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John Deere 1025r vs 2025r welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. Here’s a comparison between a John Deere 1025r and a John Deere 2025, and I look at the technical details of each tractor with a visual overview to see the differences between the two frame sizes.

Compare the John Deere H120 front loader with the H130 front loader, both with 3-cylinder Yanmar 25 hp (nominal) diesel engines in 2014 and with hydrostatic gears in the high/low range. If you want to go directly to the video overview, click here! Also don’t forget to check our stock and whether we have the tractor in stock! We can send anywhere!

The 1025R is equipped with the H120 Quick Park loader with bucket for quick material clamping. It also has a 60d drive with automatic mower connection. The 2025R is equipped with the H130 Quick Park loader with bucket for quick material clamping. It is 62D driven via the mower platform.

It is more or less as many apples as apples as two different frame sizes can compare.

It is a basic review and certainly not one that covers everyone. But hopefully this will be the perfect starting point for those who are trying to decide whether the 1025 or 2025 is the right tractor for you.

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Both may have 25 horsepower, but these are completely different tractors. It should be borne in mind that until 2017, Regulation 2025R was partially amended. This comparison refers to the ‘original’ version of 2025, which was produced between 2013 and 2017.

It is hard to recognize by the film, but 2025 is more than 1025r with 3-4′ of length and width. In addition, the basic weight of 1025r is approximately 1,440bps, while the basic weight of 2025r is approximately 1,660bps. 220 pounds may not seem like much, but it’s 15% more weight! These larger dimensions and extra weight mean more stability and smoother driving.

In terms of lifting power, both systems have a very similar hydraulic system and push almost the same gpm-3.25 in relation to 3.5, but the PSI is significantly higher in 2025, helping to increase lifting from the front loader and the three-point loader. The 1025R is designed to lift 836 lbs (72 ″) per pin, while the 2025R is designed to lift 1 023 lbs (78 ″) full height per pin. On the three-point linkage, the 1025r can lift 681 lbs at 24′ and the 2025 can lift an impressive 1,150 lbs at 24′ with PIN.

You will notice a significant difference in tyre size, especially the rear tires of each tractor. One point of interest if you want to add liquid ballast to the rear tires is that the 1025r will hold about 11 gallons per tire at a 3/4 fill rate. This means about 230 pounds of ballast weight.

The 2025r holds about 18 gallons per tyre at a 3/4 fill, which results in about 380 pounds of ballast weight. There are different fluid fills that have different weight per gallon and include RimGuard, beet juice, TC90 and calcium chloride. Actual rear tyre dimensions for the 1025r are 26 × 12-12 and 31 × 12-16.5 for the 2025r. This is in the most popular R4 industrial profile pattern.

The video shows that the operator station was perfected in 1025, while 2025 remains very similar to the previous generation of the 2X20 series, including 2320, 2520 and 2720.

Both the 1025R and 2025r models feature standard features such as two-way pedals with dual-circuit hydrostatic gearbox, differential rear lock lock, three-point speed adjustment, Flasher retractable pen, foldable remote control, and more. The 1025r incorporates features not found in 2025, such as tilt adjustment, improved seat suspension and fender mounted working lights.

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John Deere 1025r vs 2025r

One of the biggest drawbacks of the 2025 is that it is not possible to connect the cutting unit automatically. Fortunately, after redesigning the 2 Series in 2017, this feature was added. John Deere has also introduced a number of standard features that can be found in the 1 Series over the past five years.

Which tractor is right for you? I feel that if lawn mowing is the primary application of your tractor, but you want to have a front loader, a three-point linkage and a rear power take-off for secondary municipal applications, then perhaps the 1 Series is the way to go.

The 1025r mowing quality exceeds the 2025r downhill mowing quality. However, if the basic function is front loader and three-point operation, but you want to be able to mow the grass regularly with a mower, then the 2025 is probably the best choice.

They are neither too big nor too burdensome, and both projects will be implemented all year round, both at home and on the farm or under hunting lease.

No matter which one you choose, make sure you have the right ballast on the back of the tractor and follow all the safety precautions when you use your loader. Keep your loads as low as possible and avoid traveling sideways on the hills if possible.

We are here to answer all questions and if you are in our neck of the forest, you are always welcome to stop by and give our tractors a test drive!