2018 John Deere Gator Price

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2018 John Deere Gator Price

2018 John Deere Gator Price welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. John Deere says that its new full-sized Gator commercial vehicles offer the company’s quietest ever cab, more space for drivers and passengers and an extremely efficient heating system.

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Available from British and Irish dealers in early 2018, the brand new gasoline XUV 835M and diesel XUV 865M models will feature this fall through the restyled HPX 815E, XUV 560E and XUV 590M alligators, the latest model numbers and several specification updates.

The 54hp XUV 835M and 23HP 865M offer power steering, a CVT transmission and a top speed of 37 or 31mph (60 or 50kph), plus a narrow turning circle and optimal weight distribution for superior off-road performance. For added versatility, these alligators can be equipped with a wide range of over 90 plants to winch from snow shovels, and feature a large 42-liter tank to keep the vehicle running longer between fill-ups.

The spacious, pressurized cabin offers space for three people, only for off-road use. This new cabin contains soundproofing and sound absorbing components, making it the quietest still on the Gator range. It also offers weather protection all year round and the heating system includes a windscreen defrost function.

Both these new, sleekly styled XUV Gator models feature ample legroom and a tilting steering wheel to reduce driver fatigue during long working days. The versatile and durable cargo box has a load-bearing capacity of 454kg, while the towing capacity has been increased by one third to 907kg and the total payload is 680kg.

Powered oil HPX 815 OF Barbera New car shares styling with 855m XUV model, which replaces 855D. The 815 cargo updated box also has a capacity of 454 kg and influence on both sides and tailgate, which has an acceleration of the Greek-style with one hand latch, can be easily removed with a load-style flatbed patyear when required. Sustainable drafted the construction of this industry leading cargo makes it box dent, following and rust resistant.

2018 John Deere Gator Price

Further changes in this model include a new digital strong lights led pult and a front styled to improve the treatment of bilateral cooperation especially in the field bumper demanding.

The XUV 560E (not power steering) and XUV 590M (with power steering) Gator models both have gasoline engines and now have led headlights as standard and an instrument cluster for easier operation. The new styling includes alloy rims that allow the suspension to be more closely traced to ground contours and thus improve grip. A safety belt locking system provides a safer drive by limiting the machine speed to 8mph (13kph) when the safety belt is not done above.

STARTING AT: $23,499.00USD