2020 John Deere 8R: All-New Update 8R Model, Specs, Price and Release Date

2020 John Deere 8R You have heard the hype. You’ve heard a rumor. The wait is finally over. The 2020 All-New Tractors John Deere 8R Model Year is officially here.

After the highly anticipated release, John Deere announced the latest generation of 8R Row-Crop Tractors on RFD-TV on October 28.

In addition to updates on previously available models, Deere introduces the new 8RX Tractor, which is the industry’s first improvement to frame a four-lane tractor.

Today, we will see a range of 8 Family Tractors that have been newly redesigned and expanded.

The redesigned John Deere 8 Family was built on the foundation of the most popular row plant tractor on the market.

This tractor gives you the best in operator comfort, visibility, power, capability, control, and integrated precision technology. 8 Family Tractors is equipped with an updated cabin with automotive-inspired designs and controls and a bold new exterior style.

Customers have a choice of machine configurations, options, and horsepower to suit their needs.

2020 John Deere 8R With New Bigger Cabin

8 Family Tractors has a larger and more comfortable cabin. There is additional headroom, 24% wider entrance lane, and several seat options.

There are three Cab Comfort and Convenience packages to choose from, including, Select, Premium, or Ultimate.

The Ultimate Cab includes an exclusive new leather seat with electronic adjustments, heating, ventilation, and massage features, and a 6.5-inch touch screen radio with smartphone-ready connections and a multi-speaker system.

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Also included in the Ultimate Cab are leather-wrapped steering wheels, footrests, and carpeted floor mats.

There are three additional driving comfort options available: air seats, ActiveSeat ™ II (which uses an electric control system to control the movement of vertical seats), and a new cabin suspension system.

2020 John Deere 8R Visibility

Deere also offers three new packages for visibility. The Highest Visibility Package includes 22 LED work lights, eight new LED comfort lights, integrated front, and rearview cameras, and four auxiliary camera inputs all of which are strategically located to help the operator see 360 ​​degrees around the tractor or implement.

The Ultimate package has twice the lighting of the current model to keep you running smoothly after dark.

2020 John Deere 8R Precision Technology Ag

8R, 8RT, and 8RX all come standard with an integrated Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter ™ display, integrated StarFire ™ 6000 receivers, AutoTrac ™ activation, and JDLink ™ Connect for 5 years.

The new StarFire 6000 integrated receiver does not require Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) calibration, is more accurate than previous models, and is less prone to theft.

You can mix and match cabin packages and visibility or just get the Comfort and Comfort, Visibility, activation and connectivity of the highest Precision Ag Technology, and get comfortable with the new John Deere Signature Edition.

2020 John Deere 8R Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) with CommandPRO

Standard equipment for all 8 Family Tractors with 310 engine horsepower approximately including the John Deere e23 ™ PowerShift transmission.

Customers can also choose the optional IVT available for all models except 8R 410, 8RT 410, and 8RX 410.

a command is now an option available on all 8 Family Tractors equipped with IVT.

This is an ergonomic multi-function control lever that puts tractor speed, direction and implements control in the palm of the operator’s hand.

11 buttons that can be reconfigured can be adjusted to your specific needs and individual settings can be saved for different operators.

For example, you can move from parking to the highest speed by pressing a button.

2020 John Deere 8R Dependency and Service

There are several fixes for diagnostics, connections, and channel routing. Tractors have up to 200 fewer connection points and fewer potential leak points.

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A new practical decal has been added inside the hood of each tractor that displays part numbers and locations as well as main service intervals.

2020 John Deere 8RX

What you’ve been waiting for. John Deere has been in the agricultural track tractor business since 1996.

Deere has used their expertise to design tractors that offer all the benefits of the track while providing a more driving experience like a wheel tractor.

Deere not only adds tracks to the 8R Tractor, but this engine is also a four-lane solution that is fully engineered.

This new configuration offers unmatched flotation, traction, and ride quality.

The 8RX produces track traction performance that provides more surface contact area, less ground pressure, and less slippage than a wheel tractor.

It rotates and maneuvers similar to a wheel tractor with a tight turning radius and low ground disturbance on the headland.

There are four models available from 310 to 410 engine horsepower. There are also several tread settings and track widths available in different combinations.

2020 John Deere 8R and 8RT

8R Wheel Tractors continue to be a good choice for many operators. Now there are seven models to choose from 230 to 410 engine horsepower.

The 8RT Tractors deliver outstanding two-lane traction performance, plus an exclusive AirCushion ™ suspension system and four-angle cabin suspension. There are four models available from 310 to 410 engine horsepower.

In addition to the extended and updated 8 Family Series, Deere has a new name and number format for the series.

The tractor now displays the tractor model listed separately from the rated engine power. For example, Tractor 8R 410.

We hope you enjoy the inside look at the all-new John Deere 8RX Tractor and updates for the John Deere 8 Family Series.

Look for ordering and pricing information that will be available in December for the 2020 model tractor, with deliveries expected to arrive in the Netherlands and Putra in the summer of 2020.

In the meantime, click here to contact us with any questions or to order one of our new 8R tractors on order.

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