2018 John Deere S780

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2018 John Deere S780

2018 John Deere S780 welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons.  John Deere has deployed a new line of S700 combines to meet a wide variety of needs thanks to “Smart” technology features. S760, S770, S780 and S790 provide customers with superior terrain performance expectations, as well as new concepts for efficient grain harvesting. With new Advanced CommandCenters ™ and a multitude of other intelligent features shared, these combine are some of the best yet. Let’s take a look at each of the cartel models and what the customers will get when they invest in these Deere machines.

The industry-exclusive Prodrive system uses the technology of Powershift Transmission ™ to automatically move between two ranges of reports that the conditions of the soil and the change of field to keep the combine combined with the speed. Desired on the ground. A precious harvest time will no longer be lost by changing on the hills and leaving the fields to begin transporting.

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The hydrostatic Prodrive engine has a higher displacement than previous hydrostatic systems. The pump and motor are variable displacement components that allow Prodrive to maintain high ground torque levels in each of the two operating speed ranges. The range 1 can be set for typical harvest speeds. The two range can be used when higher speeds are required when harvesting or when transporting the combine.

The ground speed can be infinitely varied in both modes by the operator, using the multi-function control lever on the CommandARM ™ armrest console. The multi-function lever regulates the hydrostatic pump and the high-capacity, variable motor that causes the ground speed. Using the navigation tools on the armrest, the operator can dial the desired maximum speed in each of the two speed ranges. The maximum feed speed in either range can be set from 0 to 38.6 km/h (0 to 24 mph). The maximum speed in the range cannot be set higher than the maximum speed for the cooker two. For example, if a maximum harvest speed of 13 km/h (8 mph) is desired and adjusted, the advance of the position the hydrostatic control lever is offers the speed of 13 km/h (8 mph).

The Tristream rotor is unique to John Deere because it features a slightly tapered design in the threshing area for the best grain quality of the class while greatly reducing the grunt that often comes with heavy rotor loads. The Tristream rotor is recommended for producers who harvest mainly coarse grains as well as small grains that are easy to beat.

The fins in a spiral around the guide of the rotor the plant material through the area of the threshing and separation in a pull and to the discount to the action to improve performance. John Deere IS700 this handset feature will produce less consumption of energy.

The Prodrive transmission is equipped with a four-pinion differential electro-hydraulic. The non-Prodrive combines have a two-pinion differential. When operating in muddy, rugged terrain or in sandy conditions that may result in the loss of traction of one of the tyres, this differential lock allows the operator to maintain productivity. If traction is lost, the operator can quickly and easily snap the differential lock by pressing the differential lock button on the CommandARM armrest console. A light inside the button alerts the operator that the differential lock function is engaged.

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2018 John Deere S780

One of the main highlights of the S780 John Deere, as well as the S790, is the isolation of active concave. This increases the flow in small grains and hard threshing rice. In turn, operators have the ability to harvest, even when conditions are not optimal, leading to greater productivity. The S780 also has a 13.5 litre engine that provides 473 horsepower, and a grain tank that can contain 14 100 liters of equipment.

2018 John Deere S780 Feature:

  • The Combine Advisor ™ package allows you to define, optimize and automate the main combined functions when the changeFully conditions of the performance Sensor with ActiveYield ™ provides accurate data without time spent
  • CalibratingComfortable S700 cab is common with tractors and sprayers for ease of manufacturing quality useContinued S series combines maximizes availability and productivity

2018 John Deere S780 Combine:

  • The Combine Advisor ™ package allows you to define, optimize, and automate the main combine functions when conditions change
  • Fully automated performance Sensor calibration with ActiveYield ™ provides accurate data, without calibration of time spent
  • S700 ‘s comfortable cabin is common with tractors and sprayers for ease of use
  • S-Series Quality continuous manufacturing combines maximizing availability and productivity