2023 John Deere Combine: The New Exclusive Combine Harvesters Tractor Review

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2023 John Deere Combine half a dozen new factory-installed options are available to order on the combined 2022 S Series model year from John Deere. The company also introduced several updates to its front-end equipment this month.

“John Deere S Series Combines are a great cropping solution for producers growing corn, small grains, and beans throughout North America. This new option can help farmers drive high-capacity harvests while improving grain quality,” said Ray Gherardini, John Deere marketing manager.

AutoPath 4.0 Activation with 4th Generation Machine Sync and AutoPath are now factory-installed options for the S Series. AutoPath uses guidelines from previous passes, such as planting, to automatically set up hands-free navigation in the field. This helps eliminate guessed lines at harvest, regardless of equipment width.

2023 John Deere Combine Review

Staring at less than ideal harvest conditions as the time approaches. We’ve all been there. You have a tight harvest window and tighter profit margins. You need more productivity and lower losses. You need a combination that can complete as many times a day as needed — day after day, season after season.

2023 John Deere Combine

You need X9 Combine. This new combination yields 45% more yield capacity on average across all crops, without compromising grain quality — all while using 20% ​​less fuel 2 . The X9 1100 can harvest wheat up to 30 hectares per hour. And it can harvest up to 7,200 bushels per hour of high-yield corn, which is more than enough to load 7 semi-trailer trucks per hour. 3

2023 John Deere Combine: Get 7 Days in Wheat Harvest 4

According to independent testing by the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), the X9 1100 with the HD50R header delivers 28% more harvesting capacity without compromising grain quality when compared to equipment from other manufacturers, so you can finish your grain harvest a week earlier. At canola, he catches more harvest for $3.00 more per acre of potential revenue.

Calculate Potential Savings
See what you can save each harvest season with the Harvest Performance Calculator. Enter your operating inputs and operating variables to calculate estimated savings by turning to John Deere harvesting equipment.

  • More power, without using more fuel
  • X9 Combines has an engine
  • The new John Deere PowerTech™ 13.6 liter, delivers a 14% increase in power and an 11% increase in torque over the 13.5-liter engine. The high-pressure common rail system injects fuel into the engine more efficiently for additional fuel economy.

Loaded with integrated technology
X9 Combines comes packed with technologies that keep efficiency and productivity at the highest possible level. From JDLink™ connectivity to data tools like the John Deere Operations Center, to automation features like Combine Advisor,* to guidance options that range from integrated receivers for hands-free steering to automatic turning and tractor/grain wagon control — the X9 delivers.

Comfort and visibility
The all-new harvester cab offers more comfort and better visibility 2. Available in three packages with two lighting options.

Headers and Platforms
The X 9 Combines are engineered to strike the perfect balance between front-end equipment and machine power, so they both deliver stable and consistent performance on every track, even in tough conditions.

The LED lighting options available on the larger X Series combinations are also available on the S Series now. This package includes additional front-facing lights to brighten the area in front and behind the combination. They also illuminate grain tanks, line finders, engine and service access areas, and loading and unloading augers.

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The high-performance chaffer is now a flat-toothed chaffer. Canola growers will appreciate how to make the combination more manageable. It also reduces tailings in lean harvest conditions. Factory-installed flat tooth comb chaffers are now available for S and X Series combinations.

Three new residue management options are available to order from the manufacturer. First, the extra fine chopper is available on the S780 and S790 models for farmers who need to cut hard hay into finer pieces or perhaps remove the pass harrow.

Second, farmers can order an Advance PowerCast tailboard with luxury residue management for soybeans.

The premium residue management system includes a robust plant kit.

Farmers can order optional grease lines for zerk final drives to make services more convenient and help ensure routine maintenance is completed.

Small-grain farmers who need to harvest pulse crops in their rotation can appreciate the concave configuration of all Kondex crops that Deere now offers. The Kondex concave is ideal for high-speed harvesting as it maximizes material-to-material shedding to keep the rotor full while driving in the field.

