2018 John Deere R4038

2018 John Deere R4038

2018 John Deere R4038 welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. John Deere sprayers 4 have been designed to respond to the trend of the increase in the rate of application and the willingness to improve the performance of loading. In fact, R4030 and R4038 offer the most efficient liquid fertilizer application systems and the fastest loading times that John Deere has ever offered on this size of sprayers to date. The solution system has been redesigned from the ground up to streamline the plumbing for maximum efficiency and throughput. The standard flow system (standard solution pump and single flow meter) offers 30% higher flow rates than previous models, delivering up to 170 gal. Output per minute. The high-flow option system, only available on the R4038, comes with a high-flow pump and dual-flow meters, offering up to an increase of 60 percent compared to previous models, equivalent to about 225 gal. Output per minute.

In addition, charging times using the on-board solution pump are up to 30 percent faster. This means that operators can return to the field earlier and spend less time filling. These improvements to the plumbing system are all linked to the increased versatility and productivity of operators who strive to increase the efficiency of their application passes and drive to increased returns of the year In the year. When the operators to first enter the control booth see III, they will notice that significant changes have been made. The main commands of the sprayer are more easily accessible to the operator on the new version of the CommandARM ™ Control Panel and the handle has a ergonomic form and more felt.

The multi-function handle has six reconfigurable buttons, a scroll to select the speed range, and allows operators to better manage their headlands with the button of the Promontory Management System (HMS ™). To complete the upgrades, the Greenstar ™ display has been upgraded to a faster, user-friendly 4600 “™ display, which allows operators to efficiently capture, manage, and transfer data. The comfort continues to be improved by the seat of ComfortCommand ™, which offers both longitudinal and lateral attenuation as well as 15 degrees of right seat swiveling on all cabin options. For first-class comfort, the Premium cabin offers a heated/ventilated leather seat and light emitting diode (LED) lamps.

The 4-Series sprayers are JDLink ™ capable telematic system, which enable features such as John Deere Wireless data Transfer (WDT), remote diagnostics of Service Advisor ™ and Remote Display access (RDA). These integrated solutions allow an extra time to be available and reduce the cost of running. All features of the CommandView III cabin allow operators to perform longer hours, thus increasing the ability to get more acres sprayed in one day. Several improvements have been made to the John Deere 4r series self-propelled sprayers for the model year 2018 to improve operator comfort while maximizing productivity and efficiency. Reaching now as wide as 40.2 m (132 ft), any new sector-exclusive carbon fiber booms offer a wider-width, lighter-weight solution to improve productivity while reducing the number of passages required for Complete the field.

Inside the cab, the newly redesigned controls with the fully integrated 4600 “™ Display optimizes the field office operator’s experience in-cab to spray. New customizable controls and a simpler interface facilitate the efficiency of the operators. In addition, operators can benefit from greater comfort during the long days during the condensed application schedules.

In addition to the improvements, the ExactApply ™ Spray system will be factory installed on steel and carbon fibre booms for the model year 2018. The cab CommandView III operators will keep all the day comfortable while increasing the productivity and the duration of operation with the new version of the CommandARM and the 4600″. The improved cabin redefines the operator’s comfort and productivity in four key areas:

  • Convenience-The redesigned multi-function handle, the direct Mount 4600 “and the reworked CommandARM puts the sprayer controls to the right at the fingertips of the operator.
  • Operator Comfort-The CommandView III Cabin offers the ComfortCommand seat, which allows the operator to adjust the route from soft to enterprise to match their desired comfort level and for first-class comfort, a heated leather/ventilated seat is available on the prime taxi.
  • Visibility-the CommandView III cabin offers improved visibility for the operator with the 15 degree pivot right seat as a standard feature in both cabin options. Two interior mirrors and LED light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide the operator with increased visibility of the Premium cab.
  • Ease of use-the 4600 “improves the operator’s experience through easy navigation between the sprayer settings and the on-screen help functions.

2018 John Deere R4038

Detailed specifications

  • Stock #: 86263
  • Serial #: 1N04038RCH0184017
  • Beam width: 120-foot
  • Levelling by the boom: Yes
  • Tank: Stainless
  • Tyre width: mi
  • Guide-ready: Yes
  • Traction control: Yes
  • Nozzle spacing: 15 in
  • Starfire 6000 Receiver-SF1
  • Command CTR Prem activation
  • JDLINK Connect-yr-GDR yr
  • Connect Mobile Ready
  • Premium Radio
  • Engine 9.0 L Level 4
  • Si 380/90R46 tyres-Goodyear
  • HI Flo W/Dual flowmeter pump
  • SS EDUCTOR Auto Sol Control
  • Automatic control of the solution
  • Front filling
  • 120 ft Steel boom Wings
  • JD EXACTAPPLY contra nozzle
  • 15 “nozzle spacing on Centre
  • 120 ‘ SS 15 “plumbing W/EA
  • 120 ‘ auto boom Level System
  • Less foam marker
  • Wheel Slide control
  • Boom Air bleed
  • Halogen Field Lighting
  • NA Lighting/marking W/app
  • Less radar
  • Closing line Nozzle RH-120 ‘ BOOM
  • SHLD Frame w/front filling
  • AutoTrac Vision/ROWSENSE base HDWE
  • VISION AutoTrac
  • Machine is a year model 2018-Brand New
  • will be sold with a new warranty