2021 John Deere 8R: New 8 Series Tractors Take the Next Leap Forward 230 to 410 HP

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2021 John Deere 8R At John Deere, we have developed more than 100 years of chase tractor expertise for all manufacturers. And it all leads to this – the newly redesigned Series 8 Tractor is now available in three configurations – wheel, two-track, and the game-changing four-track Series 8RX.

All with the widest and most comfortable cabins we have ever offered.

With more power, versatility, and durability than any generation of the previous 8 Series tractors and built-in precision ag technology to provide the most integrated experience the operator can have, this is the high horsepower line plant tractor to get us inside.

2021 John Deere 8R: New 8 Series Tractors Take the Next Leap Forward 230 to 410 HP

The next 100 years. The next leap forward in intelligence, power, and beauty in a 230 to 410 hp tractor.

2021 John Deere 8R

The new, larger cab offers ultimate comfort and increased visibility. Available in three packages with new lighting options.

Unmatched power choice in engine and transmission power levels. The factory is equipped with all the latest technology you need. With integrated precision ag technology, we make it easy to benefit from having a tractor connected to your operation.

From towing heavy tillage equipment to large precision planters to side-dressing plants with minimal soil impact, the new 8R, 8RT, and 8RX Tractors provide more horsepower options and greater operator comfort than ever before.

Backed by one of the most responsive dealer networks in the business.

John Deere has announced several updates and additions to the 7R and 8R tractor lineup for 2021.

New to the 7R series is the 7R 350, with an engine of 257kW or 350 horsepower – a 20 horsepower increase over 2020’s biggest model year 7R tractor.

John Deere’s tactical marketing segment manager, Marko Koeln, says with a base weight of around 11,200 kg, the 7R 350 will provide the best power-to-weight ratio of all the company’s tractors.

It comes standard with three-link suspension and infinitely variable transmission (IVT) and can be ordered with CommandPro controls for precise speed control and easy hook-up implements.

“Customers will benefit from the maneuverability and lighter footprint of the smaller chassis offered by this tractor,” said Koeln.

“For example, it is ideal for moving large mower and propellers or for carrying heavy loads over land.”

Another important enhancement to the 7R Tractor used for hay and fodder is the addition of the LSB Ride Control.

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“As we know, the high inertia forces exerted by a large square baller can cause the tractor’s cab to move strongly which can result in poor ride quality and put pressure on the operator,” Koeln said.

John Deere will make ActiveCommand Steering 2 available as a factory-installed option on the 7R and 8R tractors. This updated system improves on the paddock and down the road.

“This means, at times, farmers may choose a bigger tractor option than is needed to power their propeller equipment to compensate for this,” Koeln said.

“LSB Ride Control is an integrated system that controls vibration on the 7R tractor that works in conjunction with the John Deere LSB to reduce this problem.”

This modulates the tractor’s IVT to compensate for the baler plunger rocking motion. The self-adjusting system improves operator comfort, even as plant and paddock density conditions change, he said.

The LSB Ride Control will be available as a factory-installed option for the 2021 model year on the 7R Tractor equipped with IVT and compatible with large square John Deere L331 or L341 balers.

Starting with the 2021 model year, John Deere will make the ActiveCommand Steering 2 available as a factory-installed option on the 7R and 8R tractors.

This system replaces the original ActiveCommand Steering system and adds more features and capabilities to further enhance the tractor ride experience in the paddock or on the road, Koeln said.

ACS 2 reduces steering effort for the operator and improves lane resistance during the haul.

He said using the ACS 2, operators can adjust steering sensitivity and steering wheel resistance, or turn steering on or off at a variable ratio, to suit their application and driving preferences.

John Deere will also offer low sidewall tires as optional equipment on its three largest 8R tractors, the 8R 340, 8R 370, and 8R 410.

“Our 8R tractor requires independent link suspension to be equipped with low sidewall tires,” said Koeln.

“This combination provides excellent ride quality with all the benefits of a single tire and a large tread, such as reduced compaction, in a tight haul option.”

2021 John Deere 8R