2018 John Deere 2038r

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2018 John Deere 2038r

2018 John Deere 2038r welcome to our website for the latest compact tractor reviews, ratings, prices and comparisons. The 2038r is a whole new tractor in the 2-series. With 37.3 hp, c is the largest tractor, we have seen in this series. Having said that, other than the power of PDF/engine, the 2038r and 2032r appear to be identical. Watch the new 2032r/2038r Deere marketing videos, one quickly sees the focus on the increase in the general stability of these tractors. The wheelbase is 4% (~2.5 inches) more, 17% more wide, and 23% more heavy.

The additional length will ride in a better tractor at the expense of a larger turning radius. 2.5 inches may not seem like much, but it increases the turning radius of nearly 2 feet! The additional width should make a difference in the meaning of the stability of one side to the other. As the owner of the Series 1, it is easy to see the disadvantages of a narrow tractor. Of course, we will need attachments wider to cover the traces of wheels. For example, a pig 5 ft or tiller Bush could not cover the entire width of the tractor.

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I am fascinated by the additional weight of the tractor. 2436lb compared to the old version’s 1973lbs. The extra weight will be noticed in several ways. 1) The increase of the Stability 2) ride better with less’ ‘Bouncing 3) Better management of attachments of attack of the soil as the plows, discs, blades, etc., and 4) A better management of the FEL. I guess all the 2-series owner-operator, will be able to detect this improvement at the end of a few minutes of operation. The tractor will simply “feel more Fort”.

2018 John Deere 2038r Design

The ease and flexibility of the attachments is is considerably improved in the course of this update. Begin at the front of the tractor. The “system” of quick coupler for the front implements such as blades, sleeves, and snowblowers system has served of lawn and garden tractors Deere well for many years, it is not strong enough for the tractors as large as the 2-series. As well, Deere has upgraded the 2032R and 2038r to use the Category 1N/3 hitch points currently used in tractors 3R. This not only to provide a more reliable connection, it also ensures the compatibility with these important 3R attachments compatible as the 59″ and the snowblower 66″ front blade.

Move to the center of the tractor, the 2-series finally arrives the famous Deere ‘Auto login’ to bridge. I like the auto-connect on my 1-series, and the appearance of this new installation, it appears to be the times stronger and more easy to connect/disconnect that the system on the 1-series. If you have been staying away from the 2-series because of no ‘Auto login’, you no longer have an excuse.

At the rear of the tractor, the new 270B backhoe is improved significantly compared to the former 46 (used by the front 2032R). The top link of the point 3 must be removed (easy enough), and then only in the hoe, and take the call. Connect the power beyond and you are ready to go.
If you want to do a little bit of mowing during that you have the Backhoe Attached, no problem. The trimmer can be attached at the same time.

While some might scoff and say “I would never want to mow with the Loader or Backhoe Attached”, I am not in agreement. I do not want to begin on a 5 acre yard hauling FEL and retro, but sometimes there is a need for mowing a small area and does not want to remove other attachments. With these new tractors, you have the possibility If you need it.

2018 John Deere 2038r Engine

There are several changes to improve the comfort of the operator. The seat is much improved. It is not part (again for a better stability). The controls are more easily accessible. The function of electronic accelerator will facilitate the management of engine speed easier by integrating with the hydro-static pedals.

The fuel tank has been moved to the left rear fender, which makes it much easier to fill the tank with 5 gal of canned food. Of course, I recommend you to anyone using this large of a tractor to find another solution of fuel storage. I uses a drum unit of 55 gal.

2018 John Deere 2038r

2018 John Deere 2038r Summary

The new 2032R and 2038r are much more capable than their predecessors. If you are interested by a new Series 1, 2, or 3, these new tractors will certainly affect your decision-making process. Is it that they take the decision easier or more difficult? They certainly have another option.

We will continue to examine these new tractors during the next few weeks. I have the intention to provide comparisons with the Series 1 and Series 3 of entry of the hope to offer more of your decision process.