John Deere 1025r Dimensions

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John Deere 1025r Dimensions welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons.  The John Deere 1025R can be one of the most small tractors range of John, but I am very interested to find out if he lives up to the reputation of the quality of John.

Personally I hope it does because I am a fan of deir self-admitted, already quite a lot of time. I have again owned a John Deere 6220 tractor that has performed admirably for the last 12 years. Apart from routine service my 6220 has cost nothing in repairs or breakdowns.

Now that I’ve made it very clear where I feel about John Deere products I give you my personal guarantee I will not allow any preconceived favoritism to prevent me from giving a completely impartial review in the 1025r.

At the end of last year we heard rumors of a new model of the 1000 series. On the john, the members of the Forum is the operator’s manuals for 1025R a long time before release.

John Deere 1025r Dimensions

They pointed out immediately that the new model was the swallow-decrease of 859. was 1025R model between under 1026R, above the 1023e? But then we knew 1025R was indeed replace the 1026R and that despite the gross of engine power was down 1.3 (compared to 25.2-inch 23.09.52 Minister), visualization horsepower the appearance (PTO) remains the same (18).

With the knowledge to the Deir offers backhoe package is installed by the manufacturer (FILB), we were anxiously waiting for an opportunity to get behind the wheel to see if not fully feel the reduced power consumption.

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The basic package of 1025r FILB comes with the 1025R tractor, which includes a Premium H120 loader and a 260A curved feather backhoe. The list of options is small, with only one canopy, medium mount Mower (MMM), bucket sizes and more work lights for the owner to consider. Apart from that, the 1025R is a full-loaded tractor ready to “Move a mountain One cube at a time ” (taking the slogan of the predecessor 2210 brochure Marketing which is certainly still applicable today).

First the specifications. The 1025R is designed and manufactured on the last generation dealer factory is located in augusta, GA. Although it is still enabled by Yanmar diesel. which is a good thing. Small Yanmar Diesels are known to be some of the most reliable centrals. New 3 of 3 CYLINDER TNV80 was designed to achieve level 4 EPA Greenhouse, using advanced technologies indirect injection to reduce nitrogen at the same time (NOx) particulate filter to reduce the prime (soot escape). The 68.1 CI mill has a wide range of operating system 3370 to 1500 rpm with pto nominal which comes in the 3200 rpm. Maximum torque is rated at 40.7-inch lb. wheel bolts fuel consumption is rated at 1.4 gpm minutes on full load.

The energy of the 3TNV80 is set in motion to a hydrostatic transmission of two ranges which, in our opinion, is controlled by one of the best and most ergonomic double-pedal engineering arrangements available. The control above all the forward/reverse speed range is well modulated. The cruise control is standard and hooked by a hand control. Unhooking the cruise function is as easy as stepping on the brakes or pressing the hydromassage pedal. Hydraulics are delivered through an open center gear pump that flows 2.8 gpm to power steering and 3.5 gpm to implement needs (6.3 gpm total).

Position Control that allows the operator to return a three-point rear hitch attachment (3PH) to the same position a time after the time is standard, although while the backhoe is installed, the lower link arms are removed. The hitch complies with CAT I standards, although the elevation height is limited due to the height of the tyre/tractor. Most 3ph implements will work without any problem, but implements such as post-drill excavators (PhD) may require a staged auger. The lifting capacity 3ph is rated at 681 lbs in the industry standard of 24 “Behind the coupling arms.

As if it were a fully loaded tractor, many comforts and conveniences of the operator have been built into the 1025r. The seat is deluxe with suspension and pull-up armrest, the guidance inclinations for convenience, a toolbox is included (FILB models have this placed rotated 90 degrees of non-FILB models) lamps) , and the Rollover Protection system (ROPS) is foldable for parking in sheds/garages with limited clearance. The controls are all coded colors have been ergonomically placed for comfort for long hours of use.

Looking down on the inclined polycarbonate hood, the operator view over the unbended pen loader (why has Deere returned to the square loader?) and the front hub is pretty good. The standard size of the cube is a 50 “which is a good size all-around, although we could opt for a wider cube if lighter material tasks such as mulch will be the predominant use. Charger response is not 2520 fast, but not bad for a system flowing 3.5 gpm. The maximum elevation height is 71.2 “with a lift capacity of 836 lbs. The discharge separation is 54 “and the thrust depth is 4 “.

Rotate the operator seat (yes, the swivel seat mechanism is a vast improvement over the previous designs of 2210/2305) and the 260A is ready to trench or dig that hole. Built in the same design as the tested and tested time 447, 448 and 46 backhoes, the 260A uses a subframe which is MMM compatible to protect the tractor frame from the tensions conveyed by a bulldozer. The hydraulics are cushioned at the cylinder travel ends to protect from precipitated stops and can be operated on the idle, which is a great feature for first time backhoe users or in tight rooms, Damage-sensitive. We found the space to be generous and the controls ergonomically placed.

Our test tractor was equipped with a 12 “(8 ” and 16 “cubes are available). The 12 “Bucket comes with three Bolt-on teeth, weighs 49 lbs and would be a good general choice of all-around use. The checking of the FILB option and the 1025R comes equipped with power beyond the rear outlets. These may be useful for other 3ph functions, such as operating a hydraulic upper link. In the transport position, the ramp angle is 15 degrees, which should clear just about any trailer you could use to transport the 1025r. To remove the backhoe and reinstall the lower elevation arms 3ph took us about 10 minutes, once we are sure it could be cut in half with more experience. and no tools required.

John Deere 1025r Dimensions, john deere 1025r for sale, john deere 1025r specs, john deere 1025r attachments, john deere 1025r cab, john deere 1025r weight, john deere 1025r snow plow,

John Deere 1025r Dimensions

Going North 40, the 3TNV80 never fought for power. While we are great fans of three-range hydrostatic transmissions, the extended low-end speed in the 1025r compensates for some of the difference. Extending the backhoe boom, we measured the reach at 104 “and the swing arc just above 150 degrees. Thrust depth ran out to about 74 “and the cube 12 ” Had no trouble with our New England clay. Deere classifies the digging force at 2,036 lbs, confirming our sense of instinct that this is a capable configuration. The conclusion is that despite the slightly lower power compared to the 1026R, the power does not feel diminished in any way.

Mounting on 18 x 8.5-10 R4 industrial front and 26 x 12-12 R4 Industrial rear tyres, 2600 lb. 1025R FILB comes with a non-commercial warranty of 24 months/2000 hours and the motor train is covered at 36 months/2000 hours. With a recommended $22,348 and special incentive and financing options available, the 1025R FILB is a fully-equipped and up-to-date competitive machine that is ready to take on those tough jobs.

  • Powerful 4-tier diesel engine compatible
  • New, easy-lift hood with dual gas-charged lifting struts
  • The Auto-Connect ™ Intermediate Mower cover can be installed or removed in less than 5 minutes
  • Starting from: $884.00 USD