John Deere also made four updates to the front-end equipment offering. First, the new flexible cutting blades on Hinged Curtains (HDF) are available in 35 to 50 feet working widths. It has the same wing span as a rigid cutting blade (HDR) draper, but with the addition of a flexible blade, the draper closely follows the ground.

“HDF is the ultimate solution for crop cutting in the field,” said Gherardini.

The new eight-row corn heads (C8F) were also recently introduced. This narrow head profile makes it easy to transport logistics.

The wing alignment hinged blinds are the third front-end equipment introduction Deere has made recently. The wing alignment technology on the hinged draper allows the operator to adjust the initial position of the draper. When adjusted, the draper returns to that position when lifting on a headland for increased efficiency. The header can be set to be lifted in a smile or in a flat position. Wing alignment helps the draper clear up debris or obstacles.

Finally, integrated transport is a new feature of the John Deere hinged draper, which improves harvest logistics by ensuring the draper is always close to the mix when transporting machinery between fields. The integrated transport mode allows the header measuring wheel to be converted to transport mode, so that it can be easily pulled from one place to another.

2023 John Deere Combine: John Deere HarvestLab 3000

The John Deere HarvestLab 3000 is now available in the combined S and T-Series, expanding the use of the near-infrared sensor to four applications by enabling constituent analysis for grain and rapeseed.

John Deere HarvestLab 3000 is known for his self-propelled forage harvester, stationary use and manure sensing. Now this is an option on the combine harvester, called Grain Sensing.

Quality parameters in wheat, barley and rapeseed
John Deere says it helps to measure important quality parameters in wheat, barley and rapeseed in real time and continuously. In addition to moisture, the protein content of wheat, barley and rapeseed can now be determined. Furthermore, the starch content of barley and the oil content of rapeseed can be recorded.

Farmers receive site-specific information on harvest quality from each field, which allows them to:

  • Know for sure whether the grain is milling or feed quality. This allows batches to be stored separately according to quality and marketed in a more targeted manner.
  • Better harvest documentation as grain quality is recorded at each individual point in the field.
  • Compare varieties or validate machine settings.
  • An overview of which areas of land were successful in converting nutrients (eg nitrogen) into yields and protein/oil, so that they could better plan fertilizer application for the following season.

2023 John Deere Combine: Grain Sensing

Grain Sensing is an integrated solution installed in clean grain elevators. The following components are required for use in combinations:

  • HarvestLab 3000 near-infrared sensor
  • Field kit for installing the required sensors and hardware
  • Grain sensing calibration
  • Gen 4 Display
  • JDLink farm management system solution
  • StarFire receiver

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Grains pass in front of John Deere HarvestLab 3000

Before the grains enter the grain tank, they pass directly in front of the John Deere HarvestLab 3000 with the aid of a motor-driven auger. Together with the StarFire receiver, location-specific data can be generated on the Gen 4 display, which can automatically sync with the John Deere Operations Center via JDLink TM. Here, crop yields can be reviewed with features such as Field Analysis and Analyzer.

It is also possible to link the Operations Center with partner software to gain further insight or create application maps for future input operations.

John Deere said HarvestLab measurements support farmers in future cultivation and input planning. The solution helps to get an idea of ​​the number of nutrients (mainly N) extracted during harvest. This can then be used to calculate the nutritional efficiency of each field zone.

HarvestLab will be available on the T-Series (Retrofittable of Model Year 2016 or later) and S-Series (Retrofittable for all models S760, S770, S780, S785, and S790) starting Spring 2023 to be ready for the next harvest season.

John Deere X9 Combine: Agricultural machinery

The flagship combine harvester John Deere has a deliberate aggressive look and active demeanor that represents an unstoppable yet subtle power. The angular shape, highlighted by non-circular wheel arches expresses mechanical strength, and visually aligns the tracked version, better integrating all attachments giving the product a holistic appearance. The signature yellow stripe is updated and accentuated on the elevated surface, providing an enhanced brand presence. The X9 has a new operator station that puts comfort, visibility and control efficiency at the forefront. All external lighting is updated to LED technology with an integrated form, exclusive lighting unit.

2023 John Deere Combine: Deere S Series combines

ohn Deere celebrates 75 years of combination manufacture and sale with a new update to the model year 2022 S Series incorporation.

Major updates include Automation 4.0 Activation with 4th Generation Engine Sync and AutoPath; new LED light package — the same light combinations offered on the larger X Series; and factory-installed flat-tooth comb chaffers for the S and X Series.

Three new residue management offerings are also available: extra fine chopper chopper for the S780 and S790, advanced PowerCast tailboard with luxury residue management for soybeans, and a tough chop kit.

Deere notes that AutoPath uses guide lines from previous passes, such as planting, to automatically set up hands-free navigation in the field and eliminate guessed lines at harvest, regardless of equipment width. The LED lighting package offers additional forward-facing lights to illuminate the areas in front and behind the combination and illuminate the grain tank, row finder, engine and service access areas, and loading and unloading augers.

The flat-toothed comb chaffer can make the combination easier to install in the canola and reduce tailings in weed harvesting conditions. The extra fine chopper is designed to cut tough hay into fine pieces or possibly eliminate harrowing paths in the field.

Deere also announced a 2022 model year update for Deere’s front-end equipment offerings. This update includes:

  • New flexible cutterbar on hinged draper (HDF).
  • Removal of eight rows of folded corn heads (C8F).
  • Wing alignment and conveyance are integrated in the hinged draper.
  • HDF draper is available in 35 to 50 ft working width and has the same wing span as rigid cutterbar draper, but with the addition of a flexible cutterbar to
  • follow the ground closely. The company notes that the narrow profile of the new 8-row C8F folding corn heads improves transportation logistics.

The wing alignment on the hinged draper allows the user to adjust the “home” position for the draper. When set, the draper returns to that position while lifting on the headland and increases harvesting efficiency. Wing alignment helps the draper clear any debris or obstacles that may be encountered during harvesting.

Integrated conveyance is a new feature for John Deere hinged blinds. This improves harvest logistics and ensures the draper is always close to the combination when transporting between fields. Integrated haulage allows the crown gauge wheel to be switched to a hauling mode so the draper can be easily towed from field to field.

Double separator
Two 24-inch rotors with 45% increased threshing area and 80%1 separation area for better threshing and separation in high volume plants.

Cleaning shoes
The new shoe offers 36% more cleaning area1 to effectively get clean grain into the tank under the toughest harvest conditions.

Bigger inside
Even with 45% more threshing area, and 80% more separation area, the outer dimensions are almost the same as the S790, for narrow turns and narrow hauls 1 .

Quick unload
Unload a full tank in about a minute and a half — up to 5.3 bushels per second! Choose from three power folding auger lengths.

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Save time and improve logistics
With Field Data Sharing, you can share coverage maps and guide lines to increase efficiency. Machine Sync allows a combination to control the speed, direction and position of the grain cart tractor to automate unloading on the move.

Wider feederhouse
23% wider feederhouse to handle additional crop flow and wider headers.

More efficient machines
John Deere’s new 13.6 liter engine delivers an increase in harvesting capacity of up to 45%, while requiring only 11% more horsepower than the S790 1 .

Smooth speed control
30% 2 more torque to handle bigger loads with a smooth power boost with the new ProDrive TM XL transmission.

Belt drive system
Our simplified belt drive system uses larger pulleys and a longer belt for increased hands-off and belt life 2.

20% less fuel 2
It’s not just the engine that results in lower fuel costs, but every aspect of its design. The belt, transmission, residual system, rotor and bottom RPM all play a part in saving you money on fuel.

Improved residue management
The new system spreads up to 50 feet wide; double-decker design provides better airflow for even distribution with less power consumption.