2019 John Deere Combine Tracks

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2019 John Deere Combine Tracks

2019 John Deere Combine Tracks welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. John Deere announces several upgrades to its grain harvesting solutions by 2019 that will significantly improve the performance, driving quality and productivity of its S Series low grain tractors. These include the new suspension track width, the Flex-Draper header and improvements to Myoperations’ mobile application for individual crops.

For the 2019 S Series, customers can choose between a new suspension system that is pre-installed in 30″ or 36″ (76.2″ or 91.4″) wide strips. John Deere’s modified guidance system includes changes to the guidance system, integrated driveline, spring cylinder, and tandem wheels that work together to ensure buoyancy, driving quality, transport speed, and extended service life.

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“In combination with these tracks, you will be able to get to the fields earlier and harvest longer, especially in less ideal conditions and with less impact on the ground,” says Matt Badding, Product Marketing Manager at John Deere Harvest Solutions. “The new tracks have a larger contact area than the previous ones, which brings significant benefits to customers in these key areas. “

The new track system features a unique tread design with ever-wider running rods that are angled to improve traction, balance and comfort while preserving the tread and, unlike previous track systems, a combination that is equipped with new track systems, travels at speeds up to 40 km/h and reduces transport time between fields.

In addition, John Deere launches the latest line of 700FD Hydraflex™ Draper Flexible Drapers. This symmetrically designed bar features a double V-belt guide and a thicker corrugated front edge for better crop flow and four times longer service life; a double (16″ and 18″) (40.6″ and 45.7″) medium-length feeding drum for greater crop versatility and better processing of bushy crops such as rape; and an 18″ (45.7″) top screw for smoother feed and fewer snails.

“In order to improve soil perception on uneven terrain and automatically adjust the header position accordingly, we have added a fourth sensor for automatic header height control on our 35, 40 and 45 foot models (10.67, 12.19 and 13.71 m), “explains Badding. “The new 700FD Hydraflex Draper was built to ensure improved versatility of harvest handling, longer life and feeding and trapping of more cereals. “

To help customers better monitor the combined operations and adjust the settings from remote locations, Deere Remote View and adjusts as part of the Myoperations ™ mobile app. These new applications are based on existing machine technologies, such as Combine Advisor ™ and Remote Display Access ™, to give owners or managers the ability to monitor the combined power and concave evictions, rotor, fan speed, and and sieve freedom. Settings as needed.

“This latest mobile app for combinations allows customers instant visual access to machine information from a single combination or entire fleet to improve the entire crop operation. From your mobile device, customers can make changes to different settings as crop and crop conditions change throughout the day, then the operator simply accepts the changes on the in-cab display, “says Badding.

He notes that the app is a good way for mangers to monitor less experienced combination operators to ensure that the combination is set and working properly.

“These updates are fully integrated and compatible with John Deere S700 series, and continue to make the smartest, most efficient and productive grain harvesting machines for our customers, ” adds Badding.

John Deere focuses on performance, ride quality and the efficiency of small grain harvesting and has released new updates for its S-series combinations. These improvements include the new suspension guide system, the Flex Draper header and crop-specific improvements to Myoperations mobile applications.

Modifications to the new track system will allow combinations to drive nearly 25 mph with wider and larger running rods to increase traction, balance and ride comfort while maintaining the running quality. The newly designed track system is available in 30 “or 36” widths.

“Combinations with these tracks will be able to get into fields earlier and harvest longer, especially under less than ideal conditions, with less impact on the ground, ” says Matt Badding, product marketing manager at John Deere Harvest Solutions. “The new tracks have a larger contact area compared to our previous tracks, which brings significant benefits to customers in these key areas. “

2019 John Deere Combine Tracks

In addition, the S-series combined can now be paired with a new 700fd Hydraflex Draper. The larger models, 35 ‘, 40 ‘ and 45 ‘, integrate a fourth sensor into the automatic header height control. The 700FD Hydraflex Draper is built with a dual-V guide strap and corrugated edge for an improved crop flow, and the company uses up to four times longer belt life.

While these new modifications are able to directly improve performance in this area, John Deere is also working to make improvements for leading operators.

More farmers are making the switch to using mobile apps to increase their efficiency. John Deere has set itself the goal of serving these farmers and now offers remote viewing and adapts as part of the mobile app Myoperations. These amplifiers will allow farmers to more easily monitor kombsions operations and adjust settings such as concave clearance, rotor, fan speed, buddies and screen release from remote locations.