John Deere 1025r With CAB

John Deere 1025r With CAB

John Deere 1025r With CAB welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons.  The John Deere 1025r may be one of the smallest tractors in the John Deere range, but I’m very interested in finding out if it will meet John Deere’s reputation for quality. I personally hope it works because I am a self-confessed fan of Deere and have been around for quite some time.

I’ve re-owned a John Deere 6220 tractor that has done admirably over the past 12 years. Aside from routine maintenance my 6220 has nothing to do with repairs or breakdown costs. Now that I have made it very clear where I sit in relation to John Deere products, I give my personal guarantee that I will not prevent a preconceived preference from giving you a completely unbiased report on the 1025r.

The 1025R is powered by a 3 cylinder 24.2 hp (17.8 kw) Yanmar engine. Although only small of these series engines were designed to meet animal-4 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), environmental requirements by those with low levels of exhaust and emission.

The engine in the John Deere 1025R is located under its large lifting cover and behind the cooling and cooling system. As soon as the engine is shot into life, it becomes clear that the insulated engine bay Area greatly reduces the amount of sound under the bonnet. At no time during my test I had to rev the guts out of the small Yanmar engine to produce sufficient power to the mower or hydraulic oil flow to operate the equipment, whether it be the frontend loader, backhoe or mower.

The performance of the backhoe loader is as impressive as the frontend loader. Just like its larger counterparts it is necessary to lift the rear stabilizer legs down to the rear wheels from the ground. The same procedure must be repeated on the front side with the front loader as a stiffener. Combined, this creates a very stable base in which the excavator can operate from.

I can’t really fault the performance of the backhoe loader. Operating at a comfortable 2, 200rpm, it is extremely convenient when it maintains very smooth movement in all directions and has the power to dig its way into the hard ground on our Western Victorian property, which has not been raining for quite some time has seen. The hydraulic pump delivers a total of 24 liters per minute and of it, 10.8 is reserved for steering, leaving only 13.2 L/min to service devices. However, this seems to be enough for any task I’m trying to do.

John Deere 1025r With CAB

  • Powerful diesel engine with Tier 4 level
  • New, lightweight deck with double gas powered elevators
  • Premium Operator Station with ergonomic locations, wingspan and fender lights
  • The Auto-Connect ™ lane deck can be installed or removed in less than 5 minutes
  • STARTING AT: $13,884.00USD
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