the most thrilling Gator XUVs they’ve ever produced, Deere has really hit the trail for outdoor enthusiasts. With a 50-horsepower engine and sophisticated independent suspension, this XUV class will be able to perform admirably on any terrain.

The standard spray bed liner eliminates the risk of ruining your new outdoor entertainment, and the removable sides provide the option of a high-capacity flatbed with multiple attachment points.

With the Deere Gator XUV range, you won’t have to face many transportation limitations.

John Deere Gator 825i Review

John Deere was prepared to test the boundaries of all the new X-Side pages by bringing the 2011 Product introductions of the Carolina Adventure World competition in Winnsboro, SC. Of course, this comment reached “interest”. So when the tests started, I went straight to this machine and I was stunned to have a great test run.

Carolina Adventure World employees have made a very comprehensive mark for us. Unlike many test courses, there were no limitations to the obstacles and challenges of all sizes. There were mountaineering, rock climbing, water crossings, sharp curves, and long accuracy that we could really open the accelerator.

Powerful 812CCM engine with 50 PS, we wanted very little when we went on track. It didn’t take long to find a place to open up to a maximum speed of 44 mph. From this speed, I was impressed by such a worker from a machine. It also has an excellent low-end torque that occurs when we come to the first steep ferrite.

It will also be useful for pulling and pulling. Ressler then explained that the use of advanced brackets and a tighter strap was part of the cause of faster acceleration, and helped draw at low speed with the two-stage CVT.

A feature I appreciate is that even though we didn’t need it on this particular driver, it was an electronic fuel injection that started in cold weather and at a higher altitude, offering a better throttle response.

John Deere Gator 825i Dimensions and Review

John Deere 825i Specs: John Deere Gator Dimensions

  • Length (ft) 9.67
  • Width (in/mm) 62 / 1571
  • Height (in/mm) 75 / 1903
  • Wheelbase (in/mm) 79 / 2007

825i Gator Specs, The conquest of rough terrain is something you need to do if you are working on the farm or whether you are following it. It is nice to know that the JD Gator 825i specs’s optional all-wheel drive is available in the key of a key.

The 825i also has the possibility of having a lockable rear differential so that the rear-wheel-drive wheels can work together for all locations where the 4 wheels only require a small additional thrust.

The independent double-wishbone long-drive suspension, combined with an elevation of 11 inches above the ground, has made all the obstacles we’ve done on this wide-road system lightweight.

This combination provides a more comfortable ride on the road or the farm. The full clutch body also allows us to move smoothly across all water passages. The representative said he suggested avoiding less than 22 inches of water.

Jd 825i Specs uses a solid steel swivel rod and a double ball drop connection to provide greater stability when playing in the workplace or the game, reduce trunk slope, and provide greater durability in all areas.

The Gator 825i specs are long enough (62 inches) (119 inches) and have a small focal point to produce one of the most stable vehicles in the classroom.

While tracing on one of the new X-X pages, it’s a great adventure on its own, the biggest dimension of its ability to work is still one of the most important issues of UTV / XUV buyers. By sticking to John Deere’s reputation for top-class cars, they have not missed the goal even in this study.

The John Deere Gator John Deere 825i specs 4×4 engine is made with heavy parts such as an aluminum head, thrust bearings, and a nugget with a lacquered interior.

The Gator 825i specs frame is a hydrophorform to increase bending by twisting and bending or by carrying heavy loads and arms A are made of cast iron to withstand Jackhammer abuse of the heaviest terrain. These panels are Malabar, so John Deere XUV is as good as ever.

What is a business tool without large payloads? John Deere knows this and moves with one of the largest shipping boxes in his class, which is 45 inches long, 52 inches wide, and 12 inches deep, and has a capacity of 1,000 lb.

The support is a load-carrying capacity of 1400 lb and a towing capacity of 1500 lb. The load box has 20 ports to ensure load safety. You can quickly convert the loading area to a flatbed area to move larger objects. The tailgate-style boot lid can be operated without any latches and guards.

John Deere 825i Gator Specs, Steel-reinforced bearing, and body protection ensure durability and durability throughout the life of the vehicle. Loading facilities include a spray bed liner and powerlifting at the factory.

I like the cargo box, a special quick clamp system that adds plug-ins very fast and easily. Honda’s Big Red, Kawasaki’s s mule 4010 4×4, Yamaha Rhino 700, and Polaris Ranger 800 are some of the top competitors of the John Deere 825i.

Some of the commonalities are that all five models are automatic gearboxes with liquid-cooled engines, spark-arresting mufflers, and electronic fuel-injected fuel pumps, and all are all-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Key differences include such aspects as John Deere is the only one in this grouping that has 3 cylinders, the others have either one or two. The rhino has a 686cc engine. The Ranger’s cubic centimeter has a total of 760. The displacement of the big red is 675cc and the mole is 617cc.

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Best-in-Class Advanced Engine System

  1. 50HP – Highest power output in its class with superior low-end torque
  2. 812cc liquid-cooled inline 3-cylinder with dual overhead cams, electronic fuel injection, 4 valves per cylinder, aluminum head, and cast block with painted interior walls.
  3. The largest capacity engine in this class
  4. Only 3 cylinder models in this class
  5. Only DOHC in this class
  6. Lowest noise/vibration
  7. Best-in-Class Ride, Safety & Stability

Advanced Dual A-Arm Suspension

  1. Fully independent and adjustable suspension
  2. Front 8in suspension and 9in the rear suspension
  3. Load-ready ride: Light to no-load smoothness with maximum load balance
  4. Greatest stability in its class
  5. Wide standing position, long wheelbase, and predictable handling
  6. Operator Protection System (OPS)
  7. SAE, ANSI, OSHA ROPS certified overhead structures
  8. 3 pt. automotive seat belts
  9. Lots of handholds
  10. Best-in-Class Utilities

Deluxe Cargo Box with 16.4 cu. ft. cargo, (Best in class) with a capacity of 1,000 lbs, towing of 1,500 lbs, and payload of 1,400

  1. Automatic style tailgate
  2. Integrated attachment system
  3. 20+ binder points
  4. Can be changed to flatbed mode
  5. Integrated taillights and brakes
  6. Quick clamp attachment system
  7. Factory-installed spray-on liner
  8. Advanced Suspension to provide a level & stable ride through the entire load range

John Deere Gator 825i S4 Specs: John Deere 825i Specs

The fuel capacity for the John Deere is 5.3 gallons, the large red fuel capacity is 7.9 gallons, the capacity of the mule is 6.2 gallons, the capacity of the rhino is 7.9 gallons and the Ranger is 9 gallons. The front suspension of each of these models varies as follows: John Deere 8 inches, Rhino 7.3 inches, Ranger 9.6 inches, Big Red 5.9 inches, and the mole 3.9 inches.

The rear suspension is 9 inches on the John Deere, 7.3 inches on the Rhino, 9 inches on the Ranger, 7.1 inches on the Big Red, and 2.8 inches on the Mole. The turning radius of the John Deere 825i s4 specs is right in the middle of its competitors at 12.4 feet, the big red being the list of 13.8 feet and the mole with only 11.2 feet.

Ground clearance also varies with the John Deere with 11 inches of space, the rhino with 12.1 inches, the ranger with 12 inches, the big red with 10.3 inches, and the mule with only 6.9 inches.

The total dimensions of the 5 models are John Deere with 119 inches in length, 62 inches wide, 75 inches high, and a 79-inch wheelbase. The rhino is 113.6 inches long, 56.6 inches wide, 73 inches high, and with a 75.2-inch wheelbase.

The ranger is 114 inches in length, 60 inches wide, 76 inches tall, and with a wheelbase of 76 inches. The Honda Big Red is 114.7 inches in length, 64 inches wide, 76.9 inches tall, and with a wheelbase of 75.7 inches.

The mole comes 118.3 inches in length, 62 inches wide, 75.8 inches high, and with a wheelbase of 73.6 inches. Let us conclude by looking at the charge boxes of the individual models. The Polaris Ranger Cargo box dimensions are 36.5 inches long, 54 inches wide, and 11.5 inches deep.

The large red cargo box dimensions of Honda are 33 inches long, 53 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. The Kawasaki Mule Cargo box Dimensions are 46.3 inches long, 51.6 inches wide, and 11.3 inches deep.

I think the John Deere 825i s4 specs are one of the best choices on the market for anyone looking for a good crossover vehicle that they can use on the farm and the trail.

If you’re planning to work a little more often, or if you plan to do more than just work, I’ll recommend a particular tool. However, I must say that John Deere XUV 825I 4×4 is an excellent choice for anyone who does more than others.

How Much is a John Deere Gator 825i

USD 11,900.00. Additional Info: Clock: 788, New: Used, Others: ROOF, NO P / S, Radial Bighorn Tire, Cargo Box with Poly liner, Brake & Tail Light, Tire Type: All Terrain

John Deere Gator 825i Specs Tires

  • Front Tire (Full Spec) 25 x 9-12
  • Rear Tire (Full Spec) 25 x 11-12
  • Tread Type All Terrain

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John Deere Gator 825i Special Edition

John Deere offers a new special edition Gator ™ utility vehicle aimed at customers who work long days and nights, and need additional storage to keep their equipment organized and easily accessible.

The 2016 John Deere XUV 825i Special Edition Gator boasts two integrated cargo toolboxes ideal for carrying tools or supplies, plus an LED roof light for added visibility.

“The Gator Special Edition is designed for customers who need additional storage to complete an existing task, day or night,” said Mark Davey, marketing manager for John Deere, Gator utility vehicles.

“This model will continue to provide customers with the durability and productivity they expect from Gator with additional features such as an integrated toolbox and LED lighting. Additional storage capabilities make it a distinct offering on the market, and a first for John Deere. “

Two cargo boxes are located on the driver and passenger side of the 50 hp vehicle., 812 cc XUV 825i Special Edition.

The driver’s side box opens from above and has two separate compartments with detachable trays. The passenger side box opens from the side and has one open compartment. Both toolboxes have a 75 lb. capacity.

The special edition Gator also features two integrated LED roof lights designed for customers who are out early in the morning or late at night. The new LED lights use a quarter amp of the equivalent halogen work lamp and last 250 times longer.

In addition to the special edition package, this heavy-duty model is equipped with power steering, a luxury cargo box with polyurea liners, integrated brakes, taillights, and an Operator Protection Structure (OPS) with a net.

The vehicle is also fitted with yellow alloy rims and Maxxis® Bighorn tires. The power and front guard package includes a power lift, heavy-duty front brush guards, and fender guards, along with floor mats. Inside the cabin, the XUV 825i is equipped with a yellow bench seat.

The 2016 Gator XUV 825i Special Edition will be available for purchase in December 2015 for a selling price of $ 16,799.

John Deere Gator 825i XUV

John Deere introduced their 2011 lineup last June, and I was lucky enough to take a trip to Carolina Adventure World to try out the new Gators. At the top of the list of upgrades in the Gator, lineup is the all-new XUV 825i.

XUV stands for Crossover Utility Vehicle and is John Deere’s intention to move Gator from pure work/utility to more utility/sports or UTV. At media events, we have several presentations and then we play around on the paths for a few hours.

I am quite impressed with the increased power and improvements to the suspension, but it is very difficult to say exactly what the vehicle can do in such a short time frame. Fast forward a few months, and I got off at my local dealer picking up the new 2011 John Deere Gator XUV 825i 4 × 4.

This happened on a Monday, and I happened to be heading to Sand Mountain in Nevada that weekend. Hmmm.

Now let’s take a look at the Gator XUV 825i. It has a dry weight of over 1,600 lbs. It has a large bed (16.4 cubic feet) that has a spray on the sheets and can carry 1,000 lbs. When you drive it, you can tell that it’s built to work.

Much like my dad’s 1975 Ford F350 when I was in high school. Throw the cab camper in the back and go, don’t worry.

So now pair a pure work/utility focus with a 3-cylinder, 50 horsepower engine, and a completely redesigned front and rear independent suspension system that provides superior ride over rough terrain, and you have the potential for a vehicle that can both work and be used for recreation.

So with all that in mind, I decided to take him to the dunes and maybe go for a walk in the desert or at least use it to get around from camp to camp. Saturday morning arrived and I turned my friend’s arm to follow me on another UTV with the in-car video camera as I drove the Gator XUV 825i.

Now I’ve been going to Sand Mountain for years, and have brought several different UTVs to the mountain. Few make it to the top in stock form, and I knew right away that Gator wouldn’t be one of them. But I was really curious to see how it went with the trail through the dunes, sidehills, and some hikes.

We left the camp, and it felt quite good. I can feel 1,600 lbs below me and the steering feels like I’m driving a bus, but the power is decent and feels stable and predictable.

We turned the corner to the backside and I saw the path to the Super Bowl in the distance. I thought we’d do some small hills and trails and work that way. The trail to the Super Bowl is quite steep.

Not quite as deep as the face, but there are still a lot of UTVs either unable to attend or struggling hard enough to do so. I don’t aerate the tires for more floatation, but what the heck, let’s give it a try.

Surprisingly enough, it went up right away! Now that we sit there looking at the Super Bowl, I almost get called in to try it. The Super Bowl is a full bowl and the only way out is on one side.

If you don’t have enough speed you’ll end up at the very bottom. This didn’t really cross my mind until I entered. “What am I thinking?”, Was my first thought. When I try to climb up and down the hill, gravity comes in.

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It can be fun My feet touch the floor and I try to get up as high as I can and I turn to the other side. I descended a little to pick up speed, then climbed up the edge with the hillside at the end before hoping to get out. Good!

From the Super Bowl, I went back downstairs and was sure I had a good chance of making it around the mountain. The toughest spots are ahead by “The Wall”.

Climbing out of the valley is what we always call the Toyota Gulch. Supposedly, Toyota could enter, but not exit. We sped past screams in the valley then began to lose speed as we approached the summit.

The tires continue to scratch the sand, and I’m still making progress. I didn’t set land speed records, but I did. From there, we do jumps, jumps, and hops and we head back to camp. I have to say that I was very impressed with what I was able to do with the new Gator XUV 825i. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m looking for the UTV mound, the Polaris RZR S or Can-Am Commander will be higher up on my list.

But that’s not what Gator was built for. It’s built to do work, a lot of it. Heck, the bed capacity on the Gator alone is more than one RZR S and Commander, combined!

But if I’m looking for a vehicle that can carry rocks, dirt, hay, tools, and supplies all week, and then go the trail on the weekends, the new Gator XUV 825i is very capable. Gator has a long legacy in the utility market as a hard worker. With the new XUV 2011 features, you can have a lot of fun after your job is done.

Understand Your Warranty Terms

You have John Deere’s kit – now it’s time to keep it running for the long haul. Understand your investment coverage by reviewing the John Deere warranty.

Add PowerGard ™ Protection Pack

You deserve the peace of mind. The PowerGard agreement protects you from unexpected repair costs and keeps your maintenance running with original parts. John Deere provides one of the best guarantees in the business.

And with the PowerGard ™ Protection Plan, you can purchase additional coverage beyond the normal factory warranty period.


You can take simple steps to keep everyone around the equipment safe. Watch now to learn how to use your equipment safely.

John Deere Gator 825i S4

Browse our inventory of new and used JOHN DEERE GATOR XUV 825I For Sale near you

Outdoor enthusiasts who share paths or work locations can now bring friends, family, and gear with the all-new heavy-duty XUV 825i S4. The newest addition to the Gator family provides the durability and versatility owners expect around their property or off-road destination.

“The introduction of the XUV 825i S4 is a reflection of the growing popularity of our crossover utility vehicles,” said David Gigandet, marketing manager. “Customers want our heavy-duty XUV, in a comfortable and customizable multi-passenger form.

These new Gators provide an unmatched balance of performance and workability for all off-road challenges. ??

To allow for the additional passenger or cargo space required, the XUV 825i S4 provides innovative, convertible rear-seat cargo space. Two additional passengers can be transported in the rear seat area which includes a large under-seat storage compartment.

And when more cargo space is needed, the rear seats fold up in seconds providing a flat platform with fastening points that can accommodate an additional 200 pounds of payload. The XUV 825i S4 offers the 50 hp, 812 ccs inline 3-cylinder engine with the EFI and dual overhead cams that are proven on the current 825i.

The Gator also has a top speed of 44 mph and a full lock 4-wheel drive system to traverse all types of terrain at speed. Best-in-class double wishbone suspension, completely independent, provides 8 inches of wheelbase and up to 11 inches of ground clearance.

Power steering, with an anti-kickback feature, is standard on the new S4 models so the operator can easily control the vehicle with minimal force, regardless of the conditions. The durable composite and metal hybrid cargo box continues the Gator tradition with the superior payload capabilities of the S4 model.

The large 16.4 cubic feet cargo box has a payload capacity of 1,000 pounds. It features over 20 integrated fastening points, a truck-style body, and detachable sides for flatbed mode.

The new Heavy-Duty S4 is also available on diesel. The XUV 855D S4 is powered by a 23-hp liquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine.

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John Deere Gator 825i Dimensions

  • Type: 4-wheel petrol engine with electronic fuel injection (EFI)
  • Cylinder: 3
  • VALVE: Double overhead cam (DOHC)
  • PS: 50 (37 kW) 6000 rpm
  • Capacity: 812 cc
  • Ignition: solid 12V
  • Lubrication: Full force
  • Oil filter: screw filter
  • Cooling System: Liquid
  • Muffler: Spark Arrest
  • Battery: 340CCA
  • Generator: regulated 75 amp @ 6000 rpm
  • Headlights: 2 27 Watt Halogen
  • Capacity: 5.3 gallons (20.1 liters)
  • Consumption (AVG installation. Speed) US gal / s: 0.7 (2,65)
  • Fuel pump: Electric
  • 4wd
  • System type: Optional real four-wheel drive
  • Front differential: Automatic latch (ON / off-rocker switch)
  • Rear difference: Positive locking, Mechanical betägiert
  • Type: step-less variable transmission (CVT)
  • Drive Belt: Woven top Cog, 31 mm wide
  • Ground speed, MPH: High speed (0-44), Forward (0-27), reverse (0-32)Transaxle: two-speed, oil bath
  • Transmission selection: Forward (Hi-lo) neutral, reverse
  • Brakes: Front / rear Hydraulic disc
  • Parking Brake: Mechanical disc drive, manual operation
  • Bearings: Sealed double-row ball bearings
  • Axis: 27 mm diameter Double offset insertion forged CV shaft
  • Suspension, front: Full double arm with adjustable coils
  • Front suspension, driver: 8 inches (203 mm)
  • Suspension, Rear: Complete double lever arm with adjustable coils and swivel rod
  • Rear suspension, travel time: 9 inches (229 mm)
  • Steering: rack and pinion
  • Turning radius: 12.4 feet (3.8 meters)


In a world where performance, durability, and versatility are paramount, the John Deere Gator 825i shines brightly. With its powerful engine, redesigned exterior, comfortable interior, and impressive specs, it’s a vehicle that’s designed to handle a wide range of tasks with ease. Whether you’re a farmer, an adventurer, or someone who values both form and function, the 825i is a worthy investment that won’t disappoint.