2018 John Deere 3025e

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2018 John Deere 3025e

2018 John Deere 3025e welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. The latest addition to the 3e line of the Compact Utility Tractor series, the 3025E offers professional landscapers a machine that combines capacity and comfort at an affordable price. The 25 HP Compact utility tractor features a two-range, easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission (HTS), increasing the tractor’s performance while eliminating the clutch for quick and easy direction change. John Deere expands its popular line of compact utility tractors from the 3e series to include the 3025E model. With the addition of a 25 horsepower option, John Deere now offers a reliable trio of compact utility tractors all the way up to 38 horsepower.

“Our 3e series compact tractors have a reputation for being reliable machines that customers can rely on power through the hardest jobs,” said Michelle Bentley, Product Marketing Manager. “With the new 3025E, John Deere has combined the ability and comfort at an affordable price, satisfying a diverse range of needs for our worker customers.”

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The operator station provides users with easy access to commands color code. These controls are more and more ergonomic and intuitive, comfort and convenience General during the operation. Each 3025E is equipped with a comfortable seat, ergonomic, and the television operator allows the platform facilitates the input and output of the tractor. A real beast of sum, the 3025e can be transformed with a variety of accessories, and the box of blades rotating blades, to face any task easily. The optional quick-coupler IMatch ™ provides a connection of rear strap in a few seconds, while the operators remain seated, allowing them to move quickly to the task in question.

2018 John Deere 3025e Performance

Climb to the performance the operator platform using the single step of the left hand and there you will find a TV above all flat (there is a small bump of the transmission) with adjusting the ergonomic controls. As with the other machines of the series 3E, the left foot brake pedal is also the differential lock to the average decline. Turn the radio using the brakes takes place on a footprint of 9.2 ‘. The one-piece seat fits forward and aft but has no weight adjustment or armrests. The seat leans forward but to protect itself from the elements while not in use. A tool/Gizmo storage tray with a lid is located on the left Fender with a ratchet-style handbrake and the range selection lever between the fender and the seat. The right Fender features the optional cruise control lever switch and the PTO hitch swing switch with the 3PH position control lever between the fender and the seat.

The dash panel is backlit and easily readable by day or night. A large tachometer sits in the center with a temperature gauge on the right. The rest of the warnings/alerts are for indicator lights, but there is also a small LCD panel with functions such as engine hours, precision PTO RPM, and on-board diagnostics. A fuel gauge is located on the hood, next to the 6.2 gallon tank fill/cap tube.

A single charger is available for 3025E. The D160 core design is fixed (permanent installation) But now it can be had with the optional DW15872 Park Stand kit so that the restriction (for some) should not be more a factor. A D160 in a 3025E is classified to lift 1186 lbs to a maximum height of 84 “. The SCV loader control joystick is mounted on the charger frame strut, so the nice addition of the “Prime” 3r series mudguard is not there; But the location is not in any way tedious, even after a long use.

2018 John Deere 3025e Engine

Powering the 3025E is a Yanmar three-cylinder diesel engine that uses the same basic block of the 1.64 L as the 3032E and is also naturally aspired. Given the designation 3TNV88F-EPJT1, the engine uses high-pressure common rail injection (HPCR) and is rated to deliver 24.7 hp at 2400 rpm with a power takeoff rating (PTO) of 17.4 hp. The torque output is rated at 51.3 lb-ft and is sturdy enough to feed the 2222 lb 3025E ractor only).

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2018 John Deere 3025e

The output of the engine is sent to a field hydrostatic transmission makes a strong ally of cases in die cast aluminum. From previous designs using a glass of View to check the levels of hydrostatic fluid, the case has a measuring rod located on the left back and a fill tube of liquid/high located on the right side of the axle. The forward/reverse is by an excellent agreement of pedals from one side to the other many came to appreciate and know well. The open center hydraulic circuit, dual output gear pump, is 4 g/l of the power-assisted steering and 5.3 g/L at the request all in the execution of 2 500 PSI (total of 9.3 g/L).

2018 John Deere 3025e Price

The John Deere 3e series, ALL 4WD, offers a lot of Bang for the dollar. The 31.1 HP 3032E natural aspiration retailer for $18,953, while the turbocharged 37.3 HP 3038E and the subject of a revision of 2012 tractor.com and the subsequent series of long-term tests last year retailers for $20,669. Related to HP ratings and EPA regulations, these models are equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF), which carries some sophistication and extra cost. This brings us to this week’s test theme, the 3025E, which slides under the EPA’s power threshold and does not require a PD to meet the final level 4 requirements (FT4). As a result, the 3025E carries a suggested $17,324